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Level3 2016-01-07
It's been awhile since we dined in Zanmai. For those of you who is a regular patron of the said restaurant, I'm sure all of you would agree with me about the nerve wrecking long and unnecessary queue outside the restaurant.We have always wonder why are they still a long queue despite a number of empty tables to be seen clearly from the outside of the place. Perhaps the management should look into it as table turnaround and waiting plays a major role in keeping your customer happy and to return to your restaurant.That aside, the affordable Japanese food never fails to brighten up our day. The prices has gone upwards slightly but still manageable. For an approximately RM 20, you can have a decent individual rice and green tea.Today I had the chicken karaage with rice. Basically it's the Japanese version of fried chicken, marinated in garlic and soy sauce as well as a whole lot of caramelized onion. Sounds appetizing, yes? I had the small portion and it's enough to last me throughout the whole day. A hint for those who opt for the large portion though, it is highly advisable to order the small one plus other plate of sushi. This is because of the ridiculous top up amount that you have to pay plus the bigger portion tends to make you feel unpleasantly full of the same type of food.I would rather pay for something different of the same price. All in all, we had a pleasant lunch, as always. continue reading
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