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Level4 2015-08-12
My friend had good experience of dining-inat Senjyu before and she commented that the foods are good and fresh especiallythe Sashimi therefore she recommend us to buy a voucher from Groupon to trythem. Therefore, we bought 2 vouchers valued RM 140 in total (RM 35 for RM 70value) which is a reasonable value for me. Senjyu is located in 2ndFloor, Bangsar Village. The staffs at the entrance welcomes us before seatingus in the table and once we entered the restaurant and I was shocked to see acute little origami hanging on the ceiling of the restaurant. It was socool. The restaurant was filling up veryquickly for dinner and they have a very limited table. The ambiance of therestaurant was cosy but the tables are a bit small for 4 persons especially ifyou are ordering too many dishes for sharing’s. Since it is a cash voucher wecan order anything from the menu therefore we ordered Hot Green Tea, Nabe UdonMaki, Chicken Teriyaki, Mai Zen and Shi Maguro.Green Tea @ RM 2 Shi Maguro looks amazing, sweet and fresh. Shi Maguro @ RM 13.99Mai Zen includes of Fresh Sashimi, Garlic Rice, Salad, Tempura, Soup and Dessert (Jelly). Sashimi was sweet and fresh. Just dip with the Wasabi and enjoy. It will sure melt in your mouth. Mai Zen @ RM 67.99Nabe Udon Maki includes of Salad, Miso Soup, Chawanmushi, Sushi and Udon. Nabe Udon Maki @ RM 37.99Sushi was good. It has a crunchy texture from the fresh vegetables and the popping effect from the salmon eggs. Chicken Teriyaki includes of Chicken Teriyaki, Rice, Chawanmushi, Miso Soup, Salad and Dessert (Ice Cream). Chicken Teriyaki @ RM 25.99Chicken Teriyaki was tender and well flavoured with the sauce.Tempura was crunchy and perfectly fried. Just dip them with the sauce and enjoy it. Salad tasted delicious with the dressing. Garlic rice is very aromatic and tasty.Soup was yummy with assorted mushrooms, prawn and chicken. I love it even though it was my first time trying it.Ice cream was smooth and have very rich vanilla flavour.Jelly was super good. It has a rich lime flavour and I love jellies.It was a perfect dinner for us. The foods are super good especially the Sashimi is fresh which is the highlight of the dinner, friendly & quick service and gorgeous environment. We paid an additional RM 30 after offsetting our bills with the voucher and RM 25 per person for this delicious meal is really worth it. Sure, drop by again to eat their fresh Sashimi’s.Tips: If you are redeeming the voucher, please remember to make a reservation 2 days earlier.Service Charge: 10%GST: 6% (Included in the food price)Senjyu @ Bangsar Village2F-27 & 28, 2nd Floor,Bangsar Village 22, Jalan Telawi Satu,Bangsar BaruTel: 03- 2201 5865/ Fax: 03- 2287 1535 continue reading
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Ordered some maki, sushi, sashimi and noodles for lunch.Tekka MakiFresh and delicious.Never tried this before. Temari Treasures which is Japanese sushi balls.Ordered the tamago and salmon sushi balls. Yummy!Salmon Sashimi and Maguro SashimiThe slices of sashimi were very fresh and also thick.Ume Moriawase, just nice for 2 pax.Assorted sushi which consists of premium river eel, yellowtail, surf clam, flying fish roe, salmon, tuna, shrimp roe, japanese omelette and cucumber roll.Kimchee NoodlesI absolutely love this! The soup is very flavourful and not very spicy. continue reading
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Level2 2013-12-11
Senjyu has been in the Japanese dining market for quite a long time. If my memory doesn’t fail me, I remember visiting one of the outlets in Sunway Pyramid a long time ago. That specific outlet has closed down though. This time around, we snatched some deals from Living Social and headed over to the Bangsar Village II’s outlet.Upon entering, you will be greeted with hanging paper birds, just as the restaurant name implies. You will also see a row of chefs, ready to serve you the fresh sashimi readily displayed inside the glass compartment.Senjyu is not casual dining restaurant. They spare no expenses on their decorations. There is a sense of exquisite and luxury. it’s definitely targeting above upper-medium classes, looking their menu prices.Chicken Katsu Curry Rice RM18.00Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, the flawless chicken is probably the only thing that elevates this dish from the slightly disappointing curry gravy which is kinda bland and lacking individuality in my liking. It feels like you could easily get the instant gravy package off the grocery shelves and maybe with some extra twist, you could make it better than this.Salmon Mentayaki RM24.00This is a dish which I will definitely order whenever I am dining in a Japanese Restaurant. The version in Senjyu is overly thick with Mayo. I couldn’t few the saltiness of Cod Roe. The salmon however is fresh though and a bite onto the flesh, you could feel the freshness bursting happily inside together with its juiciness! Slightly disappointed with the taste but I guess I am just overly used to the version from my favorite Japanese Restaurant (to be revealed soon!)Kaisen Nama Yaki RM22.00One of their featured products at the time of our visit. I tasted more grease from the fried maki on the bottom than the Unagi on the top.Soft Shell Crab Temaki RM28.00Pretty ordinary.Seafood Pancake RM25+ This dish is like the usual Okonomiyaki except that it’s stuffed with seafood. The oyster they add in is huge! That is a very generous amount but unfortunately it turns entirely dish smells like oysters even with all the generous mayo dressing and fish flakes.Lavendar Parfait RM16.00There’s nothing much to say about this Lavendar Parfait, I wish they have a fresher instead of an overly frozen ice cream that kills all the taste already.Senjyu is slightly disappointing experience for us. With prices this high we expected a better quality of food. The sashimi however, which we did not order for some reasons, could be the sole reasons why they have survived this long. Probably whatever lacking in their cooked dishes, they make up for it with their fresh ingredients and their quick services. Maybe next time I will visit again, and then I will remember to order their sashimi. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-06
Glamorously showcased, this Japanese restaurant offers not only a quiet and comfortable dining ambience but fresh and delicious sashimi and sushi. The finest Japanese dishes are presented on the menu and availability depends heavily on freshness of the ingredients. Entering the gastronome journey here with the crunchy Salmon Skin at RM 6. A pleasant crisp and perfect when accompanying this with the Lobster Salad at RM 22.The Lobster Salad was good yet nothing close to ambrosial. Almost like it is an effortless attempt of simple lettuce, crab stick, cherry tomato, grated carrot and sprinkled ebiko on lobster mayo. Yasai Miso Soup serves to warm the appetite with simple yet divinely combination of assorted vegetables and mushroom continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-07
Oyster Mentaiyak是一种海鲜——蚝。这个呈现手法很特别,弯曲不平的蚝壳垫着一小撮寿司饭团,找到了平衡点烤过的蚝,上面放了类似奶酪(cheese)的食材非也,吃了才知道是鳕鱼子(codfish roe)烤过的蚝,是蚝不会很腥,也是它变得跟美味,好吃。 continue reading
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