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Carpetbag Steak Surf & Turf New Zealand Lamb Rack Black Cod Fillet T-bone Steak Oven Roasted Half Chicken
Review (15)
Level3 2014-08-08
Always wanted to try this place and finally did with Amex's 50% off promotion. Started off with their fresh oysters and escargots. No complaints there except perhaps more seasoning on the escargots. The highlight obviously being the steak. The aged tenderloin came just as ordered with decent sides. The wine sauce suited the steak well however I preferred their seasoned sea salts more. Goes very well with the yummy steak. Capped the night with their free scoop of home made ice cream which was delicious.Service is a bit of a let down considering it is meant to be a upmarket dining sort of place. Took awhile to get the waiter's attention. They are friendly however should be more prompt and alert.Environment is rather noisy being a small place and it is located next to their whiskey bar. However it suits a steak house so no complaints. Don't expect a nice quiet romantic outing here.Price is rather on the high side. Yes quality is there but based on portion size I think it should be slightly lower. If not for the 50% off promotion I wouldn't have stepped in. Would love to come back but will wait for another promotion. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-04
A real classic Italian beef dish, this is a good alternative for when you sort of want steak, but you don't really want steak. The veal is super duper tender, soft, and juicy. It has that very strong smell which may or may not take well to certain people. For marrow fans, there's a hidden stash in the bones, too.Saffron risoto was aromatic, and just the right balance of wetness. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2013-10-01
Changkat Bukit Bintang is an enclave all-too familiar to KL city-dwellers, tourists and food afficionados alike.Though more commonly recognized and famed as an upbeat bar street where nightlife sees no daylight, Changkat has also carved a name for its exquisite dining outlets and fine choices of international cuisines.When we sat down, the waiter opened a bottle of mineral water and poured it into our glasses, before gently placing a napkin onto our laps very courteously.He soon returned with a basket of The Steakhouse KL's own complimentary house bread and butter.It was very soft, fluffy with a light, herb aftertaste. yes Lovely, but I would have prefered it to be served warm!The dining lounge area boasted a very rustic atmosphere enhanced by soft, sombre luminaires. The arches were reminiscent of a traditional European tavern. Dimly lit, a chandelier hung from above and wall lighting which resembled street lamps flanked each column. It also had a fair share of traditional bare brick-walls, exposed beams as well as ornaments of classic, whiskey pin-ups and dark walnut wood surfaces complemented by a similar dark, leather upholstery.The al-fresco dining area utilized wooden wicker chairs and bare tables for a more casual, outdoor feel.Our meals arrived before we knew it; leaving no room for us to be kept waiting.EscargotAs a dish known for its acquired taste and indulgence, these baked snails with garlic herb butter was a sure winner in my books. The escargots came in a hot plate and were presented still in their shells. Caution: Hot!I loved its charred and smoky flavor, enhanced by the sharpness of the cheese and the piquancy of the herbs.I know making snails edible require lots of work. Toxins have to be purged, shells are to be cleaned thoroughlyThe Steakhouse KL did a marvellous job! Thumbs up. French Onion SoupThis soup, I swear, is unlike, I repeat: UNLIKE the French Onion soups I've ever tasted in my life!Nevermind French Onions, it is unlike ANY OTHER soup. It doesn't even look like soup, but pot pie sans its crust.This was the first French Onion soup I've had that stuck close to its 18th century French roots, as it was traditionally topped with baked cheese and croutons. yes This "soup", baked with two different types of Swiss cheese – gruyere and emmental cheese – was thick, decadent and extremely flavourful. Some may find it too cheesy, too thick and chunky. I may not disagree, but then again,I'm certainly not going to slam the merits of its fine originality and the uniqueness of the soup in itself! This bowl contained explosive flavours of sweet and tangy french onion, tantalizing each and everyone of your tastebuds the moment you indulge in so much as a mere spoonful. yesMining through it was like a treasure hunt, for I found caramalized onions aplenty hidden at the bottom and as you can see, this soup was laden with croutons as well. This soup was undeniably filling too, and those tasty croutons soaked in the flavours of this soup? No crouton was left untouched winkMains: Grilled Black Cod FishIt was well-presented, with good colour combination and, despite the flowing juices, boasted a clean arrangement.The black cod was grilled and lightly charred around its sides and skin.The fish was very tender and warm inside, bordering it was a yummy, crispy skin.It was served with sides of baby spuds, mushrooms, baby tomatos, chili flakes (underneath) and garnished with parsley. The creamy wasabi pesto sauce gave this fillet of perfection an extra zest too! yesCooked to the most accurate time and temperature, the flesh of this black cod was tender and gently came apart section by section.24oz./750gm T-Bone Steak – cooked medium rare For all of their Chilled Australian Grain Fed beef, the steaks are served with a side of grilled vegetables, a choice of sauce and a choice of potato.Sauces: black pepper, red wine, mushroom, BBQ or Béarnaise sauce. Potatoes: french fries, mashed potato or sauteed potato.When asked for our preference, we opted for the latter for both choices.The steak was divine! It was huge slab of Australian T-bone; very tender and juicy, still pinkish towards the middle and almost bloody right in the centre – the perfect embodiment of a medium rare steak. yesIt was firm on the outer surface, with its sides well-browned and the top and bottom part of the steak charred to crisp, dark brown.The steaks at The Steakhouse KL are all charcoal grilled on the open fire! yeThough I usually prefer my steaks medium well to well done (not quite the fan of blue, raw cuts and anything close to it), this steak got my date whirring with culinary delight. smileyStill, I had a quarter of it and loved it nonetheless!Andreas Special – A Dream in ChocolateThis fantastic dessert comes in an excellent combination of tastes and sweetness.yesIt consisted of white chocolate ice cream, milky chocolate mousse, chocolate syrup, banana in passion fruit, and pear in red wine.Carefully arranged layer by layer and presented in a glass, Andreas Special tasts just as good as it looks.Classic Italian TiramisuIts presentation intrigued me. Not only did it not come presented still in glassware, as do most tiramisus I've had, this one came neither in a cube form but in a shape of sphere.This piquant coffee-flavoured dessert came garnished with strawberries and drizzled with mango sauce, and tasted molto buono! The Italians would be proud yes? I had a brilliant dining experience at The Steakhouse KL that Tuesday night. heartShall be back to try their Deluxe Chilled Seafood Mountain, BBQ Short Ribs, Shanks andRoulades some time soon, as I was not able to stomach anymore that night! continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-26
The Steakhouse is located at Bukit Bintang. It is a restaurant that offers different types of set dishes. The environment there is perfect for lunch or dinner with friends or family. It is very comfortable for dine in. I had tried Oyster served by The Steakhouse. It is a must try, it is just perfect to eat raw and fresh oyster. Five star for this dish as it is very tasty and delicious. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-20
The signature from The Steakhouse will be definite the Steak and here they offer two variant of steaks which is the Aged Black Angus or Chilled Australian Grained Fed. There are five cuts to choose from ranging from medaillion, tenderloin, rib-eye, T-bone and striploin. Since Jerry ordered the beef, I tried a small slice of it and it is sinfully delicious and each bites is heavenly where the meat is succulent and also juicy. continue reading
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