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Roast Pork with black pepper
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Level4 2012-12-05
A shopping mall haven for pork-lovers, with artery-clogging recipes galore. Pork sausages and smoked bacon. The sausages were dry and overcooked; the bacon was too salty for our liking. Roast duck. The outlet owners said this was imported from Bayswater. It was OK, but tasted more like the Malaysian variant at the Four Seasons in Capsquare. Char siew. Also supposedly flown in from London (?!?). Sweet, sticky & succulent. Roasted pork knuckle. Not the best in town, but no real complaints. continue reading
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After exploring all this while, looking and searching for delectable cheese menu that satisfies my taste and heart, I finally found my "small spot of joy" at The Meat Experts, locating at Hartamas Shopping Centre. It is the Spanish Cheese Platter that comes in 7 Variants! This particular café offers guests a mosaic of cheese, depending on you preference, apart from dairy, poultry and liquors selection. This is definitely one of the best rewarding discoveries for someone who got cheese as his object of love and was his focus of interest to meet and socialize with friends alike. And here, The Meat Experts offer just the right place to hang around casually with buddies, chatting and reminiscing all the good old days, at this cozy airy environment. Best paired with wine as well As the day was still early, so we thought that it’s better to start with some juice first. Some fibre booster perhaps Here, we got ourselves Lambda’s Carrot Juice with Orange Pulp. At first sip, it’s some kind of an acquired taste. I guess it must be due to the carrot breed used, but it got better after awhile. Apart from that, it’s refreshing.Soon, our long-awaited entrée arrived! “Spanish Cheese Platter”! As delightful just at the sight of it, we can’t wait to taste them and let the velvety morsels melt in our mouth. The spread consist of 5 types of Cabrales Cheese flavours, namely rosemary, almond, pepper, paprika and herbs. The paprika variety fascinates me. Its flavour is direct, milky, and very buttery on the tongue, with aromas of yogurt and smoked spices. Fret not, it’s not as spicy as it may look As for the Mahon Cheese, it is one of the few cow's milk cheeses made in Spain, from the island of Menorca to be exact. This gourmet cheese which is of semi-firm category, boasts certain sharpness with some milky sweet and floral aroma.. However, it is also surprisingly sour and slightly tangy with roasted nuts and fudge-like toffee remaining on the palate.Not forgetting the seventh Queso De Oveja cheese, which fares pretty well with its smooth and creamy texture, that are bright with tangy grass notes of sheep's milk, I find it to be excellent eaten plain, on a cracker or baguette, and that’s why foccacia bread was there as well. With some butter to spread on if you would like it that way Or you can pair it wish some cherry tomatoes and parsley too. It’s quite filling as each cheese came at a weight of 20 gm each. Sufficient to satisfy any cheese lovers, that’s for sure! ^^Before wrapping up jovially, we called for their Turkey Sandwich too. I can’t stop adoring and appreciating the sumptuousness of the delish dish even till now. The sandwich was actually dripped with some olive oil on the top, I believed, which made it so tantalising that the aroma wafted in the air the moment it arrived. With savoury turkey ham and French fries to accompany, it’s nothing other than two thumbs up! Fresh lettuce with slices of lettuces and onions rings, further zest up the dish. Slurps! Truly one of its kind excursion that would surely keep me looking forward to make another revisit very soon… ^_^ continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-20
Located at the ground floor, The Meat Experts is a restaurant specializing in a wide selection of all natural premium meat. They serve processed pork, meat and poultry as well as varieties of my favourite cheese. I had a big breakfast set here because I want to try their different sausages early in the morning. The sausage has a very chewy texture and I love the salty savoury flavours. The bread is lightly toasted, with aroma of the butter spread on the crispy crust. The beans and eggs are done nicely, and this portion is very filling for me. continue reading
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Level4 2012-05-27
One thing I like about this place is that they serve pork with western food. Although the dish that is featured in the photo is not entirely western food but it's one of the best fusion dishes I've ever tried. Who would have thought mixing italian spaghetti with siew yoke would be so mouth watering. The siew yoke was tender and juicy and you can taste the saltiness of the meat. The skin of the siew yoke is one the best part as it is still crunchy and warm when you bite into it. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)