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Level2 2015-08-29
 HI HI 又是我  。The Apartment 这家餐厅,我其实去了很多次了哈哈  为什么?因为这家餐馆很适合美女们去噢! 环境好又浪漫哈哈 ,最重要是常常都会 在那里有艳遇噢!常有人过来塔献哈哈我特喜欢和姐妹淘们去那里聚餐。咔咔咔  。。赶快进入正题。环境好食物当然也好咯!美女嘛。。。所以我们这次点了健康和不肥腻的美食!芝麻鲜牛肉片沙拉好吃,鲜甜,牛肉煮的刚刚好,再配上芝麻。。好吃 sedap 鳕鱼片煮的刚刚好 配上 杏仁壳 来调味。um....好吃的来又健康。最重要是不肥腻!。美妞们。。要顾身材又要好吃,叫这道菜,包没错就是了。 continue reading
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Level4 2015-06-08
Ever since I saw The Apartment when I first came to The Curve so many years ago, I have always wanted to try this place but it looks a bit expensive. Today I discovered they have great brunch sets for only RM 11.90 for a big breakfast and it comes together with 1 glass of cold orange juice which was not overly sweet and coffee/tea. The good thing about the coffee is that it is Lavazza Coffee and not those normal every day Nescafe. It was also not bitter like espresso and the bitterness was tolerable. They even serve white and brown sugar cubes. The Big Breakfast is very worth the price as it came together with 2 bull's eyes' eggs, a plain piece of white bread, slices of grilled dried mushrooms, 1 hashbrown, baked canned beans, 1 long sausage, half a baked tomato, 1 chicken ham and 1 fried ham. The oven baked talapia fish (RM 32) was too dry for me as it was just cheese placed on top of the fish and baked together. Too bad there was no sauce at all and I am not a fan of any western food in dry style. It was one of the rare times that I could not finish a quarter of my fish as  I very rarely waste food. The baked potatoes with cheese also did not match as it is too dry. I definitely won't order this anymore. The place also lacks air and is too hot for me. The air cond was not powerful enough. I still wonder why many people like to frequent this place.  continue reading
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Level2 2015-02-21
My first impression on this particular outlet was ambience and cozy.I ordered Chocolate Fudge and Apple and Pear pie with english tea. Chocolate fudge was one of my favourite cake and I had quite dissapointed when I took the first bite. The chocolate coating was too thick and frosted, and the cake texture was dry. I more prefer Secret Recipe's chocolate fudge in this case..Luckily when I savoured the pie, it saved my mood. The pie itself was good enough with the crust and the less sweet apple and pear filing with vanilla ice cream on top. I hope the pie will be more warm, boasted the taste and smell.I saw some couple ordered the western foods and it was smelt good from far. I think will visit the outlet again to try out the foods.. continue reading
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I can still recall my very first time stepping into The Apartment Restaurant & Bar and it was at the Suria KLCC for a simple dinner with my dear friends. The warm light that brightens up the whole place gave me a very warm and homey feeling and it was well completed with indeed savoring good food that suits my taste bud. Then not long after that, I realized that they also had one in The Curve which to be joyfully nearer to where I am currently staying.Tossed Pasta PlainThis pasta dish may look simple but it was actually very flavourful. The Tossed Pasta Plain mixed with a good quantity of chili flakes that will spice up your taste bud until your tongue feel numb but still enjoyable.Prawn CapelliniThis particular dish is one of my favorite that evening, the Prawn Capellini is served with tiger prawns, lemon zest, olive oil and marjoram. I love the tiger prawns cause it's huge and satisfying!Baked Squid Stuffed with Herbs Rice, Served with Okra & Seafood Gumbo (RM25.90)Stuffed Squid is heading towards more of our local taste, a bit spicy on the end yet juicy squid being stuff with risotto to make it solid and goes along with the gravy.Pan Fried Red Snapper w/ Couscous & Lemon Butter (RM39.90)Pan fried red snapper with couscous and lemon butter reduction is one of the dish that suits most of our local people here as one of the reason I am saying this is most of our locals love to have their meals with rice.Almond Crusted CodThe cod was very soft and fresh, with a gentle cut in between it just open instantly. Almond was fried crispy and brings the aroma out of it, cook along with some clams make it sweet and a bit sourish taste of tomato that makes the taste perfectly good!Surf ‘n’ TurfNext is the steak which is prepare medium well that comes to my liking and for the first time I see a steak pair with prawns mixture with au jus, garlic, chillies, honey glazed tiger prawns & mash. Surf ‘n’ Turf is one of the latest addition to the menu.Overall, food was pretty good but I don't think average people who earns average salary could afford this every week. Maybe once a while perhaps? I love the ambience of this place la... a good place to chill out with besties continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-26
Ordered another mocktail name Sweet Sunrise. This is thicker than Shirley Temple. Both also sparkling with sprite but this is lesser. It is the combination of geradine and some citrus fruits. If you prefer a sour mocktail, you may choose this but with the addition of ice, the sourness is just nice. In addition, the taste will still maintain even the ice melted. I find their mocktail is really up to the standard. NICE continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)