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Review (7)
Level3 2016-04-11
It was my birthday! There were so many birthday treats for me since friday. My stomach was full!On saturday, my bestfriend bring me to this cafe to celebrate my birthday. It was lunch time and i thought we are going to eat some heavy dishes because i was so hungry.So the cafe was quite full but we manage to get a seat but need to share with someone else. I heard that this cafe is fully occupied when it comes to weekend. Their main attraction dishes is the waffle. People travel long way to just try their waffle. Therefore, i ordered the David waffle which has ice cream! (RM18) and for drinks i ordered sparkling water mixed with strawberry jelly and some other things that i could not remember which is called the hot chick ( RM10). My friend ordered special affogato (RM11), togarshi fries (RM8.50) and Muffin & Lox (RM18). I am i love with the food presentation. As you can see in the photos, there are so many pictures that attracts me to order more than 1 waffle. Mine was with the ice cream mix with the chocolate syrup and banana. It was nice. But i forgot to taste it with the peanut butter. I could not fnish the waffle as it was huge! The fries is one of my fav dish which i think they mixed it with mushroom soup, some cheese and some spicy powder ( i don't know exactly what it is). It tasted awesome. As for the muffin and lox, it is like a salad with beef. i did not taste it but my friend said it was great. However, the affogato was too sweet. We could not even finish it lol. We did not stay long as some other customers were waiting for a seat (we are being considerate, hehe) . We continue to hangout at some mamak store where we are able to talk for the rest of the day without having to share table with other people. Overall: Nice environment, fullhouse, awesome fries continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-21
A quick coffee fix with the sister. Single origin Java on the white ( magic) and blend of Brazil and Ethiopian for the black (magic) & a simple yummy Classic Waffle with honey and butter for something to munch on. love that it isn't too sweet and also great for light eaters like me.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2015-12-20
It was my first time visiting The Owls café as my friend recommend this café to me. First impression to me was a little small in size and was very crowded (it was lunch time). We ordered a cup of Rose Latte (never see before) and two waffles (David and Rebecca). Interesting name!The rose latte was served with a fancy cup (like English tea cup) and some tiny rose petal.David waffle is a normal vanilla flavor waffle topped with banana, almonds and some crunchy grains, chocolate sauce, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a cute mini pretzel biscuit. Beside s that, it comes with The Owls café homemade peanut butter.Rebecca waffle is also a vanilla waffle topped with some fresh strawberries and bananas pieces, some blueberries, some almond and a scoop of earl grey ice cream.I sincerely recommend everyone to have David waffle because I like chocolate and moreover chocolate and banana are best friend. This flavor comes perfectly with the waffle and I felt like to fly when I had this. The natural sweetness of the fresh banana and chocolate sauce was amazing and the waffle was crispy so it was a perfect match! I don’t really like Rebecca waffle was just only because the earl grey ice cream because I don’t like earl grey….For those who never visit, try check out this café. The Owls does not only serve waffles and beverages but it also serve some main course such as sandwich, croissant and etc. continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-16
sally salmon (RM24)cappuccino - 6oz (RM7.5)mocha (RM12)Needless to mention more about this new hype cafe, crowds mainly due to its waffle. Expecting long queue awaits u, maybe up to an hour. It’s quite thoughtful from them of setting up a small resting corner with drinks and cooling fans for waiting crowd. The café full with owls’ deco, every corner here is so photo worthy. Food wise, this American style waffle is really decent, but I’m fancy on sweet waffle rather than savory. Coffee wasn’t up to my expectation. I like my coffee and I don’t mind it’s bitter, but definitely not the unpleasant sour aftertaste on my cappuccino. continue reading
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Level3 2015-10-13
This is my first visit to Owls Cafe. Not sure if I am an owls' lover. I fell for the decorations of the shop the moment I stepped in the shop. Although it is a bit far to travel from my place Kajang to Bukit Jalil, but in order to satisfy my craves over waffles. I think I made an extremely wise choice. I ordered the 'Midori' waffle which is newly launched, I truly can't hide my bias towards Matcha! Initially I thought of ordering the 'Rebecca' waffle which I've seen photos of it flooding on my Instagram feed. Though the beautiful pictures of 'Rebecca' attracted me, I decided to give 'Midori' the Matcha flavored waffle a try! Rebecca is at the price of RM18. The Midori waffle is at RM21. Truly I find the price is reasonable for this quality and delicious waffle. The "Midori" waffle comes with coconut and black sesame ice cream, I changed my coconut ice cream to earl grey ice cream as shown in the picture as I'm not a big fan of coconut so decided to go for the earl grey ice cream instead. Waffle price: Rebecca- RM18 Midori-RM21 David-RM18 The Queen-RM21 The Milo Dinosaur-RM15 The Classic-RM10 Ice cream add-ons available at RM 5.50 This is the best earl grey ice cream and waffle I had ever! I was doubting if I would eat the red bean paste cream and Mandarin oranges at first, as these are really not many things, but surprisely, I love them so much that I finished every single bits of the waffle!With almonds toppings. This is such a good combination of waffle. I had a cup of hot chocolate as well, I like the hot chocolate as it is not too sweet and not too bitter. A good choice for the bitter-sweet lover at the price of RM10. The drinks ranging from RM5 to RM12, with the selections of Tea, Coffee and Fizzy Cooler. I love the decorations of having the owls' painting on wall, the owls' cushion, and also the tea served with an owl's cup. continue reading
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