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Level4 2014-10-06
When it comes to weekend I need to go out there and have an enjoyable meal with my family. Just thought some buffet cuisines and Suki-Ya steamboat flash into my memory..and Yeah..I am missing the food there. Moreover, my parents in law never try that before. We reached at 1pm and there are ample of seats available. No long queues and the staff seems too busy and no one entertain us after standing for 5 minutes. We are seated at the long tables occupied by 7 of us..4 adults with three small kids. The space inbetween the tables and chairs is very cramp and hardly move around. Not spacious seats but the food quality i can say is still good since i visited this place last year. Suki-Ya is the place for Eat all you can Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu, which is more like a Japanese Steamboat and the most worthy value is the chicken/beef/ lamb slices is unlimited. We can order as much as we can finish it . But the service is very slow.Self service counter- take the plate and refill any ingredients that we like such as sweet corns, mushrooms, vegetables, eggs, noodles, crab meat, fishballs, cheesy fishballs , hotdogs and etc.There are 4 types of soups available and we choose all four of those.Shabu-Shabu which is a clear soup and we need to add more vegetables like carrots, green vegetables, chicken meat and fishballs to make it more sweet. .I prefer the most is the Sukiyaki and Kimuchi Soup. Both flavourful and the kimchi soups is not too spicy. While miso soup is also best to have it with noodles.Platter of sushi served during the buffet. Grab within a few second. They always served fresh and re-stock it very fast too.All the ingredients are very fresh and quality of food maintain good. Suki-Ya giving free flow of thin slice, Lamb, Beef and Chicken . . .We choose only the lamb and chicken meat. The chicken meat n dipped inside the boiling soup and within a minute we can eat it.Apart from the varieties of the healthy vegetables, they also served Green Tea, Chocolate and mixture of green tea and chocolate ice cream. For ice cream lovers you must at least grab a cone for the green tea ice cream. The buffet charges :Adult (lunch) – RM 29.80 ++ Kids (lunch) – 50% disc off buffet priceAdult (Dinner) - RM33.8- ++ Kids (Dinner) – 50% disc off buffet price*Pork-Free RestaurantSUKI-YALevel 1-16, First Floor,1 Mont Kiara Mall,No.1 Jalan Kiara50480 Kuala LumpurContact Number: 03-6203 5238Business Hours: Mon - Sat: 11.00am - 5.00pmCustomers are allowed Two(2) hours of free flow dining from the moment they walk inFacebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/SUKI-YA-Pavilion-KL/254516377900159Website: www.suki-ya.com Previous Post : http://speciality-weekendtreat.blogspot.com/2013/03/suki-ya-1mont-kiara-mall.html continue reading
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The layout is really neat and clean, with tidy table settings as well as a free flow of healthy choices of steamboat or in this case, the shabu shabu ingredients.The healthy bar isn’t impressively filled with many varieties, but the choices of ingredients clearly skewed a little towards more vegetation and fungi instead of processed meats.They have friendly choices which are suitable for the entire family. There is lots of vegetables, assorted mushrooms, tofu, seafood tofu, and cheese stuffed tofu fish, carrots, pumpkin, taro, etc. This place does not serve pork, so pork lovers might be a little disappointed with no pork.However, the other free flow of meat slices are beef, lamb and chicken. Solid meat for the balance and healthy combination of diet, provided consumed at the right portion of course.There are four types of soup of which we select two from Miso, Sukiyaki, Kimuchi and Shabu shabu. The kimuchi doesn’t appeal at the beginning, but towards the end of the meal, it simply gets better and better.The right way to eat and savour the meal is printed clearly so study while you dine and you’ll probably learn some new ways of enjoyment in this. Things like how to enhance the sweetness in your soup, as well as the sequence to eating each ingredient and how to make the perfect dipping saucesAnd help yourself with the kimchi and sushi as appetizers while waiting for the soup to come to boil. The kimchi was not great though. And I wouldn’t pay much attention to the sushi as they weren’t really impressive either. Nevertheless, they come in handy if you are starving in between cooking time.Lastly, the free flow dessert is unlike the usual steamboat buffet where there are more than few flavours. Here is only the green tea or chocolate soft ice cream with some topping choices like chocopops and nata de coco. There is option of honey cone to go with this as well. I must say that the choices are really few for a buffet in this restaurant, but the entire meal right up to the dessert was satisfying and delectable.The price per pax varies for lunch and dinner. Lunch would cost you RM 29.80++ where else dinner is RM 33.80 for adults. Children from 5 to 12 years old would eat at 50% off adult prices and children below 5 years old eat for free. There are ala carte dishes as well, but I reckon the steamboat buffet is sufficient for a good meal. continue reading
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Suki-Ya すき屋, Mont Kiara outlet is conveniently located at 1 Mont Kiara Mall, Kuala Lumpur. Eat all you can buffet lunch for Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu (steamboat) with free flow of meats in paper-thin sliced for beef, lamb & chicken (order directly from the waiter); a variety of fresh vegetables, mushrooms, fish balls & clams (from the Healthy Bar), a variety of sushi, ice creams (green tea, chocolate or mixed of both flavors) and green tea (hot & cold). Choose two out of four soups - Sukiyaki broth, the sweetened soy-sauce broth, and Miso soup, the fermented soybeans soup. The other two soups are clear soup and kimuchi soup.While waiting for the soup to boil, it's nice to enjoy a variety of sushi from the sushi corner.Dip the thinly sliced meat into the boiling sukiyaki soup, it's ready to eat once it changes color and dip the meat into beaten raw egg as dipping sauce and begin to enjoy the delicious sukiyaki.At the end of the buffet session, it's nice to indulge yourself for the green tea ice cream and add topping as you like. continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-08
Suki-Ya has opened its door in 1 Mont Kiara just a couple of months ago. With much anticipation, I gathered the troop with our hungry tummies to check out what it's all about. The lunch buffet is quite a steal for RM29.80++ per person, I must say.The first thing you'll see when you walk in is this 'salad bar', featuring all sorts of fresh vegetables, some fish balls, and clams. We ordered the Miso soup as well as the Kimuchi soup. Both had pretty good flavours although the Kimuchi soup could be spicier. As for the dipping sauce, my favourite would be the spicy, garlicky misotare sauce. The Gomatare you'd have to speciallly request for, it's basically a very fragrant sesame sauce. Good with the vegetables. Speaking of vegetables. We first start with the harder ones so they will soften completely while flavouring the soup. My favourite would be these mushrooms!We filled up plates upon plates of vegetables for a healthier meal.Feel free to order however many trays of these, but make sure you don't waste them. They offer Lamb, Beef as well as Chicken but we only went for the first two. The Beef bordering on tasteless though, so it was lamb for me. I didn't mind the clams and took quite a big plate of them. Gives a lovely sweetness to the soup too.Apart from the savoury stuff, they also have a soft serve station with 2 flavours available: Green Tea and Chocolate. Next to the station are various toppings you can choose. Simple, but pleasant. The service is polite and quite efficient. continue reading
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