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Level3 2016-04-30
Humble Pie wasn't in my list of most reputable cafes until I have finally tried it today, and the food is totally amazing!Besides the their signature savoury pies, the shops also offers other mains and pastas, not forgetting their terrific dessert pies and cakes!Humblerger was on point for me as they contains the onion marmalade or that gives the hint of sweetness to the succulent robust beef patty. The burger was accompanied by wedges served with intense garlic aioli, tasted so good!The Lamb Sausage Lagsana has totally changed my friend's perspective as he always think that lasagna can't never be good, since its often microwaved. But here it is, a life changing experience!  The tomato sauce is very flavourful, rich, not overly acidic, savoury with a hint of sweetness! The zucchini and eggplants layered in between were cooked till soft yet retaining its juiciness reminded me of the good-old ratatouille.The combination of the layers were so heavenly blended together.  The Shepherd's Pie was plated with the deconstructed concept with the pie crust on top of mashed potatoes stuffed with lamb meat and surrounded by robust lamb soup, with a slice of complementary baguette. The soup was a bomb, I love it! By looking at Humble Pie's version of Aglio Olio, it does amazed me! The generous sprinkle of cheese and huge prawns could explain the quality of the food, and there's a lot of chili flakes, and a lot of heat. But I'm definitely in love with it, cause each strands of the spaghetti was coated perfectly with fragrant oil, and the sheen of the noodles, makes it looks more appetizing. Not forgetting the desserts! Oh mann, the Musang King Pie and Banoffee were good! Though it's a lil' pricey, but oh well, the we could taste the real durian or banana flesh in the pie topped with some whipped cream. Truly a very good ending for the meal! continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-13
A humble shop that is located in section 17, same row as the famous Kanna Curry House. My sister and I dropped by there because we were at that area and wanted to go somewhere for tea time. So, I looked up the internet for some café nearby, and The Humble Pie was one of the suggestions given.The waiter was friendly as he recommended us to what was their specialty. As the shop name has it, their specialty is in pie. So, we ordered some pie (ie: Bananofee and Musang King).The bananofee pie (RM10) is a combination of banana and toffee whereas Musang King pie (RM15) is a seasonal durian pie. Among the two pies, Musang King pie definitely smelled and tasted incredibly awesome! You could actually taste the durian! Therefore, if you happened to drop by and Musang King pie is for sale, you should absolutely give it a try. Otherwise, you could opt for another durian pie, called the Duffee Pie.As you can see from the picture, the pies actually looked the same. It's the layer below the cream that made them taste different  continue reading
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Level4 2015-12-16
As far as I know, The Humble Pie is popular for their desserts until recently my friend told me their foods are delicious as well. So when I know, they have a special promotion from off-peak 50% for 4days, I quickly asked my sister to make a booking to dine-in. The Humble Pie is located same row with Kanna Curry House. I guess most of you surely know the location of this place as it is one of the popular place for Banana Leaf in Section 17. The cafe serves pie, pasta, main course, desserts and beverages. It was almost full house when we arrived and even filling up after that. The ambiance of the cafe was simple and comfortable. They have both indoor and outdoor seating areas. I ordered Shepherd's Pie, Spicy Prawn Olio Pesto and Musang King Pie. Spicy Prawn Olio Pesto is a weird combination, but that was a match made in heaven. Flavour from Pesto contract well with the spiciness from Chili Padi. For the spicy level, my sister chooses level 3 and I guess it is eatable for human, but if you are a daring person give a try to level 5 or more. Spicy Prawn Olio Pesto @ RM 26 Shepherd's Pie is simple but delicious. Shepherd's Pie @ RM 22Musang King Pie is a beautiful pastry. A crunchy layer of biscuit with durian pulp and cream. It was so rich in durian flavour and I just loved it. Musang King Pie @ RM 15 It was a delicious lunch for us and good de-stress hangout place with my sister. Friendly service and delicious food. Sure, drop again to try their pasta. Just one drawback is very difficult to find car parking in that area, especially during lunch hours and double parking is very common. Service Charge: 10% GST: 6%The Humble Pie Section 17 continue reading
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Level3 2015-12-05
Pie is not really my soft spot, but I have viewed some good reviews of it so I decided to pay a visit to HUMBLE PIE. Plus A Pie Thing was making such a great success, so I was expecting a little bit more here. I was thrilled to have some light snacks that day but ended up leaving with a super duper full stomach. Never expected the small portion of pie could be a terrific heavy meal.Perching in front of INTI and TAYLOR, not surprising to see the small place always being packed by student crowd. The ambience here was a little bit warm white, feeling very relaxing while looking around. Nothing loud decoration except this wall.Humble Pie offered more than just pie, proper food such as pastas and salads were also on the menu. Was having a hard time while viewing the menu to order, it could be pricey for some, yes.The name itself speaks for its own. You can never go wrong with chicken and mushroom! Crispy crust served with mash potatoes, giving a strong aroma of savoury fillings.We decided to try Shepherd’s Pie as this particular pie had been popping on my Instagram feed more than the rest. Fresh out of the oven, the very special Shepherd’s Pie accompanied with slow roasted lamb shoulder, peas, luscious gravy and garlic bread. VERY TASTY!Humble Pie is not a third wave coffee shop so I am not going to dwell much on the coffee .It’s nothing more than just average coffee.Personally I think these pies can make a good birthday cake. I saw a gang putting candles on the pie while celebrating birthday in the café. Very Instagram worthy! Compare to its main competitors, A Pie Thing, Humble Pie is still a little bit let-down. Service is good, nice staffs they have, unfortunately just not the best pie to go with. continue reading
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Level4 2015-04-18
I have always wanted to try the main meals in Humble Pie so this time round, I had the chance! Yeah! On weekdays, there is set lunch comprising of a main dish, iced lemon tea and a dessert. He ordered a Rosemary Roasted Chicken which was quite tasty. The roasted potatoes and carrots were superb. I felt that the chicken is a tad too dry and would have been better if it is more moist. Anyway, it was great that the rosemary herbs infused into the thin non-fat skin.The Lamb Lasagna was a bomb! I love it so much. The lamb is so succulent and tender. The cheese is thick but unlike some other places, it was fresh and did not seem like it came in pieces. It was also my first time eating Lamb Lasagna and from now onwards, I prefer to eat beef lasagna than eating lamb lasagna. I finished every morsel of the lasagna. Since I was a big fan of Toffee Latte, my friend ordered one specially for me. It came with a love in the foam. I did not feel much toffee taste inside though.Our desserts are tiny slices of Strawberry Cheese Cake and also Lemon Poppy Seed Cake. The only difference is that the portion is smaller as it is part of the set lunch.  continue reading
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