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The Front Door Platter Berry and Honey Crunch Jar Pesto Chicken Pasta The Front Door Signature Toast Crispy Chicken Fruit Salad
Review (3)
Level2 2015-09-13
When jam and butter isn't enough on toast, these peeps in The Front Door, came up with amazing ideas on what to put on toast!!! Every different toast that we ordered are just sweet taste to our taste buds. Do read more on my blog to find out about the different toast that we had! It's cheap too!Read more at: http://felicia-grace.blogspot.my/2015/09/the-front-door-grocers-inn-jalan-sultan.html continue reading
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Level1 2015-01-16
I only discovered this cafe after visiting Petaling Street for uncountable times. The cafe isn't so obvious from far since there are many stalls along that road, but it's quite easy to get there. You just need to take LRT to Plaza Rakyat station, walk straight then cross the road and it's just next to the Petaling Street entrance. (The one with the huge signboard.)The signature toasts is a must try here because it's really good. I'm not a fan of toasts but I really enjoyed the toasts here. As you can see from the photo it's very presentable, and with a lot of variations to choose from, I think there are around ten. I personally like the one with BBQ chicken slices and oranges the best. I thought it would be sour but it's just nice. But for those who don't consume beef be careful with your choices since my friend ordered the wrong thing and had to ask me to finish it for her.As for the pricing the food here are not too expensive. This signature toasts is RM6 for one piece, RM18 for set of three pieces and RM26 for set of five pieces. (The prices are just for reference because I don't really remember the exact prices, just roughly.) The other breakfast sets I think are all below RM30.Anyway I waited for kinda long for the food to be served that day, I think more than 20 minutes. (I walked around Petaling Street after ordering the food lol.) I don't know is it just that day but there weren't a lot people that day laa. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2014-10-19
最近打听到这家听起来看起来都很不错的咖啡厅, 于是兴冲冲要去试试新东西。Cafe的地点很好找,搭地铁到Plaza Rakyat站,走到Nando's 和 Guardian那条路口左转进Jalan Sultan后直走,留意右手边,直到你看到招牌大大个的 “杂货行”。Menu目前只有三页, 第一页是早餐或主菜,第二页是这里SignatureToast的所有选择,而最后一页则是饮料。简简单单的设计一目了然,反正食物好吃就行了 呵呵(参考:1 SLICE RM6 / SET OF 3 SLICES RM18 / SETOF 5 SLICES RM25)Toast No. 1 - Honey/ Cheddar/ Bacon/Strawberry其实完全是冲着培根和草莓来选的,因为还挺好奇这两种食材在一起是怎么样的口感。芝士和培根都属于咸的, 所以酸甜的草莓平衡了只有咸的味道。我最爱的培根烤得不会过硬,非常的香,芝士经过烘烤后带出那种咸咸香香的味道。全部搭在一起真的有令人意外的感觉啊~Toast No. 4 – Cream Cheese/ Cucumber Ribbon/ Smoked Salmon/ Crapes三文鱼的味道实在很突出!新鲜这两字在我脑袋里蹦出来了,薄薄的三文鱼片粘着爽口的黄瓜,还有胡椒粒,味道也是稍微咸可是吃起来很清爽。吃的时候能够想象自己在海边了~Toast No. 6 – Mozzarella/ Green Apple/ Almonds/ Salted Caramel首先,它看起来就是很健康的食物, 然后我认为这青苹果长得很像黄瓜 (笑)这是3片之中味道最不重的,但是吃起来刚好可以解腻。因为爽脆的青苹果和搽了牛油再拿去烤的面包完全搭,中间的芝士和咸焦糖也突出了味道,不会淡淡无味。3片都各有特色,而且很好吃。相信以后我会常来,找机会要把全部toast flavour 都吃完!Ice Mocha 超级浓郁!就算喝到冰都融化了也不会变成淡。畅销的Berry and Honey Crunch Jar 是如何呢? 就是order时要问今天有没有卖这个,店员说要问厨房确认,因为能看到的都卖完了,只剩客人预定好明天要拿的。所以照片里的不是用玻璃罐,而是外带用的杯子。侧看一层层的坚果、优格和水果,是不是很开胃叻~ 而且很健康哦优格不是水水的那种,加上底部那些非常脆的坚果碎,嚼劲十足!我是完完全全地吃个干净~ 哈哈 很有饱足感。这是 Apple & Vanilla Soda另一种口味是Orange & Jasmine, 但我对Apple比较有感情~虽然第一口觉得很怪, 可是喝多几口就顺很多了。这里真是个很棒的咖啡馆, 一定会再回来! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)