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Tous les Jours ( /too-leh-joo/ ) now has 4 outlets in Malaysia yet, I've never set my foot in any one of those. It's kinda fictitious to admit it but I have to point out that such a classy venue is usually not my everyday go-to kind of place to get breads, pastries, and cakes. It only happens when I wanted to buy the experience or if there is a good reason of doing so. Read till the end and I'll let you know what's the good reason! On the very second day of the year, I've made up my mind to pay a visit, together with Zmei, to one of their stores located at the Ground and Mezzanine Floor of WOLO Bukit Bintang. Fyi, WOLO Bukit Bintang is a boutique hotel. Another easier way to locate is to look across the road from H&M Lot 10. You can't miss the really huge glass wall and TOUS les JOURS signage. Due to the construction going on in between, I couldn't get a good view photo of it. So, you'll just have to be there, right at the scene, to see it. Mezzanine Floor was closed during our visit. I was expecting to be greeted by a distinct patisserie aroma when I walked in the front door. Instead, what has taken me aback was the tranquil atmosphere even though being situated within the Golden Triangle. It's kinda a feeling you get when travelled from a hustle bustle city to a cozy, rustic cottage in a speed of light. However, I still have to mention that the interior is more of an English style (those red bricks wall) rather than a French style. Am I wrong, or isn't it supposed to be a French-inspired? Anyway, the capacious space with great natural lighting is earning some great big points there, which means you can effortlessly capture great photos during the golden hour. The pastries were used to be perfectly set out on the display counter to tempt the desirous customers. Disappointingly, they're all now in plastic cases, I guess, by the reason of hygienic. Still, I can see that the flaky, shiny layer of the croissants could just make anyone of us to really wanna sink our teeth into them to test out their fluffiness! Same goes to the various kinds of Danish pastries, arranged according to their respective toppings. I couldn't make a decision on which to pick at that time because I just want to try them all! Couldn't they make each of those in bite-size? 😭 Happiness is seeing cakes in the display fridge. Nonetheless, I will only try out cakes from specialized cake store for I don't want to face any disappointment with dry, hard cakes. CLOCKWISE: Apple Crumb Danish 4.6 // Macadamia Chocolate Blanc 3.9 // Creamy Pillow 5.9 Banana and Ricotta Cheese French Toast (2 pcs) 16.9 After making the rounds of display counters, these were what we've picked as our brunch for the day - 1 bread, 2 pastries, and 1 dine-in menu. In the first place, TLJ Egg Benedict topped our to-try list because of its hollandaise sauce, an emulsion of egg yolk and liquid butter. On the second thought, french toast seemed to be a better choice, what's more when brioche bread is used. We didn't order any beverages but asked for a cup of warm water instead. Without further ado, we made a beeline to the Parisian-style cafe seating to match the whole feel! My first impression on the Banana and Ricotta Cheese French Toast was "not even a banana? 3/4 banana, like seriously? 😶" Okay, maybe for aesthetic reason. It does look presentable. Other than that, I got nothing to complain. Apple crumble took me by surprise on the very first time I tried it. It was a cake. From that day onwards, I ought to try an apple crumble dish whenever it's in the menu. Both toppings of the Creamy Pillow and the Apple Crumble Danish tasted good, but the pastry was a lil' chewy. The Macadamia Chocolate Blanc doesn't look good, right? I have no idea why we even opted for it. But, don't be fooled by its appearance. It has hidden gem (whole nut) inside! From what I felt inside my mouth, it isn't the size of a macadamia. Something bigger like walnut...and tasted like walnut. Now this is weird. Still, I didn't regret over our choice.Luckily, we weren't greedy to get more than that for what we've ordered was just nice as 2 portions. The overall experience to brunch there was admirable. A right place to chill out, catch up, and enjoy life - try imagining yourself in Paris while seating at the place I mentioned previously (there's actually a hook under the table for your bag and stuff) and observing passersby. With a price range of MYR 2++ to MYR 10++ (excluding beverages and dine-in menu), I would say it's quite reasonable if the venue and label are taken into consideration. Even a piece of bread from any smaller bakery can cost you MYR 3++. And so forth, the total bill was MYR 31.30 BUT we only paid MYR 1.30 on the spot! Here's why (click before 24th Jan 2017). When we're about to leave... was she thinking of stealing the baguette or hitting me with it? 😂 Comment down below and let me know if you've been to Tous les Jours, what you'd tried during your visit, is it something I haven't try or is it only being served at certain outlet. I would love to know and give it a try next time around. Or if you're just like me, a going-to-be-first-timer, let me know if this post has helped you out, if not, you can ask me anything anytime. Just comment down below!Tous les Jours WOLO Bukit Bintang126A-C, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala LumpurTel : +603-4065 0088Opening Hours :7.30am - 12am (Weekdays)7.30am - 1am (Weekends & Public Holidays)FB // IG continue reading
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Level2 2016-04-08
Tous les Jours is a japanese french themed bakery shop. Cakes and pastry always my favourite. Having a slice of cake, a pastry and a cup of coffee just the perfect idea in the morning. The interior design is awesome. continue reading
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Level3 2016-01-31
Well WOLO is actually a hotel which i just know it last year (so lame!) and Tous Les Jours is a cafe beside it. First thing first, i am really in love with the interior, look exclusive in different angle. They also have some different decoration upstairs. I don't know that a bakery shop can be this big and exclusive! I have been here a couple of times but this time around i was with my bosses (who can say no to free food right? hehe) . I'm sorry i was not able to take pictures of most of the food as you know, it will be awkward for me to do so -.-"  . Most of them ordered salmon sandwich and pastries. As for me, i ordered the salmon sadwich and dessert! (i was able to take a picture for my strawberry trifle) . I can say my bosses are quite healthy, looking at them eating salmon and salad, makes me wanna diet too (but after my dessert of course) . The salmon sandwich was ok but the salmon was quite raw. I was not able to finish it all tho. But! i was able to finished my strawberry trifle! haha. The trifle was too sweet but because the portion is small, i managed to finished it. I did not try the pastries tho because i was quite shy lol. I tasted it before and most of the pastries are good. Try to look for pastries that left only one or two, that will help you to choose some good pastries (i usually do that when there are too many to choose from).Oh well, when you are with your bosses, you will not be able to have long lunch hour. So we had some topics here and there then went off to the office straight away. Overall: excellent interior, a lot to choose from for pastries. continue reading
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Tous Les Jours origin from Korea. It is a French inspired Korean bakery. They provide different kinds of breads, pastries, cakes and beverages. This is their first branch in Malaysia.2 storey buildings with simple decorations. When you enter the cafe shop, you can smell the bakery and coffee fragrance. The place is spacious and suitable for groups. Woody furnitures brings out the cozy and relax feels.I have been there for at least 3 to 5 times because there is so much to discover about their bakery stuffs! And here it is~Dark Cherry Danish. Sweet and buttery taste. But I’m not very crazy about it.Raspberry Cheese Cake. Raspberries were coated with honey. Creamy and smooth cheesecake! Recommended!Strawberry Cheese Mousse Cake. This is delicious~ Creamy and smooth mousse. Strawberry is coated with honey which is sweet but not sour. On the right is the Red Velvet Cake. Rich in creamcheese taste and soft and moist red velvet cake. Yummy!1) Curry Bun combination of spice and dough. I hope they can increase some spiciness of the curry so it won’t taste pale.2)Strawberry Mousse Cake. Creamy and smooth mousse but the strawberry is too sour. I wish they can coated it with honey to decrease the sourness.3) Blueberry Mousse Cake. Creamy and smooth mousse. Yummy~ More berries please~~~4) Devil’s Food Cake. Rich chocolate taste! Sadly, it was too dry. I wish for a moist and rich choco cake. ^^5) Korean Twisted Donut. Instead of other donuts, Korea create their own twisted donut. Sugar glazed around the chewy donut help enhancing the taste. I really love this compare to others donut.6)Peach Danish. Not too sweet with buttery and cheesy taste. Like it!7) Pizza Toast. Least favor because I can’t taste the tomatoes base. I wish the tomatoes is spread thoroughly to the edge of the bread. ^_^8)Tiramisu. Creamy and smooth but lack of coffee taste. But I still like it~Before I forgot, their macaroons are nice! Crunchy and not too Sweet~Overall, their pastries are good. They still have room for improvement. I really love their breads! Oh! They do serve coffee which is not bad to try! And the price for bakery stuff and coffee are acceptable~Ambiance: 7/10Price: 6.5/10Food: 6.5/10Verdict: Pretty dessert and pastries which taste good! continue reading
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Level3 2015-09-13
What is better then having a nice dessert time with your friends after a dinner. If you are in Bukit Bintang area, Tous Les Jours will most probably capture your attention as the interior is nicely decorated and making it very comfortable for chit-chating. To make a little changes, I did ordered a power juice which is a mixture of orange,carrot and apple. On the first sip, I'm amaze as the juice is very fresh. No water and sugar added. When you are here, you will sure to order some cakes, we havechocolate, red velvet and raspberry cheesecakeI am a little dissapointed with the cake as it not fresh. The cake texture is very dry and the ganache is very sweet. The best is Raspberry Cheesecake. The texture is very creamy. The pairing between the cheese and raspberry is awesome. Worth Trying continue reading
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