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Big Black Dog Grind House Burger
Review (29)
Level4 2016-01-02
My boyfriend wanted to have burger for sometime therefore when I know offpeak got 25% for The Grind Burger Bar, I quickly booked it for 3pax at 6pm. My boyfriend was so happy when I told him about that. The Grind Burger Bar is located same row with The Humble Pie, Section 17. They serves Breakfast Set, Lunch Set, Hotdogs, Burgers, Deserts and Beverages (Alcoholic and non- Alcohol). We were welcomed by the staff at the entrance before seating on our preferred table. I chose the table near by window so that I got a natural light to take a photo but by the time foods arrive it was almost dark. Couple of people occupied the cafe when we arrived at 6pm and the ambiance of the cafe was lovely with Christmas decorations. I ordered Grind House (Pork), Hot Chocolate and Big Black Dog. Hot Chocolate has a rich chocolate flavour that was a bit bitter for my liking and I ended up adding some sugar to go with the Hot Chocolate. Hot Chocolate @ RM 8 Grind House (Pork) was okay. The bread was perfectly toasted and topped with caramelized onion, fried egg but the patty is blend and no seasonings. I love to have my patty has its own seasoning so that I no need to add any sauce to eat with the burger. Grind House (Pork) @ RM 22 The Hot dog was placed in between the black bun and topped with Chilii pork, caramelized onion and cheese. Yummy!! French Fries are not soggy and freshly prepared after you placed your order and it is included in the set. Big Black Dog @ RM 18 Overall, it is a good dinner especially the Hot Dogs. Would love to drop by again to try their Hot Dogs as for the burger I still prefer KGB and Patty & Pie. Good service and nice environment to hang out with friends. Service Charge: 6% GST:6%The Grind Burger Bar No 7, Jalan 17/45 Section 17 46400 Selangor continue reading
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Level3 2014-08-09
One of the newer burger joints to hit Klang Valley. Big plus being they serve pork patties. The bun is nice soft & fluffy. Patties are thick & juicy. Not dry like most places. We tried 3 varieties which were the teriyaki chicken, lord of the rings pork & the grind house pork burger. All 3 were yummy in their own way. Difference being the toppings & sauce. They also have corn chips with pork chilli which is nice to nibble on while you wait for your burgers.In terms of beverages they serve an interesting array of milkshakes (with or without alcohol). They also have a range of beers plus ice cream floats (coke, sprite or root beer). They did have 2 interesting desserts (peace melba & choco brownie) listed however we were too full to try em out. Maybe next time. Price wise rather average. Can't say they are cheap but you get what you pay for.Deco is towards hip casual. Brick lined walls with vintage posters. A long bar type table in the middle with tall metal stools on either side plus the regular table and chairs all around. Service is attentive & quick. Definitely worth returning to try out the other burger varieties. continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-31
The Grind House Burger (RM19 for Pork, Rm21 for Beef) Pork/Beef Patty, bacon, fried egg, caramelized onions, natural cheddar, crisp green, onions, tomato and their special dracula mayoCheck out the MAASSSSUVE GINORMOUS size of the burger! This certainly has to be the largest burger I've ever eaten! It was soo big it couldn't fit into my mouth and I had to eat the burger Asian style (using culteries lol). The burger fell apart as I embrace it so it's hard for me to taste the burger as a whole ^^". I ate the by two components, pork patty + caramelized onions + bottom bun and top bun + bacon + fried egg + dracula mayo I find the pork patty a little dry. The reason being was stated above. I ate it one its own rather than eating it with its accompanying condiments/compartments. It'd be awesome if I ate the burger as a whole! I really liked the draculla mayo. Don't be put off by it because it is pink. It actually tasted pretty awesome! It forms a perfect medley with the fried egg, bacon and top burger bun. The caramelized onions were cooked till perfection, soft, sweet and satisfying, adding flavours to the burger. The fried egg was really well done too, with the yolk spilling all over the burger, infusing with the melted cheese, adding richness to the burger. However, I wished if they slathered on more draculla mayo on our burger. It wasn't messy enough, on my humble opinion =P I'm a big fan of messy burgers heh. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-06
With so much burger joints in town, it is getting tough to actually decide which one prevails as the champion and the best amongst them all. One thing for certain is the burger joints each have their specialty and one can never have the best of everything under one roof. The Grind Burger Bar is located in SS 2 (same row as I’m Spicy). And with very limited parking bay around, this probably cuts them short compared to those with ample amount of parking bays. Starting with the famous Onion Rings of theirs, I must agree that they have really decent and relatively good onion rings. Not greasy at all, and I love the texture right from inside out. Selling at RM 9, this would serve perfect as a sharing starter. The dipping sauce is great to go with it. continue reading
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自從myBurgerLab率先推出各種口味新鮮的黑炭漢堡後,本地飲食界即掀起一股漢堡風潮,頓時間大家彷彿成為了漢堡的忠實粉絲,而黑炭漢堡和排長龍買漢堡的照片更是在各社交網絡上瘋傳,影響力驚人。眼見漢堡賣得轟轟烈烈,其他商家又怎會錯過這黃金時機呢?因此,我們又有了Burgertory (Subang)、Crayon Burger (Subang)、Burger Junkyard (Kota Damansara)、Smashies Burger (Setapak)、KGB Killer Gourmet Burgers (Bangsar)...不計其數的漢堡店猶如雨後的春筍般冒了出來,情況如同前陣子的珍珠奶茶,但這股熱潮能持續多久,是否會步珍珠奶茶的後塵,就得看各商家的表現了。今天,我就要與大家分享這家同樣新開不久的漢堡專賣店The Grind Burger Bar,供大家作為選擇漢堡的參考。 continue reading
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