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Dragon Maki Shashimi Sukiyaki
Review (7)
Level4 2013-09-30
Mentaiko mayonaised sushi is something thick and strong. To define it as thick is what I relates it to melted/ baked mayonaise. So thick and sweet yet you can taste a slight smell of baked/ caramelization. Very tasty too but you won't be able to order extra if that is too creamy for you. Ingredients inside are cucumber, carrots, some salmon and mentaiko ( fish egg). Nice terms of texture and taste! continue reading
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Level3 2013-07-09
午餐吃到饱!Eat And Drink all Your Can !!从早上11点到下午2点30分。成人Rm48++,小孩是半价噢!这里是家很不错的日本自助, 菜肴都是客人们点了厨师才做,非常新鲜可口哦!值得推荐的美食地方!不去会后悔噢xD continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2012-09-21
Brought my sister to Umaiya, her favourite restaurant as an occasional treat today! We went down to 101 boulevard branch but therein lies one problem: Parking. It was really a hassle to find empty parking spots as the area around it is just jam 24/7. In the end, we parked at a further spot near the banks. Environment: Umaiya overall environment is similiar to all the usual japanese sushi chains such as sushi king, sakae sushi etc. There is the usual conveyor belt with tables around it and other independent seats. Chef was making sushi and showing off his mad seafood-cutting skills just as usual in front of the belt. However, since its a weekday night, they dim certain areas where there is no customers. Cleanliness: No complains on my side. Service: Waiters were very helpful and polite. They smiled and say thank you a lot, which was a pleasant experience. Although being foreigners, they english skills were not that good. Such as they didnt get my request for desserts to be brought out first etc. But that is not such huge of an issue anyhow. Price: Umaiya errs on being on the more expensive side. Their noodles and sushis is priced around RM20++ range. Quite spicy considering that other japanese restaurants chain charge only RM10++ for this 2 items. Food: Sushi Roll wrapped with Unagi and Avocado (RM 25) It was GOOD. Unaqi was wrapped neatly outside and the avocado taste just blends well with it. The unagi was good, soft, juicy and tender. Beneath the layers was crabmeat and this crispy thing which i could not guess. Sauce was just right as well, not too littlee and not too much till covering the taste of other ingredients. Overall the flavour of the sushi is textured and really delicious. Chicken Floss Sushi (RM 6) While it doesnt look appetising on the front, this was actually a really good sushi as well. The chicken floss on the exterior actualy blends well with the ingredients (eg cucumber, egg pieces) inside. I initially thought it would just taste plain weird but its not at all haha. Kudos to the highly skilled chef for a good dish though. Red bean dessert (RM7) This was just ordered on impulse due to cravings for red bean haha. The dessert was thick and there are 2 "tang yuan" / glutinious ball inside. Inside the ball, to my delight, is oozing out sesame paste which was just plain delicious. My only complain would be that there is too little tang yuan haha. They should have at least 4 of em!Overall, Umaiya was a good experience and the hefty price tag in my opinion was justifiable continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2012-09-16
Little nephew had a birthday party at Umaiya Japanese restaurant. They can organize private parties and events and allocate an area for you and your guests. As for this birthday party, we opt for buffet style. Buffet tables were setup and guests help themselves to the food. Assorted sushi, maki rolls, fresh oyster, grilled prawns, garlic rice, sashimi, and dessert were served on that day. Once the food finishes, they will replenish quickly. I like that the service staffs will keep making sure the food don't run out, and constantly rearranging the food to make sure the food displayed in a presentable manner. You know, sometimes people help themselves and make the area a bit messy, they will constantly check on the buffet table. Food were really fresh and nice. Garlic fried rice, fresh oysters, and edamame. The salt boiled edamame is healthy snack that I love. It is a slightly salted soybean that you will need to peel out from the skin and eat it. The garlic fried rice is well seasoned with a hint of the garlic taste, the garlic was not overpowering or else I might end up with garlic breath. Oysters were huge and tasted sea salty. Tabasco sauce and fresh lemon were available to add on to the oysters.A variety of sashimi. Salmon, octopus, tuna. Eaten with wasabi and preserved ginger. Sashimi were fresh and thick cut. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)