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Wings Musicafe is not a stranger among the places where people hangout and listening to great music that play by live bands at night time . some of the time me myself also will hangout at wings musicafe with my friends that mostly located at SS2 and Puchong Bandar Puteri outlet . By personally I don't really know how to play all the music instrument but I like to listen to Music , love to sing and love to enjoying listening people singing too . I found out that only Wings Musicafe that provide great singers band every night From 9P.M to 12A.M . On the same day Event , I had this opportunity to meet up with the Owner/Founder/Director Of wings musicafe MR.Jeff . Before Wings musicafe established , Jeff was the owner of HALO CAFE before this and sells all his shareS and begin a new platform of Wings musicafe that have seven outlet around malaysia at the moment and still counting more outlet soon . Wings Musicafe Celebrating 13th ANNIVERSARY and organized a huge event called " Grand Live House " that happening on 10th November at DPAC , the event purpose is for bring in talented new singers and Wings musicafe house singers together . At the same time Wings came out with the new menu called " A lifetime you remember " . Wings Bacon SaladThe wings signature salad , the salad sauce was made by house chef that been trained in france for many years . Chef Clement is a Malaysian chinese that rich with knowledge of western dining . Chef Creamy Pork ChopPork chop that is marinated with several special spices and aromatic garlic white sauce . side dish salad potato and egg salad . Bacon Risotto Risotto Rice steam cooked with cheese and creamy white sauce including bacon rolls and others spice in it . Double Cheese ChickenThe Ultimate Wings bestseller , Grilled chicken With two piece of cheese and a half boiled egg yolk . side dish was french fries and coleslaw . Viet Style Grilled ChickenGrilled chicken chop marinated in Vietnamese style , pour with special Vietnamese sauce . side dish was Egg Salad . Friendship PlatterWings Signature Platters , Crispy salty spicy wings , Porky fries , fried abalone mushrooms , porcupine franks and the wings Mojo fries . It was a perfection platters for a gang of friends chilling and having the combination of snack without arguing what to choose . Redang WaveA drink that you can imagine yourself relaxing on beach of redang enjoying the sea breeze , this deep blue beverage originally inspired by the movie Summer holiday acted from Richie Ren and Ah Niu .Long VacationEverybody would like the name of this drinks because who doesn't like a long vacations , This drink has no straw provided and poured a rim of fine salt grain . The purpose of not using the straw because of wings wanted you to use your lips to touch the rim and taste a mix of salty , sour and sweet taste that surefire sensation .Chocolate Cocoa lovers favorite , A combination of of cocoa and mint . cream and chocolate on top .Milk TeaWheat based and red tea milk tea creations , refreshing milk tea with a strong sence of wheat aroma . there was few selection of flavor : Honeydew milk tea/Pearl milk tea/Yam milk tea/Chocolate milk tea/Red bean japan matcha milk tea/Winter melon milk tea . Christmas SpecialItem that shown Below will be launch soon During Christmas festival Month on december , Stay tuned on Wings musicafe FB for the cute and creative menu update . Special Foods and drinks will be served on Christmas . Three Different signature Flavour French Fries as Christmas Tree . (Ala Carte) Christmas playground Sharing Platter , The combination of Mashed potato as snowman , Luncheon Meat as Gingerbread man , French Fries as Christmas Tree and ham Hotdog as Fence . (Mashed Potato snowman only will be served with Christmas playground Sharing Platter , No ala carte ) Luncheon Meat as Gingerbread man (Ala Carte)Wings Musicafe Bandar Puteri Puchong39, Jalan Puteri 4/1, Bandar Puteri,47100 Puchong, SelangorContact : 03-8061 3309Hours : Sun - Thu 12PM-1.30AM / Fri,Sat 6PM-2AMLive Band : 9pm-12pm Daily continue reading
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Level3 2012-01-10
Dad brought us to this place named Wings musicafe. I've never been to this place although always pass by SS2. Musicafe like this was never my first choice of place to have dinner except if I feel bored and need some entertainment. I still think it is not the place for me as I prefer a quiet place to have meal rather than listen to people singing. However, my dad like this kind of place plus they serve western food.Every night at 8.30pm, there are some singers who sing for the night. You can write down the songs you want them to sing in the paper that is provided on the table. Write whatever songs you like but they do not guarantee will be able to sing it. That day, 3 customers requested for some songs and all of them got rejected. The singers just said too old songs and too new songs they do not know how to sing. That sucks! Then better don't come here and sing.Honey Dew Milk Tea-RM9.90Combo 4- Butter Cream Chicken rice that come in set with ice lemon tea-RM10.90The butter cream chicken tasted quite good especially in a place like this but it came with very small portion. I guess this is due to it is a combo set. If order is in la carte will be a lot better but price will be different too. Combo 3-Signature Bacon Fried Rice with drink-RM10.90Fried rice taste not bad too, quite nice but with that price I rather go Hawker stall to eat.New Orleans Chicken with fried rice-RM19.90The only dish that I could find in the western food range that served with fried rice. I love chicken chop, at the same time I love fried rice too. So this is the prefect match for me to order. However, the taste was not up to my expectation. I guess itis the sauce that make the whole dish messed up.For more info, view http://sufentan88.blogspot.com/2011/07/wings-musicafe-ss2.htmlWings Musicafe (SS2)74, Jalan SS 2/60,47300 P.J, SelangorTel: 03-78763309Hotline: 012-9697647 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)