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Yes, I do have to admit the Running Man programme had made a change in taste buds of mine lately. Usually, I'm not a big fan of Korean cuisine, but now after this experience, I don't see how I could ever say no to Korean BBQ anytime. Won Korean Dining in I-Setan, 1Utama, Selangor has made an immediate impact, stamping it's authority in my list of best ever tasted delicacies of all time! The first time entering, I still wasn't sure about Korean foods until I tasted some of the best delicacies there. With the latest K-Pop on TV as entertainment, a glance through the menu certainly opened up my eyes to new flavours. The names of the dishes were in Korean, but of course explained in English. But having a Korean owner to serve us, it was simply better to get to know the delicacies in perfect details and recommendations straight from a local. In just 3 weeks time, I've made 3 visits already to the place. And each time, I've never seem to ever miss out on the BBQ delicacy. Well, 1st of all, I highly recommend, in fact the owner herself recommends the Shindangdong Tteockbokki ~~ Korean fry rice-cakes and noodles mixed in thick yummy spicy sauce. This is much better than the one I once had in Ampang Korean Village, not too spicy, thick and creamy, and of course full of taste. It wasn't too salty and it really is good eaten hot. The rice-cakes are not too sticky, nor too hard, and to mix with the specially made spicy sauce is simply amazing. Another special thing about the rice-cakes is that they were imported straight from Korea, so don't ever doubt the quality, the taste simply marvelous! Next, the main stars, Daepae Samgyupsal (thin pork belly slices BBQ dish) or Samgyupsal (thick pork belly slices BBQ dish)! These two dishes have made mii crave for BBQ every time I step into the place. For mii, both taste excellent when put to the grill, but the thick slices of pork belly stands out most. Crisp, aromatic and grilled with garlic and onions, this is the taste of a lifetime! Our dishes were specially cooked by the owner herself, hence it was a privilege to get a Korean to actually help us make our meal even more appetizing! She even taught us the ways of eating it, two ways in fact, I'll explain later below. With oil trickling down the gutters of the grill set, you'll taste the whole flavour of the meat, no oil, no porky smell. Just the meat! For health conscious diners, you'll not have to worry about the oil then, simply tantalizing! With some green tea to add to, this meal certainly made our time worth-while. Each meal comes with refillable side dishes, and trust mii even the side dishes are good themselves. There is also the Jeyook Doenjangjigae, pork slices stirred fried in special spicy sauce (Pictures to be updated a.s.a.p). This is also a favourite of mine, but sadly no pictures were taken for this dish, was too hungry that day! XD Anyway, do go for that, a great satisfaction that!Last but not least, pictures to sum it all up! It really was a great dinning experience for mii, especially pork eaten in a very different and superb way. I'm going back there again soon, hope to see you guys there too! Many thanks to the Korean lady who helped us introduce and prepare our food, Kamsamnida!! continue reading
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To be frank, I'm not a fan of Korean food, at least not in Malaysia, tried a few times but it just doesn't click. Authentic Korean cuisine back at their country during my visit last year was not bad though, especially their Kimchi, taste so much better compared to here. But still, how can my denial on that certain country of food influence my boyfriend's judgement? Hence, we have decided to give it a trial, whether it gains a yes or no in Jason's opinion. Side Dishes of Kimchi Cabbage, Kimchi Cucumber, Bean Sprouts and Pumpkin Pancake.I would push the Kimchi Cabbage aside in some Korean restaurants because of its overly pungent flavor but not in Won Korean Dining. This was definitely not my best Kimchi, but for someone who didn't like Kimchi to get her plate refilled, I think they did a pretty good job. Kimchijigae (Kimchi Stew) RM22Love might not be the word, but a simple yes and nod will do. Again, it was balanced with spiciness and natural taste of the ingredients. Salted olive oil, spicy bean paste, raw garlic and green chili. Samgyupsal (Roast Pork Belly) RM30 eachMinimum 2 portion to place the order. Such beautiful texture of the meat to feast the eyes.Aromatic with crisp texture, succulent yet not that oily at the same time. In Korean restaurant, whenever one orders grilled meat, the attentive staffs would always drop by, check on the meat, overturn it and even cut it into smaller pieces for easier consumption. Though this might be a point of good services, but it is not in my opinion. I wouldn't want anyone to interrupt us during conversation then we have got this very awkward moment of staring into each other or simply looking at the action of the staff. That.Silent.Moment. With green lettuce as base, we've added in julienne veges then mix and match the sauces before putting the delicious pork belly meat on top.We have also tried another way of eating by simply dipping it into salted olive oil.Overall, it was a good Korean dining experience for both Jason and me. Nothing much to complain about. continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-27
After having so much pork, hubby and I decided to have some soupy noodle to cleanse the palate. Hence we decided to order the beef soup with glass noodles. The beef was slices were well marinated, juicy and tender. The soup was extremely flavourful. A myriad of taste, with carrots, spring onions, cabbage and enoki mushrooms. The soup was very hot and scalding, but it was a great end to the meal. continue reading
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Level4 2012-09-13
Forging ahead with the exploration of Isetan 1U's Eat Paradise food hall, with visits this week to Won Korean Dining and The BIG Group's Puran B. The best thing about Won: it's unabashedly hog-wild, so customers can revel in steaming-hot, stone-pot bibimbap mixed with stir-fried pork and veggies. Prices are moderate, with this coming in at below RM25. The worst thing about Won: well, teething troubles _ the outnumbered service team seemed overwhelmed at peak hours. Some folks left in frustration when their orders were not taken or their food failed to surface. Soju, to soothe our spirits throughout the twenty-minute wait for the bibimbap. continue reading
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