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Review (13)
Level4 2015-09-24
If there's one thing I remember about Victoria Station's is how I used to wander around the 'train' and pretended like I was some atas lady in the olden days. While my family dined, I used to walk around the make-shift train dining section as my imagination went wild. Clearly I was a very funny child.An aunt of mine's favourite place to dine with Victoria's station so she used to bring me there to eat. But that has been many years ago and it's been a long time since I last ate here so my memory of the food might be a little off. Though I remember the food tasting exceptionally good especially being one of the better places to get steaks that are not exurbently priced. For an afternoon meal with my mom, we decided to have some steak and would rather not drive into town with the bad traffic so we chose Victoria Station. No surprise that my ideal table would be at the 'train' section but the waiter instead led us to another table despite the area where I wanted to be being entirely empty. Rather than be difficult about it we proceeded to order our meal instead.Something that I always order is the Garlic Steak which came with a side of steam vegetables, corn and also roasted potatoes. The scent of the sauce was pretty strong so I was quite excited especially considering how my entire plate was covered in it.Though the taste was only so so and my steak was more medium than the medium rare which I had requested it to be cooked. Also I was not happy that I only got a measly tiny five pieces of sub-par roasted potato medalions. The sides were beyond disappointing and not even the steamed corn could make up for it. For variety sakes, my mother got the Steak with Mushroom Sauce which.... Was almost a bigger disappointment than my dish. This did not even come with a corn and that for me was just bad considering that their sides were already borderline mediocre as it is.I don't know why, I was expecting really good food from here because of the memory I have of dining there. So when the food was way below my expectation, I was disappointed especially since we now have many other places to get equally or even better steak meals. continue reading
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Level3 2014-06-11
The first thing that caught our eyes when we reach the place is the red coloured train in front of the restaurant. So cute great for photo taking which we spend quite sometimes doing it.Inside the restaurant, we are met with a telephone booth at the door with a real working phone in it. Another photo taking session.The restaurant has huge dine in area. There is even a train where people can dine in.Menu is quite interesting with picture of train.Bread is served to only those having main courses.Fresh Chicken & Vegetables Soup (RM8.90)It tastes a bit too salty for me. I am expecting cream soup and it turns out clear soup.Grilled Rainbow Trout (RM27.90)It has been quite awhile since I have a trout as it is quite difficult to find it on menu. The fish is quite boney here but the meat is quite juicy.Fish & Chips (RM 21.90)Cajun Salmon & Grilled Chicken Fillet (RM 33.90)The sauce is too strong in flavour and covers the natural flavours of the meats.V.S. Escargots (1/2 Dozen) (RM15.90)Very flavourful with lots of garlic in it. Love it.Chocolate Cake (RM7.90)A bit disappointed as there is no filling inside. Quite plain actually although it looks great.Tea is served in a pot with teabag.Overall place looks great, food is not bad, but service sucks high here. We have waited quite awhile to be served even when it is not crowded. We are showed to a small table in the middle of all tables. We have difficulties in getting to that table. Billing is also slow. Long wait to get attention of staffs to refill water. continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-21
I've heard of Victoria Station's steak for long times, but never got a chance to dine there until I've decided to dine there on my first year anniversary with Shawn to record this special moment.I love the theme of the restaurant which is based on the famous Victoria Station. And they do have the train cargo seat in the restaurant, provide you the dine in train experience.The interior design is classic and retro, and each table is decorated with pink roses. The ambiance in the restaurant is quiet and relaxing, suitable for couple and family.The normal bun and butter spread. However, I like all the plates labelled with Victoria Station. It's matchy with both of us that is wearing pinky red.The iced lemon tea is quite tasty.Assorted Smoked Platter (RM 12.90) is fresh vegetable with smoked duck, lamb and salmon with special honey mustard mayo sauce. Love this platter as it's delicious and appetizing.Victoria Station Ribeye (RM 57.90) comes with baked potato, corn and mushroom mixed vegetable. I love the Ribeye is juicy and very nutrient-balanced, although the vegetable are slightly tasteless.Victoria Station Steak (RM 57.90) has the special sauce prepared with minced chicken, mushroom and potatoes. It also comes with fried tomatoes, french fries and mushroom onion vegetable. The portion is quite huge, but the taste is just OK, not too wow-ing. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-14
Victoria Station is located at ampang and here have the great view and suitable for family to dine in as well as the lovely couple. they have many set available and mostly famous is the western food which is the steak and rib. those are expensive menu and i just settle down with the seafood pasta and i try this not bad. the tomatoes paste is alot and the pasta is well cooked continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-14
victoria station is located at jalan ampang. not a new place but always the people favorite here serving good steak and quality of the food is theretheir serving and portion of steak really big. love the fresh corn, juice chicken wing and also the sauces makes this dish taste so good. like the chicken wing well marinated and perfectly grilledsenvironment and deco is nice and good place for romantic dinner as well as for family events perhaps. and the service is friendly too. the waitresses were very helpful and quite attentive continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)