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Snow Ice Chicken Chop Chessy Chicken Chop Mongolian Style in Wooden Rice Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken
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Level3 2016-05-25
Secret Loc, a brightly-lit and yet spacious restaurant located at Kuchai Lama, serves you western dishes such as pasta and breakfast set, as well as Hong Kong style cuisines such as dim sum and stir-fried hor fun.Hokkien style fried Udon. It’s served with fresh prawns, squid, fish paste, vegetables and a generous amount of pork lard sprinkle on top. Udon is stir-fried with black soy sauce, the saltiness is just right.Initially, there’s nothing to shout about the udon, however if you eat them together with pork lards, it will give you an “oomph”, the dish becomes super flavorful and it will get you hooked. In another words, crispy and oily pork lard is the highlight of the dish. It might sounds unhealthy but once in awhile should be alright isn’t?Their prawn mee failed to meet our expectation though. The mee is kinda tasteless and we have no choice but to ask for a small plate of sambal to go with the mee. However, the portion is huge as it comes with fish pastes, hard-boiled egg, kangkung and prawns. The prawns are really fresh but fail to absorb the soup of the mee.Mushroom soup is really creamy and rich in flavor. You will be able to find a lot of mushrooms inside the soup. Their garlic bread tastes good as well. Even if you dip the bread into the soup, you can still taste the fragrance of the garlic. Every bite is really crispy and satisfying.There are singers performing on the stage while people enjoying their food. If you want to have a nice catch up with friends, I would suggest you to sit outdoor so that your conversation wouldn’t be interrupted by the singing performance. continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-25
I tried 2 failed attempts to eat here but was never successful because once was because I have eaten elsewhere and the second time was on Christmas Day and the cafe was full to the brim and there was no empty table. Today, I brought my friend here to celebrate a past birthday on 19 Jan 2015. I ordered the Banana Cappucino Ice-blended drink (RM 7.90) as I figured if I were to frequent here again at night, I cannot order coffee. There was not much taste of the caffeine inside, probably it was covered by the banana since banana has a tendency to cover other flavours. My friend ordered the Mango Tango Tower (RM 6.90) which has a very super long spoon inside. I ordered the Cheesy Baked Fish Fillet (RM 16.90) with ham and cheese on top. I regretted ordering this because the fish was deep fried, and looks and tastes like normal fish and chips at the hawker's. There was too much mayonaise for the cabbage salad. The half-sliced baked tomato with cheese was just so-so. The food also comes with a generous portion of fried potato wedges which I try not to consume so much for health reasons.I preferred my friend's order of Charcoal Chicken Chop (RM 16.90) where the meat was very tender and juicy. This is highly recommended on the list. I like the ambience, but like most similar cafes of this kind like Wong Kok, Old Town, House, Pappa Rich, Kim Gary, the food is just edible, but not that great to shout about. Just that the price is quite reasonable and goes along with average food taste-wise. But this Secret Loc is a great hangout place with tasty food and drinks, ok, not to be compared with other restaurants but comparable with similar franchise style cafes. Anyway, the fact that Charcoal Chicken Chop is fantastic here, it reminds me of the one in House (24/7) cafe. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)