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Level4 2013-05-11
一般较常看到的素食是那些以经济饭菜的模式来经营的,这家的不一样是他们使用碟仔饭的方式,就像是一般的大炒,只是他们的餐牌都是素食的就对了,我点了他们的素烧鸭饭,只能说他们真的做得太惟妙惟肖了,无论是味道,还是口感,都做得跟真的一样,唯一较不一样的就是卖相了。 continue reading
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Based on my personal observation, part of the non-vegetarian Malaysian Chinese who believe in Buddhism (and perhaps Taoism, if I'm not mistaken) tend to practice abstinence from meat on the first and the fifteenth day of each lunar month. I admit that I, as a Buddhist who rarely practices what they normally do, have almost zero knowledge about the actual reason. Instead, I go for vegetarian meals whenever I wish to consume lesser meats, save cost in a way, or put myself on a vegetable diet once in a while. Apart from Fuguang Vegetarian Fast Food Restaurant that serves mixed rice at RM2, San Sann Vegetarian Restaurant in Kuchai Lama is now another favorite vegetarian place of mine.I can't possibly provide you with an introduction about San Sann Vegetarian Restaurant, but the food selection is huge with good quality, from vegetarian mixed rice, to the typical Chinese single serving rice that will only be served at night (I'm not sure if they do in the afternoon, but they don't serve any of them in the morning) or noodles, to Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai. Believe it or not; this is probably the only vegetarian restaurant that I would be more than willing to come seven times a week, I swear.According to Don, the one who introduced this restaurant to me, some of the drinks served can be too sweet or tasteless from time to time, especially tea, coffee, and anything of such. Therefore, we often share a cup of Soya Bean without ice, and get a pack of Iced Coffee at another restaurant after meal.Assam Fish with Rice has always been one of Don's favorite dishes. Vegetarian fish fried together with okra, pineapples and tomatoes in Assam paste, it can sometimes be perfectly fine for a person who has a lower limit for spiciness like me, or overly hot and spicy. Nevertheless, our love for Assam Fish with Rice at San Sann Vegetarian Restaurant will never end, and the spicy food lovers should never miss this indeed.To every vegetarian restaurant I go, I must try their Fried Oyster Mushrooms with Special Sweet and Sour Sauce for my crazy love towards oyster mushrooms. The one served at San Sann Vegetarian Restaurant, however, was slightly too sweet for my liking, which is why I decided not to order this over here ever since.Besides, I would like to recommend their Vegetarian Nasi Lemak with finger licking good chicken, and extremely spicy sambal, a type of chili-based sauce popular in many of the Southeast Asian countries. Just a few days ago, when Don and I were at the restaurant, he mentioned that if it was my future mother-in-law who brought me here, she would highly recommend me their very own Roti Salad, which I'm still yet to try it out. It will happen soon, I guess!My Blog: http://jcheerios.blogspot.com/2013/04/vegetarian-lunch-at-san-sann-vegetarian.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)