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Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant 得福小厨 is in seafood business from more than ten years till today , In kepong Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant 得福小厨 is not a stranger among the Crabs lovers . Famous on Cheap and delicious seafood dishes in town . The shop located deep inside kepong at Desa Aman Puri , where's all the great foods located . The shop just with simple interior decoration makes the crowd during dinner hours . when the day getting darker , chairs and tables will be set up outside of the shop waitting for the crowd during the dinner time and only few table inside the shop with air conditioner available . seems there was an advice for dining at Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant 得福小厨 during dinner hours , be there at 7pm or else there will be a queues starting from 7.30pm . Like for me , i'm born to be patient . Good foods need times to cook and their are serving quite ammount of table in and out . keep patient to wait or else change place to dine than break your dinner moods . The Owner aka The chef of Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant 得福小厨 was origin from hong kong and being in malaysia for more than ten years serving us the cheap and delicious seafood . By meeting the owner , He is a man Model for Magazine covers with great abs stick on his body . Currently there was two outlet available in klang valley , The HQ located at Desa Aman Puri and the another one located at Bandar Puteri . 蒙古蝦羔/Mongolia Prawn Meat 烧焗一支骨/Roasted Pork Rib 芝士午油虾/Cheese Butter Shrimp 生炒糯米饭/Fried Glutinous Rice 生虾面/Fresh River Prawn noodle 蒜茸冬粉蒸聖子皇/Garlic Glass noodle Bamboo Snail 蒜茸金菇蒸北海道鱿鱼/Garlic mushrooms steamed Squid 芝士牛油蟹 / Cheese Butter Crab 花彫蛋白蒸蟹/Huadiao wine Steam egg Crab 铁板巴東/Hot plate patong Squid 招牌咸香蟹/Signature Salted Egg Crab 盆菜(八人)/Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot(eight pax) 29% discount for this Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot as the normal price is RM 658 , The ingredients inside such as abalone , sea cucumber , prawns , dried oysters , broccoli , bacon wrapped with enoki mushrooms , chinese wet seaweed , fat pork meat , duck meat drumstick , chicken drumstick , cabbage and soy sheets . The food is overall affordable and good dining place too .Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant 得福小厨Address: 2-2A, Jalan Desa 1/3, Desa Aman Puri, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, MalaysiaContact : +60 3-6272 3346Hours : 12PM - 3PM (Lunch)6PM - 11PM (Dinner) continue reading
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Level1 2016-05-28
haven't been to tak fok for a while, and the salty egg crab is a bit disappointing... Feel that the quality is so so now comparing to what we ate before. Waitresses are from mainland china, not so friendly... too bad... will not consider this restaurant next time. continue reading
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Level4 2015-10-05
After countless times of visiting this restaurant, it never fails me.This round, been here with bunch of friends who just want to sit down, dine-in, chit chat and catch up, with good Chinese food, so here we are again, total 7 of us, at Tak Fok.Kepah Lala Soup (Large) - RM30Fresh lala, in freshly boiled (stock?) soup. Minced Fish Eggplant - RM20Who said we don't love green? Well, it's plant at least! Nothing to complaint about this dish, good, good. We are hungry!Braised Pork - Rm18One can easily fall in love with this dish, if you're a semi-fat pork lover. Soft, juicy, equally fat & lean meat.Steam Garlic EnokiAww! First time trying this dish and the squid was so fresh especially when it served with Kam Cham Mushroom, the squid tasted like bouncing in your mouth with the mushroom!Crispy Pepper Tofu - Best Snack ever. So appetizing!Marmite Chicken - RM24You just can't stop putting this into your mouth. Crispy yet juicy, well covered with Marmite and I was hoping if they can give me another bowl of Marmite sauce to dip with Overall the price is reasonable, I would say cheap if I could. Yum food, air-conditioned indoor serving especially in this hot and hazy weather, always my first choice whenever comes to Kepong Chinese Restaurant. continue reading
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I was first told about how famous Tak Fok in Kepong is for crabs so I went there with my friend and mother. Unfortunately, it seemed we were not fated to eat there because the tables were so full that there were no table for us so we ended up eating at a nearby Thai restaurant. Later, I discovered that there was a Tak Fok branch at Jaya One which I got the chance to try in the end. I took my parents there several times. There was once I even tried the lobster for only RM 28 or RM 30! Can you imagine it? But the price has increased to RM 58 now. I have tried the cheese crab which I find it tasty but was too cheesy for my mother. Tonight, I did not know we were going to Tak Fok in Kepong so I just went along with my colleagues for my coleague's farewell. When we reached there, the shophouses looked familiar and it dawned on me that it was the same restaurant that I did not have the fate to eat at 1-2 years ago! 9 of us waited about 20 minutes for our table. Finally, there was an empty table for us, inside instead of outside. We ordered quite a lot of dishes such as Lala Fried Bihun, green vege, cheesy crab, salted egg crab, sweet and sour crab, mantou, signature homemade fried tofu, pork ribs, fried eko, coconut curry prawns. The best was the fried eko (mini baby lobster - the cheaper version) where the smell was incredible and the taste remarkable, cripsy, yet not too oily to the core. The curry prawns in coconut was not bad. The big prawns were fragrant. The curry had a faint taste of powdery curry though. The mantou dipped in cheesy sauce with some onions cooked together was quite tasty. I did not favour the salted egg crabs because I dislike salted eggs but my colleagues said that is the most famous dish here. As for the sweet and sour crab, it lost to Penang crabs served in kopitiam which was thicker and had more viscocity with a lot of eggs. Over here, the sauce looked like it contained half a can of Thai chilli sauce, where the sweetness was fake. Perhaps this is their best dish here. I would not order this as I can make this sauce myself. I usually order something that I am unable or too complicated to make at home. The signature fried homemade tofu was a winner. It was not soft but not too hard, just average in terms of hardness. It was simply addictive but the portion was just enough for nine of us so there was no chance of second tasting! For a person who dislikes pork like me, the prok ribs was amazing! Its smell was so fragrant and the taste and crisp made each bite pork heaven. I cannot even believe that me as a 10% carnivore would put it this way. The lala fried bihun was something very creative. The lala with a lot of lettuce and also my favourite bean sprouts and also cabbage have won my heart hands down. The combination of lala with all those was also creative hence this is a restaurant I would give 9/10 for creativity and innovation, key features which make an eatery unique.The green vegetables, though simple, was not overcooked and just nice. We had a great laugh with jokes till we were the last table. It seemed that farewell is also a chance for gathering with colleagues. We ended the night with supper at a nearby Pappa Rich having the Tong Yuen balls (RM 5.90 which was a bit weird and the green tang yuen looking like baby shrek monster balls and the dried longan too small. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-30
Besides seafood and meat, the vegetables dish taste good as well.One of my favorite vegetable here is 马来风光 (fried kangkong). This dish is fried with belachan (chili), the taste is not really spicy but the spiciness is just nice. Even children can take this, but if too young then better don't let them try.With only this dish and white rice. I can settle 1 meal. continue reading
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