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Level4 2015-09-18
It is kind of crazy to think that this establishment has been standing for over three decades and still doing pretty well. On good days their restaurants are filled to the brim and one would need to wait in order to be able to dine within their nautically designed restaurant. On good days, they have incredibly staff that are friendly and attentive. However there are times when the place is rather busy, they would be a little less accomodating but would often provide sub-par services like forgetting to refill our water or even forgetting an order or two. Though they are usually better than that and I have had more pleasant dining services than bad ones. So for my sister's birthday, the Ship was automatically the first pick to dine at as it's one of my family's favourite place to get some good but affordable steaks.For starters, we ordered half a dozen their Escargot Bourginnone. Don't be surprised if the shells arrive slightly broken because.... I presume that it's been used many times over after being heavily washed. As the many times we have eaten this dish before, the sauce is always garlicky and creamy which is one of the best escargot sauce that I've tried. Honestly would prefer this kind of sauce over the regular butter baked kind. Especially since the warm complimentry bread is the perfect medium to use and soak up all the remaining sauce.Now for our main course and always a must order is their Black Pepper Steak cooked to a preferred medium rare. Every time we request for our steak's temperature, it is on point and never missed the mark before. As always this arrives with a side of thick cut fries and steamed vegetables. The greens are nothing to shout about but the potatoes are perfect to dip in the black pepper sauce, soaking up every bit of it. But the main star which is the grilled steak is always nice and juicy. Plus the sauce is always sharp with black pepper flavour that packs a good punch. One of my absolute favourite thing to order is their Garlic Steak Parisienne. Which translates to a nice thick slab of steak smothered in really rich garlic sauce and cooked to a perfect medium rare. The sides again are always the same and I usually can't be bothered with it. But once again, I would lap up all the remaining sauce (if there is any) with the freshly fried fries. As always the thick cut of steak is always cooked to how I asked it to be, perfectly medium rare. There is rarely ever any bits of fats that comes with the meat unlike some other places and to finish one entirely is very filling so it's nice to know that they have not depreciated their quality in order to gain a few more bucks.A sentimental place this is for my family, so it's no surprise that we'll be visiting this restaurant again when we are in the mood for some good and affordable steak. continue reading
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Level1 2014-12-17
It's been a long time since my last visit to this branch. My last visit were while I was still dating my wife. My daughter is 9 years old now. Ok, back to the issue at hand.All the waiter are foreigners. Never mind that. The service was POOR. 4 of us were seated, but they only brought 3 slice of bun. I asked for a 4th but it never came. The main course were 😔 sad. I ordered premium lamb chop but got a few piece of lamb laden with tendon. The taste were good but not great. In short, only 75% were edible. Wife ordered spring chicken but got a pigeon I think. Come on, I am no spring chicken when it comes to spring chicken but the meal were nothing short of deplorable.Daughter ordered fish and chips. And we got a very normal fish and chips. The garlic toast was the last straw. I would expect proper fresh bake french toast for the price they were charging but got Gardenia. I was like "what the...". Gardenia garlic toast in a steak house?In terms of service, I finished my "water" and left it at the table side. There wasn't many customers and the waiter passed my table a few times. And you know what? No refill until I have to point out to my glass and ask. I paid and left, and vow never to return again... continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-06
Although the price in the menu is quite expensive but the meal that they serve were in a large portion - i had ordered this chicken marryland- where i regret to order this as it was fried dry without any sauce besides that the portion that they serve were in a large one , where i can only manage to finish half of it, luckily my boyfriend help me to finish the other half if not it would be a waste.This dish come a long with some side dished like tomato, corn fries and salad. the chicken were just normal nothing special about it.if i were to rate this i would probably give 8/10 continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-03
the ship is long establish here and i do like their western food especially this salmon grilled and not too dry just nice to have it for dinner. the french fries is given on top of it dish really taste so good. portion is very generous and price is cheaper also. quality of food is still remain good and i think this place is still can be consider good and can come here for annivesary perhaps continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-08-06
The Ship应该可以称得上是一间很高级的餐馆。。单凭设计就已经可以察觉到这里是有分量的。。当我第一次来到时,还的确被吓了一跳。。就连制服都是水手服。。未免太认真了吧。。不过这也是我欣赏之一。。当然,食物也很好吃。。是一个佳选。。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)