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WichDay specialize in sandwiches, toast, pancake, pasta and desserts. continue reading
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Chocolate Toast Cheesy Sandwich Pandora Box Signature Carbonara Spaghetti Rose Pancake Green Tea Latte
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I have visited Wichday Cafe earlier for its renowned Pandora Box that was quite similar to the honey toast from Taiwan.  *screaming!*This time i would like to have toast's for this round only because they have got something similar to the honey toast from Bangkok!Mr Simple (Rm 10.9)Very fragrant piece of toast, laced with butter in between the toast cubes and served with ice cream and sweet milk. It was pretty good but I wish the toast can be crispy and crispier then i should be very yummy alreadyCheese Garlic Toast (Rm 12.9)I fancy this buttery creamy savoury garlicky toast!!! And it was drizzled with 3 types of melted cheese but you won’t find it filling after cubes and cubes. continue reading
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Level1 2015-05-30
Neighborhood cafe that I only found out recently from friend's photo shared on Facebook. Quite many people like to held small private event and party at this cosy and affordable cafe, so please check out their Instagram or facebook to avoid disappointment.The Cafe themed with 旋转木马Carousel served with nice pancakes and coffee. There do serve pizza, spagetthi etc. Signature items like Pandora box, toast that stuffed with honey toast bread with ice cream, strawberry, laici etc on top could be a good choice for sharing. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-02-27
Much have been said or seen in this current wave of café burgeoning trend that captures the heart of many coffee aficionados as well as dessert lovers particularly. But have you come across a dessert fusion café that allows sweet tooth to bask in their faves gleefully without being much guilt-ridden of the calories nor any artificial preservatives yet palatably reassuring? Then Wichday Cafe is one new establishment that you should check out especially if you are also a huge fan of toastie and waffle for all the ingredients are made from scratch, enchanted with some secret recipes too.This beautiful café is the brainchild of two lovely sisters that aims to provide a gemütlich avenue for its guests to indulge joyfully with awesome and honest grubs. And by the way, the café is also children-friendly, so both parents and kids will find themselves relishing gayly with sweet treats and also mouth-watering dishes like pasta and many more.Upon entering the dainty café, guests are instantly greeted with a gush of vibrant aura that is also ‘bewiching’ with the lively green theme (=NUTELLA PEANUT TOAST (MYR 12.90)As its name suggests, this toast comes with the alluring nutella alongside peanut cream, served with a dollop of house-beaten cream and also a scoop of vanilla ice cream.GREEN LAVA (MYR 12.90)Up for a modern way of enjoying your nostalgic kaya? Yeah, it’s really the housemade kaya albeit it may fools you into thinking it as green tea instead, hehe.MR. YELLOW (MYR 11.90)Fans of banana and pancake could rejoice indulgently as they meet Mr. Yellow- Cutesy mini pancakes served with banana, maple syrup and vanilla ice cream. Pillowy flannel cake always find its way with any fruity companion-in this case, the potassium-rich source; banana. You can never go wrong with this combination.TOFU SALAD (MYR 8.90)An ingenious twist to your otherwise mundane salad.MR. CLAM & SPAGHETTI (MYR 12.90)Another spectacular dish from the kitchen of Wichday Cafe.Deliciously served with clams and salted egg crumbles that perfectly match well with the peppered, light cream sauce and smidgens of chopped bird's eyes chilies. It can be quite tongue-challenging at some point, but still get me hooked on it for more. Recommended plate, ma ma mia!CARBONARA SPAGHETTI (MYR 12.90)Or for those who prefer its creamy pasta simple and frills-free, then go for this gratifying serving of spaghetti, thoroughly covered with cream sauce together with chicken ham, oyster mushroom and the cheeky ebiko atop!To round up the splendid fare, let’s amuse your taste bud with these lovesome beverages.HOT CHOCOLATE WITH MARSHMALLOW (MYR 7.90)ICED GREEN TEA LATTE (MYR 9.90)So WICHDay to come? ヾ(◍’౪'◍)ノ゙♡Am pretty sure Wichday Café would welcome you cordially whenever you drop by (of course within the opening hours, hehe). Thus, wish you guys many great and yummy days ahead, and always remember to spend time with your loved ones……………Cheers and Carpe Diem! ℒℴѵℯ❤For more info and pics, feel free to visit:http://lwinlee.blogspot.com/2015/02/lwin-lee-wichday-cafe-connaught-cheras.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)