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Review (8)
Level4 2016-04-17
Ever since I heard of Xenri from my mother's friend in Bandar Baru Bangi during university, I have been wanting to visit this place but simply didn't get a chance. When this thought came to me again during my birthday and father's day, the place is fully booked. A few weeks ago, we kept booking and canceling it due to my busy schedule. Then this weekend I am free from my work that was cleared up last week.When I reached here today to celebrate my 3 Years' Anniversary at Work with my family, we were shocked. Perhaps because we were used by Jogoya or Shogun style whereby the food is displayed outside at the front pavement. All the cooked food are salty and does not look inviting. There is a small place whereby fruits, 3 types cakes, sashimi and sushi were displayed.I was disappointed that there was no unagi or ebi at all! I mean that's the basis of Japanese food, or so I thought!I only seek solace from miserable oysters whereby the size is smaller than my last finger and cooked with with small mushrooms and cheese. The cooking method is good just that the oysters are not refilled fast.It is undeniable that the sashimi is very fresh and served thick for the butterfish, salmon, maguro. One compliment is that the sushi are served in very small pieces like maguro, sweet beancurd skin, salmon etc.Every once in a while, there would be new sushi such as triangular ones, fake crabstick and cheese. I like the small sizes of these sushi especially the mango ones.For the salad bar (do you even call it this since this is not separated from the rest?), there are cheap vegetables like mashed potato with carrot, butterhead salad, cucumber, my other favourite which is jellyfish and green wet seaweed. The tomatoes are cut into too big sizes, in quarters! Seriously, such big sizes?The Chawanmushi has only 2 pieces of miserable mushrooms.The fish like grilled salmon, mackerel, gyoza and saba are normal. They also have the world's smallest mussels that are shrinked. So was the prawn tempura whereby it was no longer crispy and soggy. I like the vegetable karaage which was the only crispy item. All the cooked food are cold except for the stew.There are 2 types of stew:Salmon Fish Head Kimchi Stew Claypot with Glass Noodles.Beef Stew Claypot with Glass NoodlesThe only cakes available are the sweetest in the world such as Red Velvet Cakes with raspberries, Chocolate Cake and also some banana cake.Two drinks available are peach tea, orange juice green tea and cheap Nestle ice-cream.As for the coffee, I never expected that people would serve such sweet coffee. Based on my experiences of hotel buffets in the whole Malaysia and certain parts of the world, including 4 and 3 star, normally they serve plain black coffee instead of 3-in-1 coffee!I needed a drink to cool down so I ordered separately, Sakura Shochu (RM 14.30) which was served with very artfully with cute sakura flowers but the taste turned out to be too bitter for us.The final price was RM 56 (before GST) and RM 68 after GST per pax. I guess the price is ok if we just forget about everything I have mentioned above and just come here to stuff yourself silly with sashimi and that would be worth it?The Setting-If you do come here, don't be fooled by the waiter to sit in the front area because later I discovered there is this Japanese Traditional setting to dine which is much cooler than the front portion.Details:Address:Xenri D'river View, 10, Lorong 4/137c, BedfordBusiness Park, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaTel: 03 7783 8118 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2015-11-11
We had the Chef's recommendation Sashimi Platter. Meticulously selected to our delight. It was our lucky day as it was on a Tuesday and the sashimi had just flown in. What was served was the freshest ever sashimi platter we have ever had. Sayori. The Japanese half beak is a very popular fish in Japan as sashimi or sushi for its clean look. I took a bite of it and it gave me a clean and delightful feel. The flesh was densely packed and firm. Such a pleasure to indulge.I took a piece of the rich gold uni and oh my, it was deliciously creamy and sweet.The akagai has a nice chewy texture but is soft enough even for diners with dentures. Love the ambiance too. Best of all, parking is well taken care off. They opened up the space in front of the restaurant for us to park out car. That is definitely a plus point that keeps us returning here. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-10-05
Since a friend of mine stays in Old Klang Road, there's a lot of great food there that has been introduced by her. A favourite would be Xenri as it offers pretty good Japanese meals especially when we're in the mood to splurge a little.Something that I like about this place is the staff, both the wait & kitchen staff. Firstly they are very attentive at the front of house - making sure that we are properly settled with green teas and warm towel while we look through the menu. As for the kitchen staff, the chef that handles the front sushi bar is rather well-acquainted with my friend so he almost always gives us a plate of complimentary sushi when we are there. And it is never anything that is of low quality or anything of that sorts, so they get A++ for that. We started looking through the menu after indulging in some warm towel and warm green tea, the waiter brought over a plate of nigiri sushi that was beautifully plated. This was an exquisite salmon belly that was perfectly fatty and tender topped with a sweet sauce and a minimal amount of wasabi. Now onto our actual meals, I ordered their Tempura & Nigiri sushi bento set. There were many others but most came with a bowl of rice which I was not craving for so this was the perfect one for me.Imagine my surprise when my meal arrived and how much of a feast it looked. As always the Japanese have this way of making every thing beautiful in it's own simplicity, like my set meal. This comes with a bowl of warm miso soup, super soft chawanmushi and also a sweet end to the meal with two thick wedge of sweet watermelon that's bursting with juice. My set comes with a plate of Nigiri Sushi that was incredibly fresh tasting on top of looking immaculately pretty. I was initially very reluctant to start eating this because of how nice it looked - I foolishly did not have the heart to start eating any of these. But in the end I did since I was hungry and all of the seafood, from tuna to squid to prawn and salmon was all very clean tasting. Quality was definitely beyond my expectation.Then there is also the tempura portion. Usually I never like ordering this because the vegetables & prawns always come with too much batter, plus are usually greasy like crazy. But that was not the case at Xenri's which I would rate them an 8/10 score for the tempura platter itself.This place has fast become one of my favourite Japanese Restaurant to dine at, especially when I'm around Old Klang Road just looking to splurge. Very worth the visit. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-11
It is japanese restaurant in jalan klang lama. The restaurant design is something like modern classic japanese style. It is very comfortable to eat at there. We have ordered chicken sukiyaki. It comes with rice, vegetable tempura, chicken hotpot. The sets is quite big also. The tempura is crispy and nice. The chicken hotpot also not bad. The soup tastes nice continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-08-31
Name : Soft Shell Crab Temaki.Environment : The interior of the japanese restaurant is nice and relaxing with serene sound of flowing water.Service : The staff are friendly and willing to help.Pricing :Expensive but worth it who like to find relax dining with family, girlfriend or even friends.Recommendations : Highly recommend for those who like to relax themselves in good environment while eating. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)