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Level3 2016-01-31
Wadihana is a quite famous restaurant for their western dishes. My first trying this was a few years back when i used to come and hang out with my friends at Bangi. The interior was average and the crowd was actually not that bad. The waiter told us when it comes to fasting month, their restaurant will be fully booked for dinner. So i was very curious what is so good about this restaurant. I ordered sirlion steak for a try as others ordered chicken chop, lamb ribs and lamb chop. As for drinks, we just ordered a jar of ice lemon tea.So let me start with my sirlion steak, i can say it was not that soft as it was a bit chewy. It took me 30 mins for me to finished it all. As for the chicken chop, it actually taste good, i like the mushroom sauce better than the BBQ sauce. Next, lamb ribs was awesome! but expensive of course! ( could not remember the price, sorry). As for the lamb chop, it tasted just good. Lastly, i wanted to order a dessert which is nutella cheese tart. I can tell you one thing, it would be my favorite starting from that day onwards, hehe. I really like the mixed of it and the tart was not too thick or thin. It was just nice. Sorry for not taking a very clear picture  (i was using my old phone) I came to this restaurant again and again. They have 1 branch at Taman Melawati but it does not taste as good as at Bangi. However, we all had a full stomach, that is what matters. Overall: Average food. good services, friendly  continue reading
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