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Level4 2016-06-01
之前就预订了的蛋糕,拿走后直接回怡保庆祝妈妈生日。之前还担心没有放 ice box 会不会坏掉,结果还好。厚厚的保鲜纸包着,车里也不会有味道。蛋糕大约有 5cm 高吧,蛮扁的。饼皮已经0.5cm, 还有一层大约 0.5cm厚的黑巧克力(不太甜,好家在)内里的猫山王还真的很浓的味道,吃起来也很厚重,只是榴莲本身的厚重再加上很浓的巧克力,整个太重了,不太喜欢,虽然味道来说是不错的。后来我决定分开来吃,吃完巧克力,喝杯水,再吃榴莲蛋糕,感觉就来了。是不错,900g 的蛋糕 rm150, 还真的有点贵呢打着猫山王蛋糕的名号,也差不多这个价钱了。 continue reading
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Many have talked about this dainty cakehouse locatedat Publika Shopping Gallery and finally, we got the chance to drop by for ataste or two recently for its famed deliciouscakes and desserts, after ducking outawhile from the hectic schedule.Alluringand motleys of assorted cakes are the heart and soul of Swich Café, andas such, the luscious cakes are aptly displayed to the public conveniently inthe glass which easily takes the centrestage naturally. Being the prideof Swich Cafe, guests would be more often than not be spoilt for choices uponcoming up to the cake counter, deliberately contemplating which piece of sweetmorsels to choose from. The selection of cakes are pretty extensive here,assuring there is everything to suit everyone’s sweet tooth craving.Open airenclave that is soothingly exuded with violet hue as the theme.All-time signaturesof familiar flavours such as mangosteen and cempedak cakes have throned thelimelight for quite some time now, so let’s make some way to greet an array of newlyintroduced indulgent slices that are equally promising to the taste buds too.FRENCHAPPLE GULA MELAKA CREAM CAKE (MYR 12.90)Bridging the gastronomical gap between Each and West,foodie’s palate is greeted with the juicy cubes of moist apple bites layeredbetween the cakes. It then reminds me of sipping into a fruity apple juice or snackingon some apple pie; stirring up some sweet memories indeed …………SALTEDCARAMEL JAPANESE CHEESECAKE (MYR 12.90)Light andfluffy Japanese cheesecake layered with salted caramel cream cheese, drizzledwith sea-salted caramel. I always love how the briny character ofthe sodium enhances the caramel taste harmoniously. THEAPHRODITE (MYR 12.90)So namedafter the Greek Goddess of Love and Fertility! Hehe………Burstingwith pomegranates, figs, strawberries and blueberries, the vibrant chromaticgarnishment is already beckoning from afar, even before reaching our table. Eachtiny bites of the pomegranates is bursting with juices, hence injecting zesty fruitinessinto it. No refined white sugar is used here, only Gula Melaka and brown sugar.MUSANGKING DOUBLE DURIAN PIE (MYR 15.90)Creamymusang king durian on a Varlhona cocoa biscuit crust topped with Durian Cream! Thechocolaty crust is tad too hard for me, but unmistakably appealing to any seriousdurian fans out there, as its unique pungency is what we truly adore palatably,no? Indeed a true durian indulgence!SALTEDCARAMEL TRIPLE VARLHONA FUDGE (MYR 12.90)Chocolatecake made with Grand Crus Varhona single origin chocolate, frosted with Varlhonachocolate cocoa fudge and a layer of salted caramel cream cheese. Essentiallythe true gratification of chocolate heaven especially when my fave choc brandis part of the ingredient. The fact I love Varlhona chocolate is that it comesat the right cocoa proportion with the right saccharinity, not overly sugarybut with real dark chocolate sensation, nyumm…………Coming towards the end, let’s make it a triple shot today for Varhona noms,shall we? (=VARHONAHOT CHOCOLATE (MYR 12)It could also easily mistaken as Mocha, except thefact that the espresso shot is missing, hehe. A good alternative for thosechocolate lovers who just simply love slurping and enjoying the fragrantchocolaty drink. The perfect-winter beverage I would say… LAVENDERLATTE (MYR 11)Some interesting tweak to the usualaverage cup of Latte. After Salted Latte, RoseLatte and now, we have Lavender latte in the house! Milky and smooth body gracefullyengaged by the lavender aroma.Embarked on a confectionary-centricenterprise, Swich Café easily lives up to a place where epicurean could escapefrom the hustle and bustle of city life for a moment, to indulge relaxinglywith sumptuous home-baked cakes over aromatic cups of Joe that gonna unwindyour day blissfully. Certainly a hide-out for ardent dessert lovers, that forsure! Cheers for now and follow usat Carpe Diem for more ‘food-ful’ discoveries! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤For more yummy food adventures, feel free to drop by :https://www.facebook.com/joiedevivrelasshttp://lwinlee.blogspot.my/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-26
Chocolate durian tart: Durian was fresh and rich, chocolate had deep flavours, was dark yet a little sweeter than I had preferred. Would be a better balance with a little bit more durian, and a little less chocolate. Mangosteen cake: Didn't taste very mangosteeny except for the mangosteen itself. Cake tasted really good still.Overall verdict for both is that the serving size is WAY TOO SMALL for WAY TOO BIG a price tag. Had these two to share and it wasn't even close to enough. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)