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Janice was elated to savor some of the wonderful dishes with lots of Ginseng inside, one I'm not too fond of, but I do appreciate the healthy aspect of these delicious dishes. Our first single portion serving dish was the Double-boiled Fresh Ginseng Chicken Soup with Dried Scallops & Golden Corn. The name itself was a giveaway to its ingredients, which was basically double boiled chicken soup with a heavy flavour of Ginseng. The dried scallops and golden corn thrown inside added to the flavour, giving a sweet and savory taste to the dish. Almost similar to the first dish, the Double-boiled Fresh Ginseng Chicken Soup with Rose & Snowy Lily Bulbs had an even stronger taste of ginseng, probably due to the rather big piece of ginseng root thrown inside the soup. Double-boiled and brewed for a very long period, what differentiates this dish was the Rose and Lily bulbs contained inside. Pretty good stuff here I would say, and lovers of Ginseng soup would love this. If you're not so into soups, then go for their other choices on the Tai Thong Nourishing Ginseng Series menu. At a similar price of RM18++ per portion, you can choose the Fresh Ginseng Broth with Dried Scallops & Bean Curd. I personally liked this dish more, as the dried scallop added flavour to the dish, with the bean curd giving that extra texture without being overpowered by too much Ginseng taste. The Ginseng taste is still there, but slightly milder compared to the previous soup dishes. Even though they came in single portion servings, but I would think the servings were rather large, good to be shared by two persons, or when sharing just order two different dishes instead. Our next dish served that night was the Fresh Ginseng Broth with Duo Scallop, perfect for diners looking to have the luxury of eating huge fresh scallops served together with really nourishing Ginseng. continue reading
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