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Bien Nuik Soup Kampua Mee Dry Lou Shu Fun with Char Siew & Minced Pork Original Sarawak Rojak
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Level2 2019-10-24
Best sarawak noodle in klang valley, their kam pua noodle and wan tan are both very tasty.I have tried the kam pua noodle mee pok, and order additional wan tan(扁肉). The noodle portion is a lot for regular size, almost fall out from the bowl. I like the wan tan dish very much.The restaurant is spacious, the only problem is difficult to get a parking space here. continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-30
SRK Noodle House is famous for serving authentic Sarawak food. SRK, obviously short for Sarawak, is founded by a super friendly Miri-an who started the business in 2012. His passion for Sarawak food and drive to share our gastronomy has seen him opening his own shoplot in 2014, and later several other branches in Klang Valley.The main attraction of this shop is obviously the noodles, and to be specific, the foochow type of Kampua noodles. Not to be confused with Kolok mee, another Sarawak specialty, the kampua noodles are straighter in appearance and less chewy. It’s tossed with Pork lard, topped with char siew, minced pork (although usually not added in Sarawak), spring onions and fried shallots. Soy sauce is optional. There is also another option to pair with Mee Pok, which is a type of flat noodles, and that is usually my preference.The verdict? It’s definitely authentic with the distinct kampua aroma and I enjoyed my serving of mee pok very much. Especially with added chili sauce. The portion here is pretty big as compared to Sarawak though. The char siew is the leaner type and lends a balance sweet and savoury note to the dish. Excellent.Of course, I always order a side of wantan (or in Sarawak called Pian Sip) with my noodles. Here the wantans are quite large as compared to the ones in Sarawak, though I’d prefer the skin to be thinner. The soup base is simple but tasty.Manicai Fried Mee Hoon is another unique dish. I actually have never seen this in Sarawak, but Manicai is often fried with egg over there, so pairing with noodles is a natural progression. According to them, sharp-shaped “katuk” or sweet leaf is chosen especially for this dish. Paired with small shrimp from Bintulu (my hometown), the dish packs plenty of wok hei yet refreshing because of the vegetables. It also tastes extra aromatic and umami because of the small shrimps.We also tried the Fried Rice Cakes, done uniquely Sarawak style with dark soy sauce, egg, beansprouts and prawns. It is pretty tasty and reminds me of home. I love the chewy texture of the rice cakes and I suspect the stock is infused with dry shrimp as well to cook this for it is pretty aromatic. A comfort dish for sure.Service here is efficient and the dishes do arrive quickly. You get to self-serve your own chili of choice and grab your own utensils provided on the table. Overall a pleasant dining experience. Definitely a place for me to visit whenever I miss hometown food.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)