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Beefy Pizza Chicken Makanwala Garlic Naan Grilled Lamb Rack Sang Har Meen Thai Green Chicken Curry
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An Enchanting World Gin Day at WIPLast weekend, in celebration of World Gin Day, a small corner of WIP was transformed into a nocturnal garden for one enchanting evening curtesy of The Botanist Gin. A recent addition to WIP’s line up of spirits, The Botanist experience was curated by Chee Kin Yong, Key Account Manager at Rémy Cointreau who explained that the number 22 on the 1.5 litre bottle referred to the local botanicals hand foraged on the Isle of Islay which augment the nine classic gin botanicals to givethe only Islay Dry Gin it’s exclusive character. Throughout the night, guests were given the opportunity to try their hand atconcocting their own cocktails or having one made for them at the personalized artisan cocktail bar. The drinks menu for the night included imaginative cocktailslike the Sweet Spot and Better Bitter. As a special treat for members of the media. a selection of botanicals and aromatics were made available to infuse commemorative bottles of Botanist Gin. The Botanist Gin will Continue to feature prominently in WIP promotions, Packages and cocktails. So, anyone who missed out on World Gin Day can get their own exclusive experience of The Botanist at WIP. ABOUT WIPFrom its beginnings as a Work In Progress to a landmark lifestyle destination, WIP is now Whipped Into Place, and has firmly established itself as a polished diamond glittering in the dining landscape of Kuala Lumpur. Located at the prominent BSC, WIP is THE place to hang out in the upmarket neighbourhood of Bangsar.The outlet offers an elegantly casual ambience with the design feel of an urban-tropic garden. Inspired by the relaxed elegance of Nice, France and Santorini, Greece, the interior design beckons natural lighting and is accented with several unique custom crafted features such as the clam shaped island bar, graphic abstract trees, wooden cutlery divider, etched bird mirrors and alfresco garden. Cosmopolitan cuisine is the direction of WIP’s menu. With inspiration from different continents, the food is prepared with the best and most fresh of ingredients. It is an innovative and creative menu that will surely cater to a wide variety of tastebuds and please any palate. Lovers of innovative beverages will surely rub their hands in glee with resident mixologists creating liquid perfection before your very eyes at the uniquely shaped Clam Bar. A delectable selection of signature cocktails like Mojitos and Martinis, are available to quench your thirst, as are fine whiskies, boutique liquors, premium beers, champagnes and wine. A contemporary look and feel that beckons shoppers, the office crowd, drinkers and party goers to relax and unwind, WIP is destined for fabulous parties, unforgettable celebrations and exhilarating nights. WIP Address ; Lot G111, Ground Floor Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 59000 Contact : 03 2094 1789 / 012 650 5722 (reservations) Website : ask@wip.com.my w : http://www.wip.com.my Hours : Daily Noon till Closing continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-28
From its beginnings as a Work In Progress to a now popular hangout spot in KL, WIP is now Whipped Into Place. Located in the upmarket Bangsar Shopping Centre, the outlet offers an elegantly casual ambience with the design feel of an urban-tropic garden. Walking in, you’ll feel temporarily out of the hustle and bustle of a big city, while the friendly staff are happy to guide you through the whole experience.The direction of WIP’s menu is cosmopolitan, with inspiration from different continents. You can either choose to be safe and order the local favourites, or be bold and try out more unfamiliar dishes. Good news, by the way, as WIP has just launched a few more new dishes to add into the eclectic mix.Tomato Bruschetta is Italian in origin and here buttered garlicly sliced baguettes are toasted first, then topped with chopped cherry tomatoes mixed with basil. It’s simple, but when all the flavours are right, it can be so comforting and appetizing. Here, they’ve executed this start particularly well.The Popcorn chicken was next on the list of starter, and this proved to be great bar snack. The crunchy exterior, juicy flesh, completed with a piguancy tartar-esque sauce will have you reaching for more, while also encouraging you to reach for your beer/cocktail/wine. Delicious.Are school prawns more intelligent because they went to school? Well, I don’t know that but what I do know is that this species of prawn has a distinctive sweeter taste, and can be consumed in whole, which is great news for people like me who are too lazy to be peeling prawns. Plus it adds to the whole crunchy factor that is so alluring to many. The sauce looks like a thousand island to me, but actually tasted a little spicy which is a bonus. I’ll happily devour this again.For the mains, I had the Garlic Pan Seared Salmon, which comes with Pilaf Rice, Mango salsa and Sautéed Vegetables. Very fusion sounding and would definitely be a go-to dish if executed well. But here the Salmon is slightly overcooked for my liking and I’d prefer if there was more condiment (and sauce) to go around. The pilaf rice is surprisingly aromatic despite its pale appearance.The other half went for the Alaskan Crab Burger, which came with fries and a side of cherry tomatoes not unlike the toppings on the Tomato bruschetta. The crab patty is impressively thick, packed with crab meat and it tastes like the ocean with its umaminess. The exterior is also nice and crispy, pairing nicely with the soft burger bun. Bonus point for the crisp lettuce too.There are many more new dishes that we didn’t get to try but we definitely will keep that in mind when we visit WIP next. continue reading
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Level4 2015-03-22
I have never been here before and would not have been here if not my friend who loves to drink wine in the evening. Each time he wants to go out, it must have to do with wine and I wonder how can he be a real doctor. Anyway, we came to W.I.P. which has such an array of cocktails and wine and alcohol even in the weekday. I ordered the Portabello Mushroom (RM 22) which was so tasty and juicy. The mushrooms were so huge and juicy. It was cooked with butter till it was so juicy. I really love the mushrooms. It was served with a salad at the side. The mushrooms were really humongous, almost the size of a steak! And probably there was a lot of butter used in cooking it. My friend ordered the Escudo Rojo which is a Chillean Red Wine which cost about RM 200 over. I love the smooth taste of the wine. I am not really a crazy fan of red wine like my friend but it is just normal for me.  The ambience is really romantic here. With the lights etc. The waiter who serviced us is called Saldy. He ensured our drink was ok before proceeding to pour more of the wine. We picked that instead of Merlot because I have tried that drink before.  continue reading
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Level2 2014-03-23
 This asian fusion delight was simply delicious, fresh salmon on a bed of fresh lettuce with pizza base. Even the drinks here are Asian fusion-ed in some way... i saw a cocktail named - Asam boi Mojito!!! Unfortunately i'm not a fan of Asam Boi, so i didnt get the try that outThe ambience was a dim-out bar with a great variety of wine, liquor, beer, cocktails, etcYou get the drift....ITs a pork free place. The mussels and barramundi here comes highly recommendedGood place for a date, birthday celebration, chill-ax with friends, dinner with friends....If you ever run out of idea what to eat for the day - its a good palce to stop by and surprise your palate with the variety of tasty fusion on the menu, that said you can proceed to unwind with a glass of wine or beer before heading home feeling elated before you bulldoze your way to work the next day... OLA! continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-05
Pop hits from the '80s and '90s set the ideal mood for a booze-filled evening. The White Knight Of Pandan (a lime and lychee martini with pandan) rode in to save the day, backed gallantly by the Le Commandant (can't remember what was in this). Peach Julep (peach and kentucky bourbon with fresh mint over crushed ice) and Morrello (dark cherry Manhattan with spices). Bloody Mary and Spicy Martini with basil and strawberries. continue reading
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