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Level4 2015-11-02
I remember one saturday afternoon just after getting my manicure. The mother and I were walking towards our usual restaurant to get some dessert when we saw this place. At first we were really unsure about trying because neither of us are really fans of chicken to begin with. Still for some odd reason we entered and before we knew it, the both of us already had food brought to our table. We were still rather full from an earlier breakfast so we decided to just get something to share.We got the mushroom soup in a bread bowl. This was my choice because I could almost never ever resist a good soup and also, the fact that it came served in a bread bowl was a win for me.Though the soup seemed more like the canned mushroom soup rather than in-house made, I do like having lots of chunks of toasted bread to dip in it. Only I wish it came a little more seasoned since I found this to be a tad bit bland. Aesthetically it was good though. We also got the grilled chicken (thigh) with what I assume to be kebab. This was pretty god too although the meat was a little bit small even if it's just for a single person. But the flavours was alright and the mother liked it.However we were not a fan of the side salad because of the sauce it came with. It's just weird and not to our liking at all. But the mash potato was pretty alright but lacked seasoning, at least to our tastes.Not a bad place to have a meal, though it wouldn't be my first choice.  continue reading
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