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Review (3)
Level4 2017-01-21
Tea Verandah is a nice place to hangout with friends to chit chat and having a great tea along . At here , they have 30 different types of teas to choose from , each brewed from the finest leaves found the world . The teas have vary in taste and flavour . beside than teas TEA Verandah also offers savoury and sweet food as well that complement the tea perfectly . All Day High Tea Set from 10AM TO 9.30PM , Tuna Fillo Puff , Potato Fillo Puff , Sausage Egg Quiche , Tsunamy Bites , Cupcake/muffin/mini Creme Tart , Creme Brullee , Tea Verandah Signature Scones , Melange Cookies and Jello Mello . TEA Verandah - Apple bits , lemon bits , cherries , pineapple , mango bits , papaya , hibiscus blossoms , orange peel , rose hip peels , elderberries , peach bits , orange bits .Tea Verandah , Atria Shopping GalleryAddress : Atria Shopping Gallery, Lot SK 1, Jalan SS 22/23, Damansara Jaya, 47400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Ss 22, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor .Contact : 03-7733 1637Hours : Daily 10AM - 10PM continue reading
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Level4 2015-12-16
When the due date forassignment is around the corner and you run out of idea will eventually makesyou stress. So I was desperately looking for ways to release stress, myboyfriend brought me to Tea Verandah .Thank you Baby!! Tea Verandah is locatedat Level 2, ATRIA Shopping Gallery. Once you are seated, you will be servedwith varieties of tea leaf on the table. You can smell it and order yourfavourite tea. After smelling all the tea leaves, I choose their Signature TeaVerandah and main course as we haven had our lunch. I ordered Grilled SalmonSteak and Mussels Pot.The tea leaves are imported from US and everything smells great. Tea Verandah smells sweet and savourish. It relaxed and calmed my mind. Tea Verandah @ RM 18Simple ingredients yet extraordinary taste dish. Grilled Salmon Steak was tender, flavourful and cooked beautifully. Grilled Salmon Steak @ RM 25.90Mussels Pot was simply delicious. Creamy sauce and the juice from the mussels make it a perfect meal. It was served piping hot with bread for dipping!! Mussels Pot @ RM. 18.90It was a perfect late lunch for us. Lovely environment, friendlyservice and delicious foods. Sure drop by again to try their high tea and moretea options. Tips: 40% off from off-peak. Service Charge: 10% GST: NilTea Verandah SK-1, Level 2, ATRIA Shopping Gallery continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-20
The Tea Verandah begins its operation on the same day as Atria Mall isofficiated and opened to public in the month of May recently. Epicureanespecially tea enthusiasts particularly, surely would love to drop by here oneof these days, to harvest a variety of tea types that gonna engage yousensuously. As the saying goes, “Birds of the same feather will flock together”right? So let’s have a relaxinggathering here over some delicious homey grubs to accompany your tea enjoymenttoo.Joan, the amiable café owner who isalso an ardent tea lover, would be more glad than happy to share her insightfulknowledge with regards to tea or any questions pertaining to this daintydelights. There are indeed a smorgasbord of potpourri of tea blends for you to tickle yourtaste amusingly, from Europe Fruits Tea, Organic Tea, Herbs Tea, Healthy Tea,Pure Europe Herbs & Flowers Tea, Rooibos Tea, Yogurt Tea to your ClassicBlack Tea.While allowing the tea to steep, let’sfirst start off with some wholesome meal freshly dished up upon order by ChefImran and the team.Moules marinières- classic French cuisinestyle to greet you as starter.MUSSELS POT (MYR 18.90)Mussels braised in special buttergarlic sauce, served with bread toasts.I somehow get addicted to thelightly browned but crispy toasties, served alongside creamy sauce which isfreshly grated from cream cheeseblock to render that delicate milkiness.GRILLED SALMON STEAK (MYR 25.90)Salmon steak served with mashedpotato, garlic butter spinach and asparagus. Love the juicy slab of oceanic treatthat is calmly seated atop the chunky spud. The salmon seems to be poached andlightly marinated to preserve its natural taste. Bit of salt and pepper hereand there, are sufficient. Health conscious folks would definitely delights inthis healthy grub which comes simply palatable and fuss-free.Now let’s not get too carried awaywith the toothsome food and forget about our tea brewing at the other corner. Let’scheck out what’s in stored for us.All tea comes in 3 different typesof tea pot sizes; Elegant, Petite and Classic.TROPICAL SKY (MYR 13.80-A POT / MYR33- T SET)Pineapple, papaya, mango, tangerineslice, safflower, rose, sunflower and physalis (gooseberries)This Europe Fruit Tea caught my attentionimmediately after the first sips and the memory remains vividly even till nowwhen recalling it. It’s so fragrant and sweet-scented with various fruitsaroma that easily makes anyone’s perfect chillers and instant thirst-quenchers.This fruit tea produced from afactory in Germany and then personally hand-picked by Joan and patented to TeaVerandah, which is a the brainchild of the youthful lass herself.TEA VERANDAH (MYR 18-A POT / MYR36.50- T SET)Apple bits, lemon bits, cherries,pineapple, mango bits, papaya, hibiscus blossoms, orange peels, rose hipspeels, elder berries, peach bits, apricot bits and orange bits.It tastes as good as it smells. Gracefuland fruity undertone gently greets your palate upon the first sip before roundsup with a delicate and harmonious aftertaste with a mild bite tanginess. It’selegant in its way too. As for the Rooibos Tea category, wetried CAPPUCCINO CREAM (MYR13.80-A POT / MYR 33- T SET)Rooibos, cappuccino bits andmarigold blossoms- essentially comes with the coffee aroma.Something really intriguinglyinteresting- suitable for those looking for alternative to fix their caffeinecraving or to reduce coffee intake. It makes a healthier version for the caffeinecontent in the cappuccino flower is really minimal, if not almost inexistent.So, keep them in the check-list (=New tea in the house- BEN’GIN (MYR 9.90)Bentong ginger, red dates and lemon.I must say that the ginger taste ispretty strong as the best of the best breed from Bentong is used, hence thissurely appeals to true ardent fans of ginger, which is one of a good to improveindigestion. Not your cup of tea still? Fret notas there are still a mélange of other teas selections from the variousvarietals which help in easing irregular sleeping pattern and some particularblend even aids in slimming down purposetoo.After the first sip for the originaltea taste , guests could actually try adding in a smidgen or more sugar canefor another kind of palate enjoyment. To me, it somehow does enhance the teafragrance- in this case, it was the signature Tea Verandah that I tested on.Not too bad an idea really. What’s the ideal partner to any têteà tête session if not some morsel of desserts to complement the whole delectationon a sweet note? TEA VERANDAH CHEESECAKE (MYR13.50)Theclassic cheesecake garnished with some strawberries for some added tartness.Would be wonderful if the cake presentsa moister texture.Tea Set or T Set as known here, is also available all day long.Choices of morsels would changeweekly, so do stay anticipated for surprise!As for that day, our palate weretickled amusingly by Bread Puff with Spicy Crab Meat, Tuna Puff and SausageChutney Puff that thrills you out of the blue with the added crushed marliebiscuit in it, just like how you would usually enjoy your canapés.On top of that, we are alsoaccompanied by Chocolate Caramelized Bananas with Lady’s Fingers together withthe ocean-themed Jelly with Osmanthus Flower as well as Vanilla Muffin.In a nutshell, savoury food may notbe that prominent over here as the main highlights still owes to its farrago oftea. Nevertheless, sheer passions and sincerity are warmly felt as part oftheir ingredients, so kudos to the ever chipper crew of Tea Verandah. Moreselections of desserts and gourmets would be added from time to time, so do staytuned at Tea Verandah page or swift by whenever you are at Atria Mall.Cheers for now and follow us at Carpe Diem (https://www.facebook.com/joiedevivrelass) for more ‘food-ful’ discoveries! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤Location: LotSK-1 Level 2 ATRIA Shopping Gallery, Jln SS22/23, Damansara Jaya, 47400Petaling JayaContact: +60176699332Business Hours: Daily10am-10pmWebsite: www.teaverandah.myFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/TVerandah continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)