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Level2 2014-01-18
Few days ago I saw a Shakespeare Boulangerie & Patiserie groupon deal. RM11 for RM20 cash voucher. and since the place is quite near to my college and i've heard some good reviews about this place, I decided to come and try out with my friends. We came here for dinner actually, but the staff told us that the cash voucher can only be used for macarons and patisseries.......... okay my bad, for not reading the instructions clearly, but after reading their menu, we decided to stay and have our dinnerBeef Aglio-Olio Spaghetti (RM11.50). thumbs up for this dish. i would like to come back another time just for this dish. a bit spicy as it consists of chili flakes but i love spicy so yeah.Lamb sirloin steak comes with mushroom aglio-olio spaghetti (RM19.80). The lamb steak was not so good as it was a bit too well done and rather rough. I did not mentioned but I was actually expecting medium-well. The spaghetti was not as tasty as beef aglio-olio, and it was not spicy. but i love the mushrooms, and thumbs up for the vegetables cause i really love the sauce on it. (RM7.50) forget what's its name. the cream puff with vanilla cream in it was good. the bottom part taste a bit like chocolate ice cream and we could only managed to finish a quarter of it Almond Crunch Tiramisu (RM8) ! Most delicious tiramisu ever! There are even chocolate chips in the middle of the cake and it was such a surprise to me! The nuts on the cake was delicious and i couldn't stop eating the cake!Matcha cake (RM8). we don't like this much. too sweet perhaps? or too full? not so sure. xPafter the meal i even "tapao" these things. as if i wasn't full enough. haha(RM3.60)(RM3.30)forgot how much it costs hehe. continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-16
Shakespeare, sounds so literature-style, it has elegant outlook and comfortable interior design. Just lack of Shakespeare-feel. The tea time set is offering a piece of cake and coffee or tea. The Tiramusi cup taste good and not too sweet. I suggest that is a nice place for high tea. Beside it also offers monthly menu - this month is Teppanyaki chicken with rice. It tastes OK and the price is reasonable. But too much of black black stains on the food. ;p. continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-07
Tuna & Ham Sandwich RM6Simple yet satisfying. Americano. We just need to top up RM2.50 to get one cup of americano/tea for every purchase of a breakfast setMushroom & Tuna Croissant, served with a side of greens and potato salad RM8.80The amount of mushroom and tuna were really generous! The croissant was really crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy inside. I really loved the buttery aroma of the croissant, I could even eat the croissant on its own! Teriyaki Chicken Baguette , served with a side of greens and potato salad RM10.80The baguette was thick and chewy, like how a good baguette supposed to be.The chicken was well marinated and each bite was bursting with flavours. This is my favourite breakfast set in Shakespeare. I really loved the potato salad. Unlike the conventional mayo drenched potato salad, the potatoes here are oven roasted, and topped with bolognese sauce, which leave me craving for more. The ambient at Shakespeare was nice and airy, a very good place to chill and hang out. Complementary drinking water is available FOC =) continue reading
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Level2 2013-09-03
After class, i and my friend choose to come Shakespeare to having our lunch. When we come into the restaurant, we are so interest with it's design and atmosphere. It is really great. There are also selling bread too. I order the seafood aglio olio spaghetti. Besides, i also order the cappuccino. We get our food within 10 minutes. It is really delicious and good taste. Besides, the environment of the restaurant are also nice. My friend has try their bread but i forgot to take the picture. Overall of the food is quite nice and recommence people can try the seafood aglio olio spaghetti. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-13
Located at a corner less than 200m away from the Subang Taylor campus, the Boulangerie is always accommodated with young faces from nearby colleges. With a wide corridoor contrasting the architect and design of the bougalise cafe, the place prevails to be very welcoming and alluring.The interior is very neat and spacious with lots of windows thus allowing natural sunlight into the cafe. Upong steeping into the cafe, it creates a diverse segregation with the rush hour outside the cafe.The pastry doesn’t quite beat the ones in Levain as the choices are far fewer than that of the ones in Levain. The desserts however, are potentially the popular ones as they have almost quite a complete extension of varieties available in the Levain.There is more sweet than savoury for sure and some are really perfect to go as gift packs.There are packs of sandwiches and salads ready to go for those in a rush. If not, indulge in a cup of tea or cappuccino.Their Potato Salad is nothing too fantastic. Palatably ordinary in flavour and would be greater if the salad leaves can be fresher. It was thoughtful to have chunks of tiny bacon pieces for the extra flavour.The Cappuccino was also nothing out of the ordinary. After all, caffeine is not their forte. The Mushroom Soup is one I would remember even after a long time. The taste is amazingly inked to the memory and the chunks of mushrooms were delightfully enjoyable and great to go with their pastry.Every ordinary piece of pastry has a little story inside it and it will have your mind blown away the minute you break it into half. My Spinach and Cheese Bun sells at RM 3.20 with a big chunk of cream cheese and onions inside.Shakespeare Boulangerie & Patisserie shares the same management with the Ficelle Boulangerie Patisserie and the famous Levain Boulangerie Patisserie . Making things so much simpler for folks in Subang to enjoy good pastries and simple mains under much peaceful ambience. Minus the bad traffic around the ss15 area and the difficulty to getting a parking bay, dining is much desirable at the Shakespeare. continue reading
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