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Review (2)
Level3 2016-01-13
It was quite some time back since we visited this little cafe. But to our surprise, it was so quiet even on a Saturday night.It is highly advisable to come with companions as the parking lot is pretty deserted, especially for girls.Since it was after dinner, we didn't order any of their mains. We had desserts instead. We tried their green tea, iced latte as well as ice creams!They no longer serve The Last Polka ice cream though. It is the Cielo Dolci and it was a huge let down. The Rum and Raisin was the worst we ever had. In fact, one of my friend actually thinks that it smells like antibiotic. We had the peppermint chocolate as well. It was fine but we prefer The Last Polka anytime over this brand. As for the green tea, it was one of the premium selection. Hence it was perfect to help digest our oily stir fried dinner that we had earlier on. The after taste of every sip leaves a fragrant tea leaves taste in our mouth, very much to our liking.When we head to the loo, we actually passed by their bean roasting place. It was quite interesting to witness them staffs working on roasting the beans. Another eye opener for us. continue reading
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Level3 2015-10-06
My friend is a coffee lover so she invited all of us for some coffee at this place called three little bird Coffee. The location is quite difficult to find (but hey!all hipster cafe located at the least famous location) because the cafe is actually in a office building. At the end, we found the cafe and the parking was quite scary. Lucky i bring an army of friends that time during the night.They said during the day the cafe is more lively. So it was our girls night out and we plan to stay there and talk nonsense. Typical coffee shop will only serve you coffee and some sweet stuff. This cafe is only suitable for hi-tea and breakfast.That night the first that caught our attention was the ice cream. They have different type of flavors such as horlick, dark chocolate, salted gula melaka and nutella (my fav!). So 6 of us ordered this ice cream that cost around RM8 per ice cream but for nutella it cost RM10 (expensive? yes,but definitely worth the try). We enjoyed the last polka ice cream.As for the coffee, my friends ordered mocha (RM13) and affogato(RM14) and as for me, of course the hot chocolate hehe. My coffee lover friend said the coffee was nice. Mocha is better than affogato. The taste of the coffee was strong, definitely will make you stay up the whole night. The environment there is very quite (at night) and a place where you can enjoy your coffee with your firends or beloved one. At night, the pictures we were taking was not so good, so we prefer to come again during the day but knowing everyone is working, we couldn't find the time. Oh well, there you go! a simple write up while having a boring day at work. Overall: lively environment during the day, good coffee and ice-cream but a bit expensive continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)