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I am very honoured to receive another special invitation by Open Rice to attend this food review session with foodies who all love food like me. In fact, this is also an avenue to meet people who are food-camwhoring junkies like myself, who basically 'pray' with the camera before eating. This time round there is also a food photo contest. Each couple can share 1 set of food that the shop owner wanted us to try. We got the privilege to interview the female chef and could freely give our comments and suggestions.  We were told there are many branches in Malaysia, and they recently opened a branch in Indonesia a month ago. Most of the desserts are based on Hong Kong styled desserts. This one opposite Klang Parade is just newly opened. I kind of regretted not taking my lunch first as  I worried that the food is too much for me to finish so I came with an empty stomach, same like a fellow Open Ricer and food blogger, Wen Li. We both were starving so it was not that good that we had all those cold desserts in our tummies. Anyway, after waiting for 30 mins, we finally got to a start, chomping off our food. The first dish is Coconut Pudding with Caramel Pudding (RM 12.80) that obviously came served in a big coconut and topped with a slice each of honeydew and watermelon. Coconut puddings are all the rage these days, sold in shopping malls and also pasar malam. The coconut pudding is tasty and refreshing but it was chilled enough. The caramel pudding is a bit too creamy for my liking, anyway it is unfair judgement since I dislike caramel puddings. The coconut flesh is quite fresh. The second dish is the Baked Marquis Chocolate Pudding with Cookies Ice-cream (RM 12.80). This is one of the best among all the other desserts! The chocolate pudding is akin to chocolate lava and the chocolate flows out when we broke it with a fork. Wen Li broke it very nicely compared to yours truly who had a to do a cheese cake cutting! The combo with homemade cookies ice-cream which amazingly, is not as sweet as the ones outside, was incredible, a match made in heaven. The crushed oreo cookie bits not only acted as garnishing but also tasted good together with the ice-cream. Usually people go for plain conventional vanilla ice-cream but Sweet Hut is different. The strawberry and mango at the side, when eaten, added the fusion of sweet and sour. The garnishing of this dish is the best among the rest. After that, we had Sago Soup with Fresh Mango and Coconut Pudding (RM 6.50). This is my other favourite, besides the chocolate marquis. I liked the combination that included Herbal Jelly. the coconut pudding is cut in the shape of hearts which are super cute. The fresh big piece of half a mango is so amazing to add sweetness to the soup. It is definitely my favourite whenever one put in mango into anything. The chef told us that a special concoction of fresh milk was used, concocted by their HQ. The best part is that there is no taste or smell of evaporated milk as I hated the smell. The fourth dish was Sweet Hut Papaya Snow Ice (RM 9.90). It is a very strange concoction as papaya taste is a very acquired taste. The chef admitted that not many people order this but if there is, it is mostly women as women like papayas. I for one, would be ok with papaya juices but snow ice sounds a bit weird. The taste of the papaya is so strong that even after I ate the D24 Durian Snow Ice, and switched to this, I could still taste the papaya.The next dish is Sweet Chat D24 Durian Snow Ice (RM 10.90). I am not a big fan of durian, or shall I say, I dislike durian flavoured food. Anyway, since it is a food review, I tried it with an open heart. The D24 is so rich, creamy and pungent that any durian lover should definitely go for this. They paired it together with Herbal Jelly that is more tasteless. The last item was the Mini Spanish Egg Tarts which cost about RM 4.90 for 5 pieces. I felt that it is not crispy enough but the chef said it is meant not to be  crispy but soft and thin. So I did not have much to comment except it should have been the starter instead of ending the food tasting as we should always begin with something warm before all the cold desserts. Most desserts here are not sweet, therefore safe for the health-conscious despite the name "Sweet Chat." I am definitely coming back for the mango sago and also chocolate marquis, perhaps in the PJ branch. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)