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Beef Bolognese Classic Cream Cheese Cake TCD Breakfast Special
Review (8)
Level4 2016-01-05
I have passed by this small cosy-looking cafe a few times whenever I am in USJ Taipan. This time round I decided to google and find some blogs about this place to check out what is cooking here.The moment I entered this cafe, I was mesmerized. At the front is a bakery whereas the back side is converted in a cosy restaurant that is vintage and also has a mix of old British look with the paneling at the sides fully decorated with teapots, frames and photos and some knick-knacks and decorative items.The tables are ladden with minnie mouse inspired white polka dots on red backgrounds, instead of the conventional red and white chequers. At the right side are a few comfortable and soft velvet sofa sets with lamp and lamp shades that were so inviting I had to make it a point to take a photo there after filling my tummy. According to the story, the owner is indeed a carpenter's daughter and all the wood work here is made by her father, The Carpenter.I actually spotted the carpenter's daughter, going around like a tauke. There was a young girl baking bread and slicing bread using the bread slicing machine at the end of the dining area. This shows how fresh the bread here is. After seeing this scene, I made it a point to buy a fresh half loaf of soft fluffy French Brioche bread for RM 6. Moreover, all the bread here are said to be baked daily which means there are no preservatives. Since I saw a lot of newspaper articles talking about the carbonara and cream soup here, due to the fresh cream used by the owner. I did not hesitate to order one too. Furthermore, the owner would not use flour to thicken the soup but used potato and cream instead, which means everything used here are original natural ingredients.Carbonara with Smoked Salmon (RM 23.90)The carbonara is the thickest I have ever eaten and beats those served in local franchises. I could not believe how generous the cook or owner in putting in so many pieces of salmon with oyster mushrooms and 2 types of capsicum to add some colour and crisp. The sauce is super thick, hence coating the spaghetti really well and would have been great with fettuccine too.Quiche of the Day (RM 15.90) My friend was just about to order this at Ben's Grocer on New Year's Eve as he loves quiche so much but since I told him not to order as RM 23 for a small piece of Quiche is not worth it. This time round, they gave us a big round of leek quiche. It was my first time having leek quiche instead of the ubiquitious spinach quiche. The ingredients are a lot. One can see a lot of leek inside. Most importantly, the crust is very crispy despite being a little thick.Red Berries Tea (RM 8.90) The tea was served in a very tiny tea pot that could not last more than 2 refills and started discolouring. The Red Berries Tea reminds me of Winters Warmers' Tea which is sourish and has a lot of ingredients to come up with the beautiful berry tea aroma.The total price came up to RM 54.70; and RM 4.87 Service Charge, and 6% GST of RM 3.21 which means the nett price was RM 62.80.They also have Tea Party Set at tea time that includes British scones, tea, cakes and pastries.Details: Address: 46, Jalan USJ 10/1E, Taipan Business Centre, Subang Jaya, USJ. continue reading
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Spending the whole of Saturday morning running errands after the hill walk had left me spent, and with me wanting to loll around the house. When news had arrived that an acquaintance wanted to treat us to dinner on the very same day, it left me a little apprehensive.But I threw on myself a graphic tee and a pair of Uniqlo jeans and we headed out anyway. The restaurant was not of my choice; it was the acquaintance's, and seeing that she's an adventurous foodie who's willing to sample new restaurants, it was best that she made the call. Which she did.And brought us to ... The Carpenter's Daughter in Taipan. Have a look around their bakery section....... where you can find a variety of artisan breads.Oh, what's this?It says here, Multi-grain Country Bread. Should've bought a loaf as a sample, but Mama Carrie mentioned that the texture was too soft and the weight was too light for her liking. Don't look at me.The variety of desserts offered: Red Velvet Cupcakes, Plain Cheese Cake, Crème Brulee and Apple Pie among others.Looks lovely. Should've stayed with the original order instead of changing my mind at the last minute. Sigh, talk about being deeply in love with the plain version. I'm a born and bred cheesecake lover, what. >.<This is where their baked goods are for sale. Have a peek around table. Who knows what you might just find?I found this lovely dish, Chocolate Croissant, which reminds me of something that I had sampled in Shah Alam; and no, I didn't bring this home.Seafood Flat Noodle (15.90)Not to say that I didn't have any chance to sample this; my stomach would've exploded if I did. The acquaintance kept offering a portion to Mama Carrie, hoping to indirectly convince her to eat more. Mama Carrie had a taste, added that although the soup leaned on the salty side, there was a generous serving of seafood, especially the squids. Aglio Olio (15.90)I'm so sorry, there's nothing special to scream about this dish. It lacked that touch of an extra teaspoon of salt but the taste was still alright. I polished the plate clean and it filled the space in my stomach, almost to its maximum capacity.Apple Pie (7.90)It so happened that there was a clash of tastes. I felt that it leaned towards the sweet side whereas Mama Carrie commented that it was perfect; the amount of sugar used was just nice and didn't overpower the natural taste of the apples. She even polished the plate clean!Baked Plain Cheese Cake (9.90)Everyone at the table complained that it was terribly too sweet for their liking at the first bite, and I must say that I have to agree with them. Even after setting aside the crust and glaze, it didn't do much to decrease the amount of sweetness. How I wished that the baker had omitted the sugar; it may just allow the crust to make up for the lack of taste. Here's to hoping that he'll do something about it. Peppermint Tea (5.00, part of desserts promotion)Matcha Latte (5.00, part of desserts promotion)This was my favorite drink, hands down; I love how the maker incorporated two favorite drinks of mine: skim milk and green tea.My personal opinion? Would I return for another meal? I'm not sure, actually. The dishes suit my palate and I wouldn't mind spending an afternoon here over a cuppa and a conversation with my elementary school pal, but the parking hell of USJ 10 (Taipan) would send me back thinking twice and thrice. If it was just me alone, I'd have ordered more dishes and brought home the leftovers for our next meals. =DAddress: The Carpenter's Daughter,46G, Jln USJ 10/1E,47620 Subang Jaya,SelangorTel: 03-80811218Business Hours: 9 am - 9.30 pm (for weekdays); 9 am - 10 pm (for weekends)Landmark: It's opposite Ampang Yong Tau Foo and behind PappaRich. Within walking distance from RHB Bank. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-02
A very simple potato salad bun. The Potato was well flavoured with mayonnaise whilst the salad was fresh and crisp. The salad also holds the potato rather well by not letting the moisture interfere with the bun itself. The bun was really soft and fluffy. The addition of tiny seeds by the sides gave it some extra texture/bite. Thought this may be a simple form of sandwich, I really liked it. Fantastic. continue reading
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Level2 2012-10-23
The carpenter's daughter is a cosy,cheerful neighborhood bakery and cafe. It takes pride on using only organic and no preservatives in their goods. As you can see I had a galore of deserts! People if they have their choice would of course prefer organic and no preservatives food, especially when it is not too painful for their wallet. But does it taste as good as their counterpart? There are some hit and misses. Here goespera cake: The most expansive of the lots. Decent,sweet enough but the texture and overall flavor is missing something. There are better ones out there.Chocolate cake?: Sweet and dense enough. The texture will remind you of a sponge cake trying to be a mud cake. However, not something that will stay on your mind for a long time.Blueberry cheese cake: Decent and acceptable; similar to many other blueberry cheese cakes out there like secret recipe. Lemon meringue: Not everyone cup of tea. Not everyone like sour-note deserts. The pastry crust is a huge let down, very very hard (no shortening I guess). Besides that, the crust is lacking in buttery flavour and aroma. The lemon curd is sweet and not to overly sour, while the merinque is soft with a nice crust. Red-velvet cake: One of the best red-velvet cake I ever tasted! No joke! The sponge part has a decent taste and aroma of both coco powder and beetroot. Unlike many fake velvet cake out there which does not use beetroot, this does which is a plus point. Adding to that, like a true red velvet, they use cream cheese as a topping! (In my own opinion, this red velvet fares way better than Whisk cafe). Apple pie: Argh! Hard hard hard pie crust! Probably they use the same batch for the lemon meringue. Nonetheless, the apple feeling is just normal, kind off similar to those you can find in a tin can. Brownies: One of the star of the lot! Texture is soft yet chewy, exactly what a brownie should be like. The enriched taste of sinful chocolate and the almost crispy-ish texture of the brownie literally made made my day sweet. continue reading
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Level4 2012-09-18
Bakery-cafes are a dime a dozen in most neighborhoods now, but it's still encouraging to encounter a cheerful one that takes the craft of baking seriously, offering bread made daily with ingredients like organic flour, rock salt & olive oil. The dine-in menu is limited, but this club sandwich _ sourdough bread with turkey ham, cheese & egg (RM14.90, no service charge!) _ showcases something simple but satisfying. Customers can also choose focaccia, panini or batard for their sandwiches. Shepherd's pie, potato-hearty & meat-flavorsome. The Carpenter's Daughter also offers a breakfast menu that features French toast, omelets & more, but that's only available through 11:30am. The early bird gets the Eggs Benedict. Pasta has a prominent place on the menu, though the options are unadventurous. Nevertheless, we can't really complain about the spaghetti vongole (RM17.90) ... ... or the beef bolognese (RM15.90), which boasts kitchen-made tomato sauce. Cupcakes in paper cups, very cute. The Red Velvet (RM4.50) contains real beetroot, cocoa powder, free-range eggs, brown sugar & premium butter, though the result might not be as decadent-tasting as some customers prefer. Dark Belgian chocolate brownie (RM8.90), a dense one served warm. Relatively healthy, not as cloyingly sugary as versions elsewhere. Other desserts here include brioche puddings, apple pies & lemon meringues. Plenty of bread & pastries are available. That's what we should aim for next time.All in all, we'd probably recommend this cozy hangout, but be patient with the staff _ they might operate a little slower than expected. Also note that some items such as scones run out by the evening, since they're produced fresh everyday. continue reading
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