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Level4 2016-02-19
Coffee Bean has opened new outlet in Leisure Mall recently, I was very happy because I enjoy their coffee very much. I wanted to watch movie at GSC hence I purposely to reach one hour early just to have a cup of coffee here prior to movie screening.I have ordered my favourite drink- Chai Latte (RM12.70) and Americano (RM8.55) for my friend. For your information, you can enjoy 15% discount on F&B if you are Ciitbank Cardholder.Well, I’m glad that Coffee Bean still serving Chai Latte as Starbucks has discontinued this drink many years ago, oh such as waste. However, you still can get it from some of the Café in town.I have no intension to order any food, however, I saw the muffin was so appetizing. Ok, let’s order one Blueberry Muffin (RM6.80). Also, I get the Order Taker to reheat the muffin for me.Aside, I enjoy drinking Chai Latte because I like the smell of spices and cinnamon. This gives me a kick of it. Oh, just a little comment about Coffee Bean Muffin is in smaller size as compare to Starbucks muffin. Anyhow, this Blueberry Muffin is very soft and fluffy. You will see bites size of blueberry in the muffins. It was very tasty especially while it still warm.Americano aka Black Coffee, aromatic and best to drink with milk and sugar. Enjoy! continue reading
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