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Level4 2015-08-18
I'm in the mood of eating rice for dinner today. However, I'm at Taman Midah night market now. I know I unable to get any rice available here therefore my focus has changed to the food street along Jalan Midah which occupied by stretch of food stalls. I'm very relunctant to walk any further hence I just stop at the nearest stall to the night market. Wong Hoi San is the first stall along the street. Quickly seated and start flipping the menu. Basically, the concept of the stall is the presentation of foods are to be placed in the little wok. The signature dishes are Pork Organ Soup and Hot Pepper Soup. It seem Curry wild boar also one of the hot selling item. However, I would prefer something light, Steam Vegetable, Braise potato chicken and Braise pork with preserved vege are the order today.I was first served with the Steam vegetable (RM5.00), it was Iceberg lettuce. Simple vege tossed with soy sauce and lighted salted.Braise potato chicken (RM10.00), you will hardly find this dish available in most of the food stalls but is a popular dish at mixed rice stall. I like the taste of the gravy, thick and flavourful. Potatos are soft too, the gravy goes well with white rice.Braised pork with preserved vege (RM12.00), it was oily, you can see an excessive oil layer covered on top. I think the oil could be from the pork itself. As for the taste, it was good. I believe the preserve has been braised for sometime in order to have such flavourful taste. I managed to finish all the foods ordered. To conclude, although choices are limited but the taste as good as homecook food. I will be back to try the Curry Wild Boar and Pepper Soup next time.  continue reading
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