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Spicy Turtle Spicy Crawfish Stone Pot Frog Hand Grabbed Lamb Ribs Boiled Fish w Pickled Cabbage Chili Boiled Fish
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I was so happy to know that there is a restaurant in Fraser Business Park that serves Hunan Cuisine. Something new for me to have other than Mamak and Hawker foods. So I was very excited as I never tried Hunan Cuisine before. After my meeting with my friend. I went to Restaurant Xiang Man Qiang for dinner. Restaurant Xiang Man Qiang is located at Fraser Business Park (Same row with Secret Recipe). They serve Hunan Cuisine. Hunan Cuisine is a type of Chinese food that is more towards Spicy, Oily and Salty taste. Something new for me compare to my regular Chinese food. We were greeted upon entering. The ambiance of the restaurant was comfortable and cozy. Spicy Chicken Cube was delicious and it's amazing to eat with rice. Spicy Chicken Cube @ RM 35The meat was full of flavour, fresh and it looks adorable. Too Spicy but I loved it. One of my favourite dishes in the restaurant. Hot & Spicy Baby Lobster @ RM 69Steamed scallop was delicious. It is meaty and has a good kick of garlic taste in it. Steamed Scallops with Vermicelli @ RM 39Garlic Fried Ribs was tasty and the meat breaks apart from the bone easily. Garlic Fried Ribs @ RM 49The Stone pot frog was served in a spicy sauce (No comments as I don’t eat frogs). Stone Pot Frog @ RM 391) Pork + Cucumber was a lovely combination and taste was addictive for me. Dip it in the spicy sauce and enjoy. Loved it!! Pork on the Hanger @ RM 322)Golden corn was sweet and it is one of the dishes that I really enjoyed having. It balances the spicy taste from the foods. Must order item for me. Golden Corn @ RM 193) Fish soup was tasty and pickled vegetable (Cabbage) adds a lovely flavour to the soup. My sister loved it. Boiled Fish With Pickled Cabbage @ RM 49Bored with a normal century egg, try it with chilli here. It just pack the punch of heat that you are looking for. Century Egg with Chilli @ RM19Pumpkin Bread tasted good and it’s the best dish to end the meal. Pumpkin Bread @ RM 19It was a lovely dinner and most importantly I really enjoyed myself trying new cuisine. It has its own unique taste that is totally different from my normal Chinese food. Moreover, this restaurant also tones down their spicness and oily taste to suit Malaysians tastebuds. My favourite dishes are Pork on the Hanger, Golden Corn, Hot & Spicy Baby Lobster and Pumpkin Bread. If you wanted to try new cuisine like me, give a try to this restaurant. Thanks for the delicious meal. Restaurant Xiang Man QiangAuthentic Hunan. Si Chuan Food8, Jalan Metro PuduFraser Business ParkOff Jalan Yew55100 Kuala LumpurTel: 03- 9221 0818, 9226 0717 continue reading
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-- A lady from Hunan And also a Lady Boss of the The Xiang Man Qing Restaurant that brings her own local Hunan cuisine into Malaysia and opened a restaurant that located at Fraser Business Park , Cheras .-- Seorang wanita dari Hunan Dan juga seorang bos wanita di Xiang Man Qing Restaurant yang membawa masakan tempatan Hunan ke Malaysia dan membuka sebuah restoran yang terletak di Taman Perniagaan Fraser , Cheras .-- 来自湖南的一位女士也一位湘满情湖南菜的老板娘 , 她带来了自己的本地湖南菜到马来西亚和开了一间餐厅在Fraser Business Park , Cheras .-- Compound complete with wood accents and auspicious red decor . Diners also can try on Hunan cuisine including a variety of porridge , sour spicy noodles , preserved chilli liver, stone pot eel, and many more spicy treats prepared by a chef from China specialising in the Hunan culinary style .-- Kompaun lengkap dengan aksen kayu dan hiasan merah yang angun . pelanggan boleh juga menjamu selera dengan masakan Hunan termasuk pelbagai jenis bubur , mi pedas masam, hati cili , belut periuk batu , dan banyak makanan pedas yang disediakan oleh chef dari China dengan gaya masakan Hunan .-- 店里完整的木材装饰和吉祥的红色装饰 , 食客也可以尝试一些湖南菜包括各种粥 , 酸辣面条 , 腌制辣椒肝 , 石锅鳝鱼 , 以及更多的辛辣食品会被来自中国专业湖南风味的厨师准备 .-- Hunan is a province of South Central in China , the Hunan means "lake of the south". For many years ago Many immigrants from China started come to Malaysia bringing food from China to Malaysia and giving an opportunity to malaysian to try their Localize China foods .-- Hunan adalah wilayah selatan di China, Hunan bermaksud "danau selatan". beberapa tahun lalu Ramai pendatang dari China mula datang ke Malaysia membawa makanan a.k.a dari China ke Malaysia dan memberi peluang kepada orang - orang malaysia untuk mencuba makanan China mereka .-- 湖南省是在中国南部的而湖南的意思是“南方的湖” . 近这几年来许多从中国移民到马来西亚和将中国风味带到这里来 , 让马来西亚人有机会试试本地化的中国食品 .-- The Private Dining Room is available for A group that fits 12 pax at 1st floor above the restaurant .-- Bilik peribadi boleh didapati untuk Sekumpulan untuk 12 orang di tingkat atas restoran ini .-- 店屋的楼上拥有私人房可供用十二个人 .Hot&Spicy Baby Lobster / 麻辣小龙虾Steamed Scallops With Vermicelli / 蒜蓉粉丝蒸扇贝Golden Corn / 金沙玉米粒Pork On The Hanger / 晾衣白肉Fish W Pickled Cabbage / 浓汤酸菜鱼 Garlic Fried Ribs / 蒜香排骨Stone Pot Frog / 石锅田鸡Griddle Hand Tear Cabbage / 香锅手撕包菜Century Egg With Chili / 烧叔皮蛋Spicy Skewer Prawn / 香辣串串虾Free Fruit after The meal / 餐后免费的水果Pumpkin Bread / 南瓜饼Spicy Chicken Cube / 辣子鸡丁Xiang Man Qing Restaurant / 湘满情湖南菜No 8, jalan Metro Pudu,, Fraser Business Park, Jalan Yew,, Fraser Business Park, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala LumpurTel . 03-9221 0818Mon - Sun 11.30am - 10.30pm continue reading
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This restaurant is famous of spicy dishes .. Somehow,they wrapped the bowl,chopstick,plate,Chinese cup tea with a plastic it is a stated is Eco-friendly.its also have a nicely decoration restaurant.They also offer BBQ like Korean Restaurant so the air conditioned in the restaurant unable to bring down the temperature.Fan also required too.really scared the hell out of you.it is really for you to eat and they are really spicy. continue reading
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Level2 2013-02-21
这是一间正宗来自中国的湘菜。所有食物的味道都离不开“辣”!!!石锅田鸡是该店老板娘推介,可以看见满满的辣椒铺在上层... 真的太好吃了!从未试过如此味道。这道菜色让我爱上了中国湘菜! continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-09
相满情是一间吃湖南菜的餐馆。老板都是中国人。这里出名的都是麻辣田鸡煲。第一次品尝时还以为只是一般的辣,怎知是超级非常的辣。辣得非要和几杯水不可。真的非常好吃。多数的食物都是辣的。因为辣才是他们的特色。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)