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Eight Treasure Duck Four Season Platter Kam Hiong Fish Head Ngap Thun Chi
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欢迎关注盐小粒吃遍东南亚:sammicameraBY盐小粒在吉隆坡这么久从来没吃到过特别好吃的港式茶餐厅,吃过几家觉得还可以,但是不到说想多来几次的地步,今天终于找到这么一家,绝对是下次还会来的餐厅。餐厅的位置在市中心,所以街道很窄很堵,车只能停路边,我还不确定会不会被贴条,但是我是抱着侥幸心理停这了。。其实应该周围找找停车场的,但是太阳太晒真是一步都懒得走。。。餐厅门口非常不起眼,一开始以为关门了,门口很冷清,看起来也很破,连续四个门脸都是他家,如果只是路过可能不会被外表吸引而进去吃。不过推开门一进去,霍,里边巨热闹,第一反应就是真是来对地方了,全是Local来聚餐的,今天遇上了老年人的同学聚会,而且全是老太太!!餐厅的装饰和摆桌很地道,连服务员的态度都很像香港大妈,就是一种爱答不理的样子哈哈哈。菜单上都没有价格,只有一排排的菜,第一次来会看蒙,而且图片也比较少,属于简易型,所以我只点了比较经典的烧鸭,干炒牛河,另外随便点了一个茄子。烧鸭是半只,已经很大了,吃到嘴里绝对可以说是外酥里嫩,外皮特别特别酥脆,是吃起来可以听到嘎嘣嘎嘣声音的那种!这道隆重推荐,绝对是必点!!干炒牛河味道不错但是比起香港茶餐厅就差了一点点,不过我突然想起来这道不是干炒牛河,是干炒河,所以不是牛肉,但是我个人还是喜欢牛肉,所以这道菜并不惊喜。茄子炒鱼丸的味道中规中矩,但是在吉隆坡来说是不错的,茄子和蒜泥是绝配,喜欢茄子的朋友可以一吃。结账时发现价格是非常的便宜,半只鸭子只要RM30,另外两个是RM15,已经很久没有吃到几十块的账单了!总的来说这家店比香港是有差距,但是在吉隆坡真的可以说是数一数二的好吃了,只是我吃过的这些比较哈哈。如果有好吃的港式茶餐厅欢迎给我留言推荐给我喔~~~越Local越小的店越好,这样才比较正宗嘛~~~好啦今天就介绍到这里啦,下次盐小粒再介绍些吉隆坡美食和商场和亲子娱乐给大家啦~~拜拜~~~ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-10-06
We actually chanced upon this restaurant while we were around Pudu. By then we were so hungry that any sign of a restaurant was almost like heaven to us, especially since we got lost a few times trying to look for another place. Plus Sek Yuen looked promising since there were quite a number of tables occupied which to me means that the food there is good. Based on the boss' recommendation, we ordered the roast duck. Apparently this is one of their very popular dishes and after trying it, I can see why. The skin is perfectly crispy without too much of fat under the skin and the meat was tender without being too dry. Plus the duck is very flavourful from the different kind of spices that it has been marinated in. Another thing that was recommended and highly sought after specifically by me is their Stir-Fried Chinese Garlic Chives with beef. I don't know why but not many restaurants serve this particular vegetable so when they mentioned that it was available, I wanted it instantly. To my surprise that the combination of beef and this veggie is actually pretty good, plus I like the flavours of it. Because two dishes is not enough for the four of us, we decided to get one more vegetable dish. A little at a loss for choice we just chose this stir-fried yao mak with what I assumed then to be bean curd. Though it didn't exactly taste like it when it arrived and was a tad bit too oily than I would like, but we still finished all of it because it was pretty good too. Just too much grease.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-11-16
I chanced upon this place when searching for places to eat in Pudu area. This place is practically operated by people in the 70s and 60s. They are the most efficient ever. The hospitality is great and the old female waitress even helped me to turn the plate when I was taking photos of the food in order to show a better angle. When we finished eating something, she immediately took my plate away. The food is like those we eat at normal kopitiam. The difference is that there is a choice of whether to dine at the a/c one or the one without a/c. We ordered the Assam Flying Fish which was quite ok. However, the fish was not that fresh. Thank god it was not too salty. The Pipa Duck (RM 25) is the signature dish here. The half duck is cheaper than the famous one at Sunrise Duck Kopitiam which is very hot at Taman Paramount. The skin of the duck is so crispy. The Tofu with Carrot, Mushroom and Wintermelon were amazing. The tofu skin is slightly crispy, and the inside is so soft. However, I did not like the overly starchy gravy. The Mixed Vegetables of black fungus, cabbage, carrots, fried beancurd and glass noodles were amazing though it reminds me of those we eat at the economic rice stall. It is also something like what grandmothers like to cook. The whole bill came up to RM 98 and we were full to brim.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2014-08-08
It is now a yearly tradition of heading to Sek Yuen for Pre Chinese New Year (CNY) dinner. They serve up some of the best classic chinese cuisine. Service isn't that great as most of them are the grumpy sorts however the quality and taste of food makes up for it. I do not think you can find restaurants like Sek Yuen anymore that serve up tradisional old school chinese dishes. As the saying goes 'Just how mom does it!'.Must have choices would be the Pei Pa duck, Braised 8 Treasure Stuffed Pork Trotter, Deep Fried Grass Carp, Kah Heong Chap Choi, Crab+Egg+Tung Fun w/ lettuce wraps & Wu Tao Kau Yoke. Also if you go during CNY period make sure you have their Yu Sang which is made from fresh veggy and not the preserved crap by most places. We usually have 2 rounds! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-11-19
The fried marmite chicken introduced to us by one my colleague came served freshly deep fried and in generous portion. Crispy, sweet, and savoury, I did like this dish a lot. Not all dishes goes well with marmite sauce, but here they did it nicely. The deep fried ginger fish was a bit different from the ones I normally have, where here they deep fry it to a crisp. Usually fishes done like these weren't very fresh as the oil masked the flavour, but here it was still tasty, and we could actually taste the sweetness of the fish meat. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)