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Level3 2016-01-11
I was so excited the first time when my friend told me about this shop because it has been quite famous among foodie. So finally! we got the chance to go here after a very hectic month. So we went to Slappy cakes to meet up with our Turkey buddies. Thank god it was not full at the time we arrived. I heard this shop will be full over the weekend but we are lucky i think. So heres the steps :1) Order your pancake flavour - Buttermilk, chocolate, Whole Grain, Peanut butter2) Order your fixin or Toppings (There are plenty of them to choose from) So we ordered buttermilk and chocolate which cost around RM8++ per bottle and fixins and toppings will cost you around RM3.90 per toppings/fixins. Then we also ordered pancakes from the kitchen which is chocolate banana pancakes that cost around RM15. So we were enjoying drawing a lot of things but we are not that creative tho lol. We tried to draw aladdin lamp but end up when we flip it, it looks like some monkey's ear   . So yeah it was fun but to finished it, it will be more difficult haha. The reason being is that the pancakes got too much eggs i think, it doesn't taste that good. . As for the Banana pancakes, it was good but there was too much chocholate additional with banana? i don't know. Not the right choice for us tho. These pancakes are expensive but it was quite a unique experience. I guess only creative people will enjoy this instead of us lol. Overall: expensive a bit, fun experience, unique, friendly services continue reading
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