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Level4 2016-04-19
Raven Blend cold brew with milk, Bub's cake and Spiked. The Raven cold brew was good as usual and tasted extra nutty today! Spiked is a newly introduced drink which resembles an iced long black infused with lemon. It consisted of a single shot of Lucky Basterd blend over ice+ lemon slices and lemon thyme. Tasted super refreshing on a hot weather like this 🏽 somehow it also tasted like Asam (tamarind) to me.Bub's cake complemented well with the drinks. Thick slices of banana cake slathered with the peanut butter cream at the corners topped with chunks of pecans. continue reading
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Level4 2016-04-09
Weekend peanut butter ice cream macaron sandwich run, right after dinner with my family.Whisk is known for their chilled cold brew with milk or just the plain black ones.But today, I decided to have something different aside from my usual coffee, that is their ice cream macaron sandwich, and oh my, it went beyond my expectations.Can you see the way the macaron is the slightest bit crumbly from that first bite on the outside, yet completely soft inside? It’s just perfect. This, combined with the rich creaminess and the chill of the peanut butter ice cream. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Note: I know that this is no longer hot news, but I am relieved that the rain has finally shooed the haze out from Klang Valley, returning to us the air that we're used to. As long as it's still the open burning season, I won't jump to the conclusion that the haze has left the building. My stomach growled for food almost immediately after I had paid for the weekly's grocery purchase and remembering Crystal's penchant for Whisk's coffee, I threw the bags of groceries into the car and headed straight there. I was lucky that it was after the lunch hour crowd that I entered the F&B outlet and paid for my order, waited for it to be personally delivered by the employee (or barista, didn't quite catch a glimpse as my concentration was glued to Facebook and the email and whispered my thanks aloud.Between the limited choices of lesser-sweetened cakes and its sweeter siblings, I briefly hesitated before I chose this cake in view of its nutritional benefit. If I can remember correctly, one bar of dark chocolate daily will boost the endorphins and prevent an emotional blue.I like chocolate not because of that, but because it also soothes the cravings easily.Chocolate Cake Slice (RM 8.90)The first bite was lovely; it easily blended well with the taste buds and smoothly coated the mouth. The frosting, however, revealed the actual sweetness; it hit my taste buds with such a bang that it numbed the pancreas momentarily. The cake itself was moist with endless amounts of chocolate inside. Cappuccino (RM 10)It was in that faint moment shortly after the first sip that it dawned on me that this could be the type of coffee that Teochew Mama would love: just the right amount of coffee beans and very little froth has been used in the production of Whisk's cappuccino. On a fairer note, it didn't contain the oomph that I wanted and a strong but balanced taste of milk and coffee.Maybe I should've ordered latte instead. Address: Whisk Espresso Bar and Bake Shop,LG 03A, Empire Shopping Gallery,Jln SS 16/1, 47500 Subang JayaTel: 03-5022 2060Website: www.facebook.com/whisk.KLLandmarks: Tong Pak Fu, GNC and Jaya Grocer continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-26
being a coffee junkie, searching for the best coffee in town is inevitable. found a favorite in kl (and that is illy) and it is the foodie's job to not settle and find for one that tops the best! my visit to whisk was spurred by a newspaper article, detailing how the petite shop started and the person behind it. i wanted to try it simply because it was coffee and it sounded promising!a petite cafe just a couple of shops away from jaya grocer in empire shopping gallery, whisk was set up in the simplest, rustic way that can only be described homemade but in a nice way, clad in a theme of black and white. the space was small and the seats limited. the cakes proudly presents themselves on a pedestal of glass cake stands while beckoning you to take a bite into a slice of your favorite dessert choice(s) with a cup of warm coffee. espresso bar :: caffe latte (rm 11)my yard stick for all espresso based drinks - the latte. the simplicity of espresso and milk is not a mere task but requires finesse and mastery to produce a good quality cup of latte. oh and the mood of the barista helps too so be nice to them the big question comes with the first sip of latte that i took. did that cup of latte take over the throne of yumminess from illy's? not quite but it's very close. whisk's caffe latte now reigns as one of the my other favorite cuppa joes which is stole my heart in a different way than illy's did. whisk's latte took of a more full bodied, creamy, smooth approach that complimented the coffee/espresso itself. the bitter note that ends with every sip of the latte was mellowed by the lovely milk creating a delicate balance between the two. yum!the desserts enticed and i responded by giving in. a slice of red velvet cake makes it to our table with some expectations of what it will taste like. it was slightly overly sweet and i thought the cocoa was masked by the other ingredients of the cream cheese frosting. it was alright but doesn't give my favorite red velvet cupcake a run for its money.where there is good lattes and coffee, you know you'd see me there and whisk is one that i wouldn't mind returning for more. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-18
CheesecakeDelicious and creamy, this cheesecake would be everything a cheesecake lover can ask for. I thought the crust at the bottom of the cake was too soft to go with the rich cheesecake. But, apart from that, the cheese part was smooth and would be good to pair it with red wine. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)