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Review (13)
Level1 2018-12-17
Great choice for vegetarian. Their food is taste good and the price is reasonable. 100% would go again.Recommend for all of you, coming Chinese New Year sure I will have gathering dinner with all my family members at together vegetarian restaurant. continue reading
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Level2 2013-05-02
A brisk from the busy road and situated along the row of shop lots, many would assume that this place is just another rather ordinary restaurant due to its humble setting which one would wonder why the simplicity as the reason is pretty simple, being together. Many would appreciate the calm environment for a decent dinner moment. However the unique element that makes this restaurant lays in its dishes and ingredients.Given the uniqueness of the item during the game, our participant were able to guess a partial of the food fed. Dubbed as Crispy Cuttle Fish, the method of making this dish is relatively simple (Or so we were told). The outer layer is fried while retaining the soft content within the battered cuttle fish (vegetarian). According to the restaurateur, Ms. Susan, the dish is the brainchild of the chef, Master Liang which has been in the industry for well over 20 years and that makes him a veteran in the culinary field.The dining begins with the entrée of the soup, Shark Fin Soup with crab meat. Initial glance would probably deceive many, however its strong aroma of the Chinese herbs will bring the senses back. The key ingredient would be its mushroom and the fin alike substitute which makes as real as it gets. In the likeness towards the real thing, the strong Chinese herbs had masked all taste which makes a thick concentrated soup with many ingredients, rather than the intended shark fin soup.While the soup had kept the tummy warm and kicking up the appetite, we were drawn to a platter of golden bars which pique much interest towards it. Claiming the simple, Fried Beancurd with fresh mushroom, the dish wasn’t simple as the fried beancurd is combination of mixed soy beans and egg, battered together which then steamed to give it solid mass. The steamed beancurd is then tossed into the frying pan, right after dousing It with flour. With the effort, comes the result of crispy outer crust and soft in the inside which is just perfect. The vegetable and mushroom with the thick sauce is then placed on top of the fried beancurd.While the dishes are mushrooming, we are served with another dish named Butter Abalone Mushroom. The restaurant had actually practice not using vegetarian byproduct which usually comprised of many preservatives, flour and chemical binders with additives to enhance the flavours. Hence most of its ingredients is gotten fresh and mainly would be its mushroom. On the first bite on the butter mushroom, gives soft but yet crispy texture along with its butter aroma that entices the mouth for more. The curry leaves is fried along to give a little spice which makes the taste unique as it closely resembles butter salted egg battered. It would definitely make a great finger food for those nights of late night snacking.With that much of chomping down, it was time to bring down a notch. Coming in hot and in red is the Red Enzyme with Mushroom and yes, enzyme. This molten hot pot is filled with ingredients to keep the body warm as the ginger infused red enzyme gives it a slight pungent taste which is similar to the drunken rice wine chicken. Every sip tempts another sip but brought to a halt on the strong ginger after taste. It comes with variants ingredients that comprise of abalone mushroom, the soy fuchuk makes up for the chicken and it would definite give a mouth full.Serving next up is the Curry Mutton and the curry aroma is just fantastic. They cooked the curry along with all the key ingredients that makes a curry. Lemongrass, curry leafs, and spices which makes up the taste similar to the curry mutton with the exception of the mutton. The fuchuk is used to substitute the mutton. The dish is also served with bread that is usually served along with crabs. The spicyness was just right and acceptable.Well we weren’t off the hook with spicy dishes as came next was the Assam Fish. The generous amount of assam had gave its namesake justice as the taste is sourish with a slight hint of sweetness. The fish is soy based.The last item on the menu, Spinach in Herbal Sauce was served. The spinach is picked fresh from the market which is said to be free of sediments (Normally we would encounter small amount of sediments). The serving with the herbal sauce is ingenious and unique. The herbal sauce is comprised of Chinese herbs, goji berry and dong guai. The herbal sauce is close equivalent to the normal Chinese herbal soup which makes every sip tempts another.With that, we had concluded the dining experience. Special thanks to OpenRice and Together Restaurant for the dining experience. It is recommended as they have wide selection of dishes and also does catering for functions including wedding dinners. Their ingenious method and ingredients usage that distant them apart of some places that uses much of the vegetarian byproduct. Till the next dine out. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-04-23
Without me realizing, yesterday was Earth Day! Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April annually, and with such great celebration, what have you done to contribute back to planet earth? If you're not creative person like me but would still love to do something to make the world a better place, why not go Vegetarian on this special occasion next year? Or if you have strong will you can go green every once a week. The number of vegetarian restaurant within KV has indeed increased as compare to the past and it is also a good sign to indicate that more people is aware that we need to do something to save the world. Beside being a hero, it is also for the better health for our own.Together Vegetarian Restaurant is one of the place where you get not only meatless dishes, but also dishes that uses less flour based ingredient. Many had the impression that going vegetarian means consuming more flour, which really depend on your choice while ordering. Anyway was invited by OpenRice.com to an exclusive food review at Together Vegetarian Restaurant (Puchong branch).The restaurant offer a quiet and relaxing dining environment where you could really take your sweet time after a hectic rush from work and outside pressure. Theme wise there aren't much focus on that but just so you know, Together Vegetarian Restaurant do cater to wedding dinner and buffet catering at your designated location.Shark's Fin Soup with Crab MeatWithout delaying much, here's the first dish we had for the night, Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat. Without informing, one might not even know this is vegetarian as it really assemble the real deal. It even have a similar taste to it simply because shark fin itself is tasteless and it is the soup that gave the strong flavour. It was as good as you've expect it to be. Thumbs up for the Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat. It has a thick and sticky texture. It too had a strong presence of herbal soup but if herbal isn't your cup of tea, you can always add in some vinegar to boost up the taste.Fried Beancurd with Fresh MushroomMoving on to the Fried Beancurd with Fresh Mushroom, it was indeed drooling dish with specially made tofu that is soft on the inside, and fragrantly sweet on the outside. Its soft texture of the tofu taste really good all by itself and would definitely go for more.Butter Abalone Mushroom As sinful as it look, the Butter Abalone Mushroom offered a strong aromatic smell while served. It was deep fried with in-house specialty together with butter and curry leaf that gave it an extra strong flavour to it. Crispy as it get, the dish got snap up almost instantly upon being placed on the table, you can imagine how good it is.Red Enzyme with MushroomThe Red Enzyme with Mushroom is a dish where either you love it or your can't accept the strong enzyme taste of it. For me the enzyme taste is pretty strong till a point where all I can taste is nothing but enzyme only. It wasn't something within my preference but don't let that stop you from trying because enzyme benefits your health.Asam FishAsam Fish as you may guess it, has a rather sour taste. The dish was pretty spicy too but the ingredient used to replace the fish was pretty soft and tender. One of the highlight I was looking forward was the Curry Mutton with Bread. I could easily survive with nothing but just bread and curry, they are always the best married couple. The rendang like gravy is pretty thick and tasty but surprisingly wasn't spicy to my preference. The bun was slightly fried to have that crispy skin leaving the inner part fragrantly soft. Mushroom is used to replace the mutton of course and it was pretty hard to chew on.Spinach in Herbal SauceWhether you're on a vegetarian day or not, you shouldn't forget the green vegetable. Spinach according to my understanding required alot of effort. A simple dish as such may look easy but the effort took to prepare one has to be very hectic. Thus kudos to Together Vegetarian Restaurant for not only serving spinach in its menu, but also serving it with a twist. I love how they mix herbal sauce to a simple dish giving that extra and unique flavour to it. Double thumbs up!Sweet & Sour Fried SquidToward the end of the dining experience, we had surprise dish the sweet and sour fried squid. It was actually needle mushroom wrapped with a layer of dumpling skin, then another round with seaweed, deep fried and serves with sweet and sour sauce. The crispy crunch at the tip of the mushroom is delightful whereas the sauce gave in some extra flavour. There is also the presence of sesame but was easily overwhelm by the seaweed. continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-19
Spinach in herbal sauce served with vegetarian ham and wolfberries, a simple yet healthy dish that is a must order item, at the same time give a balanced diet in our meal. The texture of vegetable was soft enough, in a good way for easy consumption. The morsels of wolfberries were sweet and pleasant to chew on. The herbal taste in soup was just right, with a little thicker consistency than the usual spinach in soup served in Chinese restaurants. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2013-04-17
It was indeed a fun night with the youngsters. The restaurant environment is family type dining. Eight dishes were tested. I found the Curry Mutton with Bread most tasty. Together with a bowl of rice and Chinese tea, one is expected to spend about RM18 per person which is good value. The details reviews are as follow:1. Shark's Fin Soup with Crab MeatQuite ordinary. Make sure you add in drops of black vinegar and it will then taste like authentic shark's fin soup!2. Red Enzyme with MushroomMonkey mushroom is used. It has a meaty taste. The sauce is sweet and tangy sour. Interesting dish to try.3.Asam FishAsam taste is obvious. The seaweed used to mimic the fish skin gives it a slight fish taste.4.Butter Abalone MushroomA glass of beer or wine will be good for this dish. The fried mushrooms look like fried frog legs. They are crispy, aromatic and a little powdery. It also remind me of Fried Butter Prawn.5.Fried Bean Curd with Fresh MushroomThe tofu is home-made Japanese style and the mushroom is Lingzhi Mushroom. I like the tofu which is crispy on the outside but soft and smooth inside. The sauce taste like oyster sauce.6.Curry Mutton with Bread.I would certainly recommend this dish. For a moment, you would think you are eating real curry mutton but minus the fats! The curry powder is excellent. It is very aromatic.7.Spinach in Herbal SauceWolfberry is used to fried with spinach which lends it a sweetish taste. The spinach is very fresh. The sauce tasted herbal with a hint of tongkwei.8.Fried SquidsThis is their signature dish! It is really quite good. The vege ham, seaweed and golden needle mushrooms folded in making it looks and tasted like squid! Should try this! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)