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Level4 2014-02-24
At one glance, you might get yourself confused as if you have been transported to some places in China, that is rich in Chinese dynasty culture. The enormous and brightly lit up architecture build of The Royal Flush that resembles those Chinese ancient palace, does exude the feel of majestic reign with the quintessential bilateral symmetry design. Upon entrance, you are also bound to awestruck by the many crafted antiques displays, nicely arranged at the rack. Same goes to the chic and elegant dining environment.Sorta warming us up in the air-conditioned room is the “Cha Wang” tea a.k.a King of Tea. It is one of the premium tea range that allows you to enjoy a mellow and smooth mouthfeel that boost rejuvenation especially for a tired soul. Looks dainty when served in the exquisite ceramic. Soon the night kicks off with the iconic dish, Royal Flush Salmon with Yee Sang.The resulted blending is actually quite nice and appetizing, with the crispness from the greens and crackers.After the light moment, comes the Double Boiled Top Shell with Ginseng Root. Just one sip is what it tastes to get testified as a good bowl of nourishing soup. Clear and flavorful, along with the chewy bites of top shell with the captivating ginseng hints. Awesome! Next we have the Steamed Kampung Chicken with Dried Scallops. Finally, I get to taste some healthy meat in this urban city. The meat of the free range fowl is very tender, nicely steamed with the sweetness of dried scallops. Making its appearance shortly is the Steamed Dragon Garoupa Fish with Superior Soy Sauce. My all-time favourite dish, for an avid fish-lover. Fish flesh is sparkling fresh, juicy and sweet. Seafood fan would be thrill when greeting this plate of Fried Prawn with Batter Sauce. Big and juicy prawns are being lightly fried earlier on, before smothered with creamy sauce that looks like butter sauce to me in fact. After taking a taste of it, apparently there is not much of buttery tinge, but rather plain yellow sauce. I would enjoy this dish more if some curry leaves are added to it to inject some spice aroma, and some more butter to make it further smoother. So worry not as it is not that terribly sinful Joining us on the round table up next is the Sea Cucumber Seasonal Vegetable with Abalone Sauce. This is one of the must-have menu during CNY as a symbol or luxury and wealth. Dish arrived appealingly with succulently braised sea cucumber, dried oyster (“Hou Si”) and spring fish maw. Subsequently, the significant lunar dish makes its presence; Lotus Leaf Waxed Meat Rice. This plate consists of several types of preserved meats that includes minced meat sausages and also duck meat. To round up the wonderful dinner, Creamy Mango Sago and Osmanthus Cake would be ideal to complete the night on a sweet note.For more foodie pic rolls, feel free to drop by :http://lwinlee.blogspot.com/2014/02/chinese-new-year-dinner-royal-flush.htmlCheers! continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-06
The Royal Flush is another creation of the famous pub chain Tom, Dick & Harry’s, with the continuous success of other business which is Hoofed, as well as Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock Kopitiam. The Chinese restaurant- The Royal Flush is simply beautiful and the restaurant gives a feel of the Forbidden City in Oasis.We also have the Cucumber with cashew nut and meat floss on top. The dish brings the crunchy taste from the cucumber with the cashew nuts while the meat floss is simply well done which is just lovely as well. The combination is well mixed together and the taste is delicious as well. continue reading
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When my sis approached me and asked whether will I be interested in having dinner at Royal Flush, I nodded in happiness as I have seen so many photos of this traditionally designed Chinese restaurant. Resembling chinese shrine or imperial palace, the price of dining here is rather "royal" too, but thanks to Groupon we get to dine at a more affordable rate. Going against the usual norm of overlooking how spacious a restaurant is upon entering, all we saw was these giant vases which were located exactly in front of the main doors. Not sure which part of Feng Shui to cause such arrangement, but I doubt that any patron would be happy if they were to bump into that vases. Royal Flush Chicken (Pan-fried chicken sprinkled with seaweed)Top that again with crispy and salty dried shrimps. Quite a special combination to call for Royal Flush signature dish.Hong Kong Style Steamed PatinThough the sauce was good, this dish has lacked 2 keys to perfect steamed fish: fresh fish and good timing. What a waste to this Patin fish. My favourite dish of that night; silky smooth tofu being deep-fried and braised in the sea of dried scallops, top shell, and mushroom. No particular name in the menu so I would like to name it "Kopiko", the coffee candy because it tasted exactly like one. Royal Flush managed to surprise us with this dessert that doesn't seem to tally with the imperial impression that it is trying to build.Total damage was RM240 for 6 pax (after 60% discount). I wouldn't come back at a full price of RM100 per pax for the same food. In fact, I'd rather spend my money elsewhere. continue reading
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This can be considered a fine dining Chinese Restaurant. When you reached asis Square, you will be attracted by the pool and fountain outside the restaurant. Their door at the entrance is really grand, similar like the door of Chinese Palace. The interior design is really grand, modern but still keep some Chinese traditional taste. The Steam Cod Fish(RM319) that I ordered is really fresh, the meat is very soft. It is so delicious when eat together with their special soy sauce. I think this is the most expensive fish that i ever ordered in a restaurant. Although considering in the quality of food and the nice environment, i still think the food is expensive, that's why i put it as fine dining category. The waiters here are very friendly and well trained. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-29
Grilled Scallop Bacon is a twist of the western Chinese version of pig in the blanket. This is where instead of wrapping the sausage around the bacon; you will get a huge scallop beneath the bacon. The dish is simply good where it is topped with a light yakitori sauce with it that gives a great blend. It is then furnished with the tip of green colored sauce which is the mint and mustard sauce combination. continue reading
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