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Level1 2015-01-24
A new food court in Sunway Pyramid.Wide selection from Penang Cuisine, Indian Cuisine, Thai Cuisine, Fish Head Noodles, Chicken Rice, Hot Plate and Claypot, Nasi Lemak, Teppanyaki, Hong Kong Roast, Japanese food, Italian food to desserts. The price was decent - most food ranged from around RM9 to RM20; tong shui around RM3.50 to RM5.50. The amount of food was also decent, good enough for a meal.I tried the fish head noodles stall (Ikar if I'm not mistaken). You first choose your kind of fish (dory fillet/tinggiri fillet/haruan fillet/haruan fish head/seafood), then the soup and the noodles (thin/thick noodles). I had their pumpkin, chesse and herbal soup, and I personally like the creamy soup (pumpkin and cheese soup). They were not overlly creamy but just nice, matched well with the fish and noodles. There were also many more other soup available, gonna come back for the others ;)  continue reading
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