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Pandan Chicken Pad Thai
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Level1 2015-07-17
Coconut pudding was very special, with sweet corn and santan taste, not so sweet, nice to eat before or after the main dishes. Hmm... just normal sprite with some mint leaves, but very refreshing!Authentic Thai Dessert, just like when you eat at Thai street, same taste!Special dishes for me, so crispy, and the taste was sweet, sour and little spicy!! Must try!Duck salad, but i would suggest Mango salad if you would like to try typical Thai Salad..Crab meat rice but hardly found crab meat ...Very close to Thai taste!! I can eat two bowls of rice with this, spicy! Syok!! continue reading
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Level1 2015-07-13
Recently I found a hidden Thai restaurantin town which located in the center of Kuala Lumpur City. Thai Syok is locatedat Wisma Central, Kuala Lumpur which is just beside KLCC. It’s a hidden gemthat hide in the basement of the building. I like how they decorated theambient into a very graffiti way with lots of graffiti on the wall, colorfulwooden tables as well as those retro props. The whole environment is very cozyand artistic. Thai Syok served authentic Thai street foodsthat will definitely make you “Syok” after tasting it. And it is a PORK FREErestaurant. Let’s check out what are the dishes that make me “Syok” aftertasting it. Small Tom Yum Seafood SoupTom Yum Seafood Soup is a must order dishesin every Thai restaurant. In my food tasting experiences, some of the Tom Yumsoups are either too sour or too spicy. But Thai Syok Tom Yum Seafood Soup isjust nice to drink. As for me, it is neither too sour nor too spicy. Crispy Duck with Red Wine SauceDon’t get wrong with the name of this dish.Crispy Duck with red Wine Sauce is cook without any alcohol indeed it is a veryspecial dish. The duck is crispy outside tender inside. The sauce is actuallytasted sweet and sour. It is quarter of duck being served per dish. Trust me!You will never get enough of this after trying it. Papaya SaladComes to the Papaya Salad, Thai Syok PapayaSalad is really nice. Unlike other restaurant, Papaya Salad served here is verycrispy and refreshing. It is really stimulating my appetite. Thai Yellow Curry SeafoodThai Yellow Curry Seafood is making me“Syok” when the first try. It taste really special and you can taste a littlebit of coconut milk in it. It is being well served with fresh seafood such asfish, prawn and squid. The spiciness levels of this yellow curry willdefinitely “Syok” you. You know why? It is really very spicy. Golden Pineapple Fried RiceAnother main dish being served is theGolden Pineapple Fried Rice which cooked to perfection in golden yellow color. Nottoo oily and the sweet and sour pineapple in the fried rice is the perfectcombination ever.Mango Sticky Rice Thai Syok StyleMango Sticky Rice is a must have dessert inevery Thai restaurant. Thai Syok sticky rice taste good. The mango is quitesweet in taste and the coconut milk is creamy enough. The smell of the coconutmilk is totally irresistible. Thai MomentThai Moment is a drink which is thecombination of honey, “Cincau” & “Pandan” water. It is a must to have afresh and cold drinks like this too chill you when having Thai foods. THAISYOKNo.0.10, Basement Wisma Central Jalan Ampang,50450Kuala Lumpur.Tel: 03- 2181 8314OpeningHours: 1130am - 10pm dailyFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/thaisyokWebsite:http://thaisyoksa.com/Love,AdelineInstagram:adelinelee_92 continue reading
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Level3 2015-07-13
Thanks to Open Rice, I got the exlusive invitation for Food Tasting. Not only the food provide you the sensational experience, the funky grafitti impress me at the first glimpse, feel like this place is so young.Thai Syok located at the basement level of Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang which is 2 minutes walk from KLCC. It is easily accessible by means of driving or public transport too! Scroll to the bottom of this post to getting there. The Thai delicacies that we tried.There are too many Thai restaurants that decorated in such a way that is fine-dining ambience, luxurious. Jeffred Tham, the managing director of Thai Syok Authentic Thai Street Food restaurant, aimed not only to provide a cozy, spacious envinronment. He also tried to bring the restaurant patrons to Thai.The surronding here resemblance some tourism hotspot in Bangkok. Striking, Bold in colour. These features was found on the grafitti wall, the tableware, up to the cute colourful lowered tables and benches!!(If you been to Bangkok or Hatyai, the tourism places there were so artistic, aesthetically looking.Some demure, and some other bold but all are colourful, you can found this cultural even in their toilet! No kidding)Now, let's look at our main focus here, Shall we?Those delicacies that we tried on the day weren't the typical Tom Yam soup , Pandan chicken, red rubies and jackfruit, mango sticky rice. However, trying these really an eye-opener to me!Thai Tamarind Squid RM 19Freshly squid were first fried before enrich with the authentic thai seasoning including Tamarind, sour sauce and some other thai herbs. Looking appetizing. But that's not all, it wow you more the moment you savour it!Hot & Sour Crispy Duck Salad RM21.50This is litterally spicy. So you might need to order "Firefighter" (a beverage there) to cool you down. The crispy and crunchy duck salad, I thought would be hard, but surprisingly it come out with crispy outlayer, tender interior, and taste spicy hot when you savour it! You rarely found this in any other Thai restaurant, so you should definitely ordered this while visitting here. Provided that you can withstand the spiciness lar. Minced Chicken with Holy Basil & Steam rice RM 16If you were a Thai food lover, you will know that Thai usually used mince pork to pair with steam rice. However, Thai Syok serves Pork Free food. I really amazed how resemblance of this dish with the Minced Pork. Up to this point, I trust that Thai Syok serving great food, and taking care of every little single details. Fried Rice with blue crab meatEven though this is the normal fried rice here. I found it quite comfortable having this with other spicy and sour Thai delicacies. Probably because I cant having too much spicy, and I was so hungry that time.Garnish ed with fried shallot and dried chillies, giving it extra thai fragrance.Whatever is it, I can tell even the fried rice is above average. Coconut Pudding (Tako) 6 pieces for RM9Since the food served were 2 people's portion, so as the Tako was serving 4 too. Amid all the spicy, Thai-style, sweet and sour food, this just coming at the right time. It is so refreshing! I like to eat creamy, milky stuff. But this Tako is just nice, if you have been trying those roadside Tako(which I think the coconut is not fresh), this is the Top notch I would said. I found it delighting to have jicama (or benkoang) that giving a crispy texture. And not forgetting the drinks. Pandan and Lemongrass Tea is normal. The "Syok Experience" (RM 7) really Syok!! Having freshly squizee lime, sprinter, sugar to mix it all. Oh yea, please stir it before you drink it.Also, you get to borrow umbrella with Rm 10 deposit. So considerate , kan? Thanks to my partner-in-crime, Ivy Liew for having this together!!! Oh yea, this restaurant welcome Muslim friends too!"We only picked Halal certified chicken and drygoods, brand new kitchen utensils and equipment to ensure it's not storing any halal item. "taken from Thai Syok Facebook Page. Foods that I wish to try in the future1. Tom Yam chicken soup2. King Rama with Fried Rice. (serving only in Thai Syok)3. Fire-fighter GETTING THERE:Thai Syok @ Wisma CentralNo. 0.10, Basement Wisma Central Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala LumpurContact Number: 03 2181 8314Opening Hours: 1130am - 10pm (Closed on Sunday)Kitchen close at 9pmFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/thaisyokWifi availableFor Public TransportComing out from LRT station KLCC, you will found yourself in shopping center Avenue K, then you walk to H&M, go out from the Avenue K, cross the road, then you will see a striking signage protuding out, written "Thai Syok"For the DrivingI not sure how, you can simply google it. But the good news is that there are free parking on Sunday, and public holiday in Wisma Central building! Also, I like how most of the restaurant in KL now. They are not using polystrene (which take up more than 1 million years to decompose), but the plastic container which you can reuse again. continue reading
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Humbly nestled adjacent to our glorious KLCC Twin Towers is where you could find yourself relishing in an moreish array of Thai cuisine, all passionately crafted by a Thai Chef and Jeffred, owner-cum-chef of the restaurant too.First and foremost, am really glad to be back again to this cozy oasis and to my delights, I really see consistency exuded in both the food quality and tastefulness, similar to my previous visit here. All food are freshly and flavorfully done that ensures each mouthful bites is certainly a pleasurable one.It was rather packed when we walked in for dinner that evening. The clients ranging from both local and expatriates who seem to be tucking into the feast joyfully, albeit some are seen wiping off the sweat after savoring one of the signature dish here; Tom Yam!TOM YAM SEAFOOD SOUPThe tom yam seafood soup came appetizingly yummy and piquant. Soup broth was sweetened up with assorted oceanic treasures such as huge clams, prawns, fish and many more, making it a toothsome pairing with a bowl of white rice.CRISPY DUCK WITH RED WINE SAUCEDecently deep-fried coated duck meat that is well marinated with special sauce that give arise to an engaging and chewy texture that really got you hooked on for more effortlessly.PAPAYA SALADAh, it’s good also to have some light and sourish nosh to clear the palate in the middle perhaps? Julienned juicy papaya that delectably comes with other condiments and also dried shrimp. Would be even better if not too many of the tiny shrimp as it’s bit salty to me then.GOLDEN PINEAPPLE FRIED RICEFell head over heels for this Thai styled fried rice ever since first tasted during the last visit. It’s fluffy and flavourful, each grain is encapsulated with the essential ‘wok hei’ aroma. Love it very much!THAI YELLOW CURRY SEAFOODAnother remarkable dish by Thai Syok is this yellow curry which took a slight detour from the usual green curry path. Pleasurably, this plate tasted awesome and scrumptious- with thick, saporous curry and fresh, springy seafood. Couldn’t ask for more but instead savour it yummily.MANGO STICKY RICE THAI SYOK STYLEDiners should not leave without trying their signature Thai dessert. Handled differently from the common ones, the rice has undergone several process before finally dished up with the drizzle of luscious coconut milk.Don't forgot to try out the Thai coffee too! In a nutshell, Thai Syok has been doing a very good job since day one and the memory of relishing in their varied highlighted dishes has never been a let-down one and still lingering in the mind even till now. So if you are a true fan of Thai cuisine, don’t let Thai Syok slips through your sight and you are bound to be delighted and reassured accordingly.Cheers and Carpe Diem! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤For a full review on other Thai Syok dishes, feel free to drop by:http://lwinlee.blogspot.com/2015/04/lwin-lee-thai-syok-authentic-thai.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-07-11
Thai Syok is located at Wisma Central at the basement level and here served authentic Thai cuisines. I enjoy the phad thai noodle, cooked perfectly and with the taste of spice and served with lots of chicken and seafood. Delicious and flavourful which I love it so much. Perfectly blends well with all the ingredients. Dining in a very relaxing and outstanding decorations on the wall with nice service too continue reading
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