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This is my first time come across a Japanese restaurant that cannot even serve proper cut Shashimi and garlic fried rice. I have also ordered chuka kurage, gyoza, curry bento and tamago yaki.I am happy with the chuka kurage and the tamago yaki. The rest is really not up to simple expectation. The shashimi cut is really thin slice and wrong way of cutting. Cannot feel the texture of the slice. First time having tako served in the cutting as shown in the photo. Tuna shashimi that you feel like having minced meet. Gyoza that serve with strong proky smell minced meat. Curry bento still acceptable.Hope you can improve the food quality. continue reading
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Since the month of May, Shunka has been operating in the neighborhood of Aman Suria for about 4 months now. Founded by Edisson, YC and Elven, Shunka joined the F&B scene in Penang 5 years ago; and now they've stepped foot into the dining scene in Klang Valley. With a cozy neighborhood concept, Shunka is bringing Japanese cuisine to patrons from all walks of life. Lucky me, I was invited by OpenRice to savor the food from Shunka. Grilled Pork Belly (RM 7.30)The dinner was kick-start with a satisfying savoury Grilled Pork Belly (RM 7.30) that's full of crunch. Crispy Sushi (RM 13.90)The Crispy Sushi (RN 13.90) has the combination of unagi (eel) and cucumber, and topped with mayonnaise. I like the bite size sushi, but felt the mayo is too much for my liking as it drown out the flavours of the sushi. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Been operating nearly 3 months’ now since last May, Shunka Japanese Restaurant has been welcoming folks from the Damansara neighbourhood with their cozy family concept dining, boasts with an array of promising Japanese delights, ranging from the signature staples to the quintessential epitome of dessert- matcha.Edisson,YC and Elven, are the 3 musketeers behind this establishment, with most worksand recipes are managed by Chef Elven behind the scene. Shunka first foray intothe F&B industry was 5 years ago in Penang, before deciding to also includeKlang Valley into their radar, allowing more foodies from all walks of life toalso have a fair share of experience with Shunka.This establishment from Northern Malaysia provides a Zen-inspired dining experiencefrom the most authentic Japanese Cuisine, Matcha to Sake, complete with anurban interior set up.Sashimiis also available in the menu in order to cater for fans of sliced raw fish butnot prominent as their main aim is to introduce more homey hot dishes, Washoku,relived from Tokyo to tantalize the discerning palates of KL folks with large variety of scrumptious dishes andregional specialties.Westarted off with some light bites before proceeding to main dishes and roundedup with some matcha delights!GRILLED PORK BELLY (MYR 7.30)Thinlysliced pork bellly using Iberico pig and pan-fried till to perfection. Eachbite is so delightfully crispy and exudes the ‘kriukk kriukk’ sound that getsyou hooked on for more! No joke but simply spectacular, serious!Lovethis tontoro shioyaki to the max! Highly recommend! Slurps!CRISPY SUSHI (MYR 13.90)Convenientlybite-sized sushi with a crispy skin on the outside but remains soft within. Theroll is made up of unagi, eel sauce and cucumber. Good bites of nuance by thecrispy exterior, would be better if the mayo is lighter so as not to overshadowthe dainty taste of unagi.BUTTER GRILLED SQUID (MYR22.90)Ikabata yaki, Japanese squid marinated with inhouse prepared 3 types of shoyu, beforelightly grilled with butter, rendering a juicier and moister texture compared to theusually Ika Sumire which is grilled smokier elsewhere.JAPANESE CHEESE OMELETTE (MYR10.50)This tamagoakiin fact requires substantial efforts and skills with passion as the cookingprocess requires several delicate folding to create various soft layers to gowith the mayonnaise sauce before got dished up delicately onto the ceramic.KIMCHI STEAMBOAT (MYR 17.90)Theflavourful broth is made of home fermented kimchi and served in 3 spicinesslevel. For me personally, would go for the original, non-spicy version for thatallows me to really enjoy the savory-tanginess of the kimchi. Guestswho love some spicy kick in their soup could request for additional chiliblend- ‘hua ciao’ into it, and within seconds, you gonna feel the hotness,hehe. So do go easy on it (= Soupcan be refilled once and every subsequent would be charged MYR 3.JAPANESE DUMPLING (MYR 10.50)Theyaki gyoza is using minced meat and chopped Chinese chives for extra crispness,before wrapped within thin dough skin imported from Japan before lightlypan-fired till slightly golden brown to preserve the juiciness within. It is served together with spiced shoyudipping. Each mouthful is juicy and meaty.SPICY PORK BULGOGI (MYR 17.90)Wenearly mistook it into Korean Bibimbap (=Toothsomebowl of rice woofed up hot from the kitchen with assorted veggies and succulentpork slices. Meat is decently marinated except that the rice might need tadmore saltiness in it. Apart from that, the foodies of the round table werehappily mixing all the ingredients of the stone bowl together with onsentamago. GARLIC FRIED RICE (MYR 10.50)Garlicfried rice using inhouse handled garlic relish beforehand and then friedtogether with minced meat to present you a bowl of hearty carbo intake. TONKATSU SHOYU RAMEN (MYR19.90)This ramenof shoyu and tonkatsu broth is essentially crafted to reflect the common tastebud of our fellow Japanese friends. Combining both shoyu and tonkotsu in thesame broth, expect a tad saltier taste in the soup to accompany your silkynoodle, tender pork slices and aji tamago.JAPANESE OMELETTE NOODLE (MYR13.90)Thenoodle version of our ubiquitous omurice, has been given a new breath at Shunkaby using springy ramen that is flavoured with sauce imported from Japan. Anothermatcha oasis worth checking out for green tea enthusiasts. I must say this isthe second place that I enjoy the matcha desserts other than Nana’s Green Tea so far.Allmatcha desserts that we sampled this evening are made with only fresh milk forany liquid base- absolutely no ice involved throughout. Thus, matcha loversneed not worry if their green tea dessert or beverage gets diluted over time.MAGIC MATCHA (MYR 16.90)Lovethe majikku matcha that uses cubes of Matcha frozen ice, together with matchagelato as well as their inhouse trademarked matcha powder (which is availableat retail price MYR 38)Forthis particular drink, it’ll get much more concentrated in matcha flavor as itmelts as the ice cubes are also frozen from matcha liquid. Yum yum!ICED MATCHA WITH RED BEAN (MYR16.90)Just howyou like your matcha and red bean desserts are served -Matcha Kakigori and Azuki.The redbeans have also been separately handled earlier to sweeten up the beans to thedesired softness level that resembles those conventionally served back in TheLand of Rising Sun.HOT MATCHA (MYR 7.30)Lookingfor not so fancy drink? Then this hot matcha that is made smoother with milkmight just do the trick for conventionalist.MARBLE SODA (MYR 6.90)We basicallyhave fun with this carbonated drink, where it was first shaken before thestopper got popped up, hence, the splashing consequence as you might havepredicted, haha. What a cool ending to our Washoku dining session! Kanpai! Value sets are also available from MYR 11.90++ onwards, Monday to Saturday, 1130am throughCheers for now and follow us at Carpe Diem for more ‘food-ful’ discoveries! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤CUISINE | MATCHA | SAKELocation: E-G-45,Jalan PJU 1/45, Aman Suria, 47301 Petaling JayaContact: +603 7886 1986 BusinessHours: Mon – Sun (1130 am – 1130 pm)Website: http://shunka.com.my/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shunka.com.my continue reading
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Shunka Japanese Family Restaurantis indeed a new restaurant located in Aman Suria, the one marks its first KLBranch and being the 9th outlet opened recently in May 2015. Shunka isoriginally introduced in Penang land and now Shunka Group has managed toexpand their franchise to 8 outlets in Malaysia, namely 3 restaurant outlets inPenang (Bukit Mertajam, Butterworth and Burmah Road), 3 restaurant outlets inPerak (Parit Buntar, Kampar, Taiping), 1 restaurant outlet in Kedah which is atAman Jaya, Sungai Petani.Shunka Japanese Restaurant offered wide variety of Japanese food and mostlyfocuses on cuisine, matcha and sake. I am surprised by their extensive longlist of menu which covered almost all types os Japanese cuisines. Noodles,ramen, sushi, salmon, unagi, rice, donburi,grilled items, sake, matcha and lotsmore.We are greeted with welcome byThe Managing Director, Mr Edisson who hosts us tonight and along with Aliciafrom OpenRice. We are glad to be here to this first outlet to try on theirJapanese cuisines which are well known in Penang.Thedecoration is simple and authentic with Japanese styled wall paper, woodentable and chairs. If you are coming in a big group you can choose to sit at thelong tables. Nice and comfortable ambiance to laid back and enjoy the sumptuousJapanese menu.Crispysushi RM13.90The sushiis a combination of Unagi and cucumber which is roll together. Something uniqueto try on if you are looking for sushi menu. I enjoy the bite sized sushitexture along with the eel sauce.Tonkotsu shoyu ramen RM19.90. Hearty bowl of ramen with depth pork flavor.Kimchi Steamboat RM17.90. Japanese version of kimchi which are less spicy and in fact the broth is sweet and sourish taste . It does boost up my appetite. Garlic fried rice RM10.50. Fragrant garlic fried rice but I find it a little salty.Japanese dumpling RM 10.50These Japanese dumpling (Gyoza) is carefully pan fried to brownish layer and I enjoy every bite. Juicy and delicious.Japanese Cheese omelette RM10.50. Definitely must try this dish. The cheese was layered on top of the omelette and melted inside slowly. It was served extremely hot and fresh from the kitchen. Tasty cheesy egg flavour that makes this as the best seller and love by most of the customers. it does need a skillful chef to do this amazing master piece and you will need to wait for 15 minutes for the food preparation.Grilled pork belly RM 7.30. We all are addicted withthe crispy pork belly that we continue to order two more plates. The pork bellyis sliced in thin layer and taste so good! I would highly recommend this asyour great appetizer.Pork Bulgogi RM17.90 .Served in a hot stone bowl, the pork bulgogi is delectable with a hint of sweetness and spicy taste. Japanese omelette noodle RM13.90. This is pretty much interesting with noodle wrapped with omelette.Usually we have rice inside instead of noodle which we called it like NasiPattaya right. Here we can find something unusual with this JapaneseOmelette noodle.Squid butter grilled RM22.90. This is one of my favourite. The squid is perfectly grilled with chewy texture and topped with the mayonnaise sauce for a better taste.Hot matcha RM7.30. You can have the taste of high-grade Matcha which is a healthy choices of drinksMagicmatcha RM16.90 .Thehighlights of the day.We aredelighted by the desserts servings that are full of Matcha flavour. All thematcha are fully imported and have a very good quality to makes this wonderfuldrinks.The MagicMatcha is topped with Matcha ice cream and matcha ice cubes. I enjoyslowly bite and savour the matcha ice cube, a great chilled drinks to enjoyafter the meal. Best Seller Matcha green tea in sachets for RM 38 Ice Matcha with red bean RM16.90. Lovely Ice Matcha with authentic taste. The light sweet flavour of red beans and the delicate taste of matcha is always the best combination ever.Meeting with new foodies and we have a great time together Japanese food lover? This is surely the place to explore.Shunka Japanese Family Restaurant E-G-45, Jalan PJU 1/45, Aman Suria, 47301 Petaling Jaya, SelangorTel: +603 7886 1986 Business Hours: Mon – Sun (11.30 am – 11.30 pm)Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/shunka.com.my?fref=tsWebsite : http://shunka.com.my/ continue reading
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It was a Monday night , and thanks to Open Rice for the food review invitation. I absolutely enjoy it so much. All the makan (eating) talking and sharing between open ricer was a joyful open! Also thanks to Managing Director of Shunka group, Edisson Eing for his friendly sharing on the food! Grilled Pork Belly Rm 7.30One of the very dishes that I like! Love it more when sprinkle with fresh lemon extract. The lemon itself is so crispy, it's definitely fried, but you neither feel or see oil on the plate, do you?Kimchi Steamboat Rm 17.90Soup Refill once only. Rm 3 for every subsequent refill.They do serve Kimchi Steamboat with variety of anything!!You can choose the spiciness of the kimchi soup also. Either original, mild, hot or spicy.I tried the mild on, it's consider spicy for me. But the original one is not spicy at all. So I prefer the fusion of original and mild.Kimchi and seafood lover should seriously considering on ordering this!Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen Rm 19.90The shoyu soup is quite salty when taste alone. However, as you eat together with the springy Ramen, it taste better. Spicy Pork Bulgogi Rm 17.90Just the presentation itself already appeal to me. I didnt try so much of this, as I was so full when this was serve. Serving with generous amount of mix vege and well marinated pork slice not only making the dishes colourful, but drooling the foodies around.To poke the onsen tamago (hal boiled egg) is a hard time for me. and we mix everything together for the mouthful of spicy porl bulgogi! Garlic Fried Rice Rm 10.50Garlic Fried Rice fried using Japanese rice (all the fried rice were using Japanses rice) together with aromatic garlic, minced pork, scramble egg that make up a comfortable food rich in carbohdrate. Crispy Sushi Rm 13.90Crispy outer layer, carbo and heary inner layer, to be finish in a mouthful. It's tiny little finger food that is suitable for high tea or snack.Japanese Cheese Omelet Rm 10.50I am a cheese lover, and honestly I cant taste much of cheese here, but more to mayonaise and egg. But as you see, it is prepare on demand, you could request for more cheese if you like. As some might not love too much of cheese in Omelet. Japanese Dumpling Rm 10.50DId you notice something in this picture?It ALL ABOUT GREEN MATCHA!!Shunka is so generouls , they served so much of Magic Matcha. Edisson Eing, and his partner, YC LIm insist us that we should drink it quickly as soon as it served, before the matcha ice-cream melt. But we , the open ricer, keep taking photo, finding the best angle to show the prefectness of the matcha. Hence he ordered another round of Matcha for us, to make sure we indulge the famous matcha from Shunka.Iced Matcha with Red Bean Rm 16.90Dessert, DeSSert DESEERT!! My favourite time!! Meet my most favourite dish of the day. It was not main course but Ice Matcha with Red Bean!!The blogger with her favourite matcha and red beansCan you see the Matcha and red bean is served in a few different layer? Vanilla at the bottom, then sweet red bean, prepared in Japanese way, it is baked before hand, layered in the middle.(definitely taste the different between red beans here and small red beans in ice kacang), and matcha ice-cream on top of it! Click here to see how the food porn-ness. Okay, it taste better to but all the 3 layers in one spoon. (watch the video in the link above). SO It taste first like sweet (vanilla, and red beans) and bitter (matcha), as you continue to chew, everything is mix and match of sweet and bitter. My mouth was like enjoying it so much! Magic Matcha Rm 16.90Think of SHunka when you think of Matcha. They serve really wonderful matcha here! This Magic Matcha is their signature, comprising of matcha ice-cream, matcha cube, and matcha drink mix with milk. This is why Matcha lover would love this! Hot Matcha Rm 7.30Order a cup of hot macha if you prefer to taste the authentic matcha taste. As the cold one would be sweeter.The moment these 2 ladies so serious about taking good photos! I cant help to show it here. Once again, thanks to open rice for the invitation, enjoy talking and listening among us!Shunka Restaurant in Aman Suria was set in a comfortable, with a hint of Japanese taste.Shunka Restaurant is sandwiched between a saloon and car-repairing workshop.Address: Shunka Aman SuriaE-G-45, Jalan PJU 1/45, Aman Suria Damansara 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Opening Hour: 11.30 am - 11.30 pm daily. Contact Number:Tel: 03-78861986All the price shown here inclusive of GST, hence only 10% of service charge would be add on.Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shunka.com.my continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)