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Level4 2015-08-30
I don't know why but sometimes all my brain and appetite could think of is spicy food. Not just any regular spicy like some sambal or belacan, but something with a little more kick. That's when I go to one of the well known SzeChuan restaurant - Xiao Fei Yang in Damansara Utama. It's even better of a meal when the weather is chilly after some heavy rain. It is of no surprise that the service is somewhat lacking at this establishment. Perhaps it is because some of the workers were foreign so they could not really speak the local language. Though neither of them looked too pleased to be serving anyone there.Plus, do not be too impressed that they have their bowls, spoons, chopsticks sealed in a wrapper that says it has been distilled for hygiene purposes. You are going to be paying at least Rm1 for each set. A little bogus to me but there is no room for argument. As always when we are there for hotpot, we always order their dual pot where one side would be Herbal Chicken Soup and the other would be their Spicy Ma La soup. The former is not strong in taste but you can definitely tell that it is herbal soup which has quite a lot of pepper in it, at least I assume. So I suggest that you drink this first before trying their spicy one as that will render your taste buds numb then you won't be able to taste the Herbal soup anymore.The Ma La Soup however was heavily spiced and definitely not for those who cannot handle heat. Especially if you somehow took a sip of the soup with the chilli oil on top. But it's good enough to have you going back for more as it tingle your senses.Also, please note that you are paying about Rm20-25 for the soup, so savour it plenty.We ordered two plates of pork slices just to try. But it was nothing fancy. And really nothing worth shouting about as the slices were super thin, plus had more layers of fat than actual meat. That's our entire tray of meat balls and vegetables. All pricey and scarce unlike some other steamboat establishments, but we are there mainly for their soup.As always we have to order their soup & meat filled meatballs. This one is exciting because imagine a xiao long bao, but instead of the dumpling skin you have meat instead. Put this inside the Ma La soup then enjoy as you bite into it - after letting it cool down significantly of course.Another thing that is a favourite of mine is their pork dumpling. Not like any regular dumpling, the skins they have is slightly thicker so it's chewier, but the meat is incredibly juicy. So when mixed with the spicy soup just makes it amazing.Something else that I enjoy about Xiao Fei Yang is the different types of sauces that they give that you can mix on your own to dunk your food in. Honestly I am not even sure what is in either of those but all I know is that it makes the food you are eating so much more delicious.So despite how much I enjoy eating at Xiao Fei Yang, I probably would not go back as often because the bill can go up quite high even though there is only four person eating it. There's the service charge and 6% GST which hikes up the bill, plus the extra that we have to pay for our specially cleaned utensils is kind of bogus.Once in a while I will go back, when the craving strikes, that's for sure. continue reading
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This place has a very tantalizing name - Xiao Fei Yang (小肥羊 - Little Fat Goat).It look nice n clean but they charge us RM1 ringgit per pax for using the utensils (mess kit),that we are paying for their dish washers worker and another service tax are charge in the bill...NONSENSE!!!不是给不起,是不值得给!Everything need to pay except this : it for free...lolz3 types of dipping sauce, chilli, fermented bean curd (豆腐乳) and also sesame sauce.RM 23 FOR THE SOUP BASE ONLYWe ordered the combination of soup as steamboat base: Herbal Chicken Soup and Ma La '麻辣汤' Peppercorn Seed Soup ~As we know that the soup was boiled using chicken, pork, mutton and of course their own 'secret recipe' of herbs and spices.Meatball mushroompeanuts ,taufu & pickled papaya as appetizers RM3 Per side dishFRESH innards sliceThis How u tick for wat u order...RM 191 for 3 person...when the bills comes....i straight away ('O')"...not cheap at all...the dishes was normal..just the soup is special ....others than that is normal only...alot of unreasonable hidden charges.... Xiao Fei Yang Restaurant @ Damansara Utama小肥羊火锅城40 Jalan SS 21/62Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya,SelangorTel : 03-7728-7633GPS Coordinates : 3.132519,101.6228http://eddyrushfatboy.blogspot.com/2012/11/xiao-fei-yang-uptown-branch.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-11
what differentiates Xiao Fei Yang from the rest was the fact that they have these different types of sauce and condiments as our dippings. Mix it all together, and it really does give that additional kick to the overall taste. The soup was really spicy with the Ma La Peppercorn Seed inside, definately not for the spicy intolerant people nor the faint hearted. The soup created a numbing sensation on our lips the moment we took it in. It was good that we took the herbal chicken soup as well, because it helps a lot in neutralizing the spiciness of our ingredients. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-03
Herbal Broth. Apart from the signature ma la broth, we ordered the herbal broth too since we can choose two types of broth. The herbal broth consisted of wolberry, red dates and spring onions. The taste was not too bitter, it was slightly sweet and thick with the taste of the ingredients. I drank a lot of this broth. I enjoyed this broth much better than the ma la broth. continue reading
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