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Level4 2014-01-12
Pretty Patty RM 15.99- Red bun, chicken single patty, single cheese, hashbrown and egg. The chicken patty is well marinated and perfectly grilled, with added black pepper sauce. Smashies using the best part of the chicken patty - Chicken Thigh.The hashbrown taste good and with the single cheese . But i need to separate it into half, too huge for me, but my hubby have no problem fitting the whole tall burger into his mouth .. i think he is really hungry looking at this burger..Lord of the mess RM 16.99 - Attractive name , i guess it will be really a mess with my 10 finger with all the sauces perhaps. This burger is really flavorsome and very palatable. Served with yellow bun, single chicken patty, single slice of cheese, fried portobello, mushroom, and fried nachos. I like this combination as well. Heavenly!Calling those Burger fans!! Do check Smashies Burgers at Metro Genting, Jalan Genting Klang Setapak, just beside InHouse Cafe and Tong Pak Fu. Opened in just 6 months this place is famous among youngsters for their special burger which have the funky burger name. Being American inspired, the burger has its own specialties - All the burgers here are colored using 100 % natural ingredients such as charcoal (black), green (pandan), red (red yeast), orange (orange juice) and yellow (yeast or they called it 'dal'). No added preservatives or additives used in the making of the fresh buns.The trademark for Smashies is black and white concept .. They create the atmosphere whereby we felt very comfortable looking at the colourful deco, feeling more energetic with their musics and enjoying the burger with our loved ones with joy and happiness.In fact, the main philosophy is "a burger that brings people together"Buns colored with natural ingredients that makes the burger here so special. They have 5 different flavors of charcoal bamboo (black), oranges (orange), dal or sweet potato (yellow), yeast rice (red) and pandan (green).Black Charcoal and red yeast rice is more healthy range. continue reading
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I'd went to visit Smashies Burger when I saw the deals at Living Social.. It's currently having promotion : RM24 cash voucher for food and drinks at RM13 !! Groupon is currently having promotion for it too.. Without hesitation, I'd bought it because of my curiosity to know what's the unique about it..The moment we reached there, there is a 'big refrigerator' featuring those ice-cream at the side entrance of the shop!! It simply captivated my attention.. The orange bun which served with tomato, vegetables, single cheese, single patty, crispy bacon beef and caramelized onions.. This is special burger for meat lovers!! The bun suppose to be red, unfortunately there’re out of stocks for a moment.. So I’d chose charcoal bun with hot chicks ingredients.. There’s tomato, cheese, pineapple, vegetables, and chicken patty.. and it is served with fries too! *HOT* The sauce is slightly spicy.. Spicy-lover should try this! *YUMYY!*The milo flavour is just right and matched with marshmallow..It is orange flavor bun which served with tomato, vegetables, single cheese, hashbrown, egg, single patty and..crispy beef bacon too! continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-09
It is restaurant that become famous from its burger. The burger has many colour with different flavors bun like yeast, orange, pandan and others. Besides that, they will smash petty in special to lock in more flavor. The name of the burger is also cute like twlight bella, one more night. And also, the design of the restaurant is also cutie and colourful. I have try I am single burger. Is very nice as the betty is juicy. Other than burger, they also sell some snacks like fries and onion rings. continue reading
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Housed at the same row with Tea Garden, In House Cafe and Tong Pak Fu, Smashies Burger is easy to be spotted from its big, catchy yellowish shop sign. Opened in early of April, Smashies Burger is still in the soft launching period, and opened only from 6.00pm till 11.30pm everyday.We were there to check out their burger last Sunday, and glad to find that they were having good business. The entire shop wasn't spacious, but cozy and comfortable for burger hunt.Happy Cow (RM16.99)We discovered the Happy Cow burger- Orange bun, single beef patty, single cheese, caramelised onion with beef bacon. Smashies prepared their own patty freshly, 2 hours before they opened for business everyday, so there is no worry on non-fresh patties. And they don't keep their patties overnight. Biting through the Happy Cow, I agreed that it was truly delicious, a satisfying munch of fluffy bun, thick juicy patty with creamy cheese, fragrant onions, and crispy beef bacon. Fat loaded but truly enjoyable. continue reading
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Level3 2013-07-31
Smashies Burger derives its ame from the method by which their burgers are made - by literally smashing a ball of pure, ground beef on a grill, searing in its natural juices to lock in the patty's natural flavours. Adding to the unique experience, Smashies Burgers come in a variety of coloured buns from yellow, orange, to red and black charcoal buns. Check out one of the burger I had that afternoon, the "Annoying Orange" burger. I must say the beef patty was indeed really juicy, without being too burnt at the sides like some of the "burger bakar" I had lately. With generous amounts of cheese, hashbrown and cheese, with crispy beef bacon and single patty of beef all bundled into one Orange bun, I must say, I was full just from having one of these "Annoying Orange" Burger. With names ranging from Annoying Orange, Red Moo to My Mistress burger, among others, they do really take effort in naming their Smashies Burgers. Although it draws inspiration from American influence, Smashies Burger is very much Malaysian. It was started by former investment banker, Mr Will Soh. continue reading
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