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Asam Fish Cantonese Style Spinach with Century Eggs Combo Crispy Kailan Combo Fried Prawns Eight Treasure with Fish Maw Soup Pumpkin Homemade Tofu
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Level4 2020-01-31
4/5好正嘅小菜!Very good Chinese restaurant!(中英雙語,Chinese and English review)食緊嘅時候我心諗以後食唔到點算,火喉同味道都不得了。上湯蜆有小小沙,不過蜆肉非常鮮甜,湯底味道都即刻升華。腐乳炒菜,剛剛好熟,味道又剛好。秘制醬炸魚勁好食,魚炸得好,醬汁非常特別,甜甜辣辣非常惹味。一字骨嘅糖醋味雖然係經常會食到嘅味道,但係肉嘅表面竟然處理到有一層焦糖脆脆皮,好好食。(Google translate)Amazing cooking skill n flavour. There is a little sand in the clam soup, but the meat is very fresh and sweet, and the taste of the soup base immediately sublimes. The fermented bean curd is just cooked and the taste is just right. The fried fish in secret sauce is delicious, the fish is fried well, the sauce is very special, and the sweetness n spicy. The sweet and sour flavor of the bone is often tasted, but the surface of the meat is processed to have a layer of caramel crispy and crispy, and it is very delicious.#queenbeoly_middine #foodblogger #foodporn #food #foodie #foodphotography #instafood #foodstagram #foodlover #foodgasm #yummy #delicious #QueenBeoly #malaysia #小菜 continue reading
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