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Level1 2013-12-26
Just wanted to inform you about a restaurant The Palazzo 24/12/2014 for Christmas dinner, did make a reservation, take note but still fail to do it. Me and my friends order 2 Christmas Turkey and 2 Minty & a Little Lamb, however, 2 turkey and 1 lamb came. So, I am waiting for mine and when my Minty & a Little Lamb came, it was super salty, not only that, all the food is cold. You are charging price of a gold and serving customers rubbish. I went and inform one of the staff, the staff just keep ask me to wait, when I am seeking for other option, he just walk off. My friend help me voice out and they gave us non sense excuses. End up we pay the bill but they do not accept credit card payment, so my friend went and withdraw money while me and others are waiting at the cashier counter. Then, the staff ask the cashier "did he pay the bill?", when I heard this, i turn around and asked, "Are you guys afraid we won't pay the bill?", then the cashier just reply "He is just curious". After that, we paid and leave the place continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-19
今天又来到这间餐馆享用我们的晚餐,这里的待应看到到我们走进来已是很熟悉的把我们请坐下,首先我们点了这里的楠瓜汤,之前喝过的楠瓜汤是没有放上任何东西,这次有了新改变,汤里放了少许面包粒,当你喝汤的同时也可以吃到面包粒的口感,汤的浓香味道还是保留不变,和上次我们享用的一样,你可以吃到有楠瓜和胡椒的清香味道,感觉蛮好。 我们也点上这道炒饭 (Fried Rice with Tobiko), 炒饭上扑上一些鱼子蛋,当你吃进嘴巴有种很特别的感觉,至于炒饭呢就不是很特别,就好像我们平时所吃的杨州炒饭一样,只是多了些鱼子蛋和饭一起吃,整体上炒饭的味道也很好吃,很香,也是蛮不错。 这道是烟鸭(Smoke Duck), 味道也是很好,如果只是空口吃的话,我个人觉得会咸了些,我们把它和炒饭一起配吃,效果和味道非常的好,没吃过的你也不妨试试。 continue reading
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Hiding at the back of main road, the Palazzo sit quietly, remain unnoticed until the day i am invited to participate in MakanVenture event. Served Western cuisine and a number of low to mid range wines, the restaurant is decorated fully focusing on bringing out the modern western gourmet atmosphere, armed with relaxing English musical, it is definitely a good place to relax while shaking the glass with red wine. We are also informed by the restaurant owner prior to the start of the event that every rainy day, there will be 30% discount for all dishes, i guess it is crowd puller during rainy days as most restaurant might be empty during rainy day. The first dish to arrive, Pumpkin soup. I am quite impress with the rich and thickness of the soup. Probably one of the best tasted in Klang Valley, however the set back is that the temperature of the soup is not high enough and the absence of crunchy biscuit make the dishes incomplete or rather not satisfying enough. Spanish Patas, come in second. The cracker is quite crunchy but a little bit hard to bite. Overall tasting is quite good, with my tongue overwhelmed with sour taste. If the cracker can be made softer and remain its crunchiness then i believe this dish can be great as well. Probably one of the best meal starter, the restaurant has to offer. A full plate of vegetables with smoked salmon, poured with thousand island sauce, made the salad so refreshing. With every chew of the vegetable, it comes with cold fresh taste. The smoked salmon there is to add some spice to the dish, eating the vegetable with the salmon, it is just smokin good.Probably one of the dishes favorite by almost everyone, the roasted pork is said to be one of the signature dish that the Palazzo has to offer. Not overly oily and yet the pig skin is so crunchy that we all literally heard the voice of pig skin crunching inside our mouth. The meat flavor is great, not the usual mouth full of oil type roasted pork. Highly recommend by the restaurant manager, this dish had a special name "I Love Ribs" we need to wear glove to enjoy this dish, it is best to enjoy this with your hand holding the ribs and eat it. Never mind about the dish making your hand dirty, we are told to backdate to tradition. The ribs however aren't as best as i expected, probably because i tried the one in Bali before. It is not as sweet as it should be, ribs flavoring is not as strong as expected as well. However the experience of cutting the ribs by ourselves is quite good, at least now we know how to cut open ribs in a professional way. This grill fish comes in second half of the event, eating by itself you can taste the freshness of the fish meat. Fortunately the dish came with the mint sauce, dipping into it, it just added the spice to the whole dish, fresh fish meat plus with strong mint taste, taste just good and great. Seafood pasta is the "wow" dishes that everyone like to finish, lots of muscle there. However the sauce is not well prepared and does not bring the good taste of the muscle. The sauce is sweet but it is just too overwhelmed and i literally cannot taste the muscle, however some savior is the prawn, it will just blend well with the sweet sauce however i won't say this is a good dish though the ingredient is exceptionally generous. Comes almost at the last dish, the pork chop is good on the texture but not on its flavor. Mash potato however is good, very well done on both its flavor and not overly creamy. Services rendered by the restaurant manager is great and friendly, definitely come again for wine gathering with friends. continue reading
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Level1 2013-05-24
The Palazzo environment is nice, Feeling very romantic, and a lot wine. the wine price not so expensive . can try it.They starts with serving pumpkin soup. the pumpkin soup is not bad. Retains the original sweetness.i like this 燒肉 very nice. so crispy & delicious.This pork ribs not so expensive . you can try it. this pasta taste nice. they got put some wine inside the pasta . i like it. continue reading
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Level2 2013-05-22
这是一道餐前小吃,如果想找些特别而又不想吃得太饱的午餐,相信点这个Spanish Tapas也能够填饱肚子,这个面包片上有放腊肠,有放些酱,味道有点酸,很特别的餐前小吃,味道还可以,没吃过的朋友可以一试 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)