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Level3 2016-01-31
Well i was supposed to meet my friend at bangsar but she cancelled it last minute. Poor me. But i was already there and i was starving. So i went to wondermama for lunch, alone (but i was sharing table with this auntie (so doesn't look like im alone, hehehe).Wondermama is famous for their asian delight but as for that day, i would like to have a burger. Thus, i ordered this beef bacon burger with cheese that cost around RM25 and my simple drink, ice lemon tea. While waiting for the food, i was enjoying the environment as my seat was outside. Their interior was perfect for someone who would like to chill alone (as i saw quite some other people was seating alone in their zone). I think the dish of the day that day was burgers because i saw most of the customers was having it.My food arrived and i can say their presentation was actually similar to the daily grind.They serve it with some salad. So i tried the burger and i liked it actually (i'm not a big fan of burgers most of the time, but this one is good) . The beef was soft and not that chewy. If you mixed it with more pepper, it would taste even better. There you go, my simple late lunch, ALONE. Its all good when i had a good meal i forgive you my friend, lol.Overall: Nice environment, asian delight, good food, a bit late service continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-02
Finally I am done with myassignments and it is time to enjoy so after submitting my assignment in thecollege.I went Wondermama for celebration with my sister. Wondermama is locatedat Ground Floor, Bangsar Village 1 (Next to Plan B). They serve Malaysiancuisine with some western dishes as well but their most recommended dishesaccording to Timeout KL Award Book is their Nasi Lemak and Mee Siam thereforewe ordered that for main course and ordered 3 Layer Pandan to drink. Theambiance of the restaurant was cosy and lovely with indoor and outdoor seatingarea. I prefer to be seated indoor as it was hot outside and indoor is anon-smoking area. It was crowded when we arrived around 2pm and it was evenfilling up after until 3pm.3 Layer Pandan was amazing. It was refreshing and not too sweet. Most important thing is it goes perfectly well with the foods. 3 Layer Pandan @ RM 9.50When it was served infront of us the smell itself is so addictive and drooling. Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam is served with Chicken (Drumstick is my favourite part of the chicken),Petai Sambal, Hard Boiled Egg, Peanuts and Anchovies. Yummy until I have a confusion of should I eat with Rendang or Petai Sambal as both tasted super good. A Plate of Confusion for me!! Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam @ RM 21.90 Ibu’s Mee Siam was mouth-watering. The sauce was served separately that I loved as it wont be soggy and you only have to pour them in your bowl after taking the photos. Noodle is served with cucumber and a few big chunks of fried chicken. The fried chicken was tender and juicy. A bowl of heaven for me!! Ibu’s Mee Siam @ RM 17.90It was a super good celebration for us. Damn good service that I really admire. Delicious food and lovely environment,I really would love to drop by again. Service Charge: NilGST: 6%WondermamaG6 (G/F), Bangsar Village 1Jalan Telawi 1Bangsar Baru59100 Kuala LumpurTel: 03- 2284 9821 continue reading
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Level3 2014-08-07
Wondermama is an interesting take on kopitiams serving up great Asian fusion. It has a charming decor with a cosy al fresco dining area which is covered & surrounded by shady plants. Service is attentive & friendly. Prices are pretty reasonable for Bangsar with decent sized portions.Where it shines would be the food choices. Common dishes with an interesting twist. From the deep fried calamari with cili padi & ikan bilis to nacho chips with spicy minced beef. Both so very addictive. Good mains would be their Nasi Lemak 4.0, WM Spicy Spaghetti, D&L Nyonya Laksa, Seafood Maggi Mee Goreng & Black Spider Fried Rice. If you want something Western they also have pizzas, salads & burgers with an Asian twist. For dessert do try the Durian Crepe, WM Chendol or the Banana & Nutella Crepe. They do have a good selection of breakfast options which I have yet to try. Would definitely return to check them out.Overall a great place for a date or group outing. The menu is extensive & exciting which will surely get one returning. continue reading
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Beef Bacon with Chocolate Ice Cream.The desserts at Wondermama are very unique. Beef bacon with Chocolate Ice Cream, had never heard of it until I came to Wondermama.The chocolate ice cream is sweet and smooth accompanying by the crunchy cornflakes and beef bacon was salty. A combination of sweet and salty. Weird but unique I can say. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-26
I ordered this because I was quite curious about it and the name Ladies Set seemed to piqued my attention because, LOL what does ladies set even mean? Must be a salad or something which was half right. It did came with a salad side dish which was fresh and healthy for me. Besides the salad, it also came with very very light bolognese pasta, a few nacho chips (random much?), a few pieces of apples, and salmon cubes, which are my absolute favorite. This is the first time I've eaten something like salmon cubes! Bf thinks it tasted weird but I think the fresh salmon flavor all cooped up in the small little fried piece of cube is a smart idea ^^ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)