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San Nae Deul brings the Korean BBQ buffet concept to town with a Malaysian twist. continue reading
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Level3 2016-06-09
Whenever I’m watching Korean variety shows such as Running Man or Roommate, their Korean cuisines always make me drooling, including tofu stew, bulgogi, bimbibap, kimchi and etc. Talking about Korean Cuisine, the flourishing of Korean restaurants no doubt makes us spoil for choice.San Nan Duel restaurant, hidden among the shop lots in Publika, serve you authentic Korean cuisine where you can get your craving fixed. Besides serving you an array of Korean cuisines, they have free flow side dishes, which is also a plus point.We went for this squid and beef bulgogi set. This set is meant for sharing and we really didn’t expect the portion to be so big. Both squid and bulgogi are well-marinated and grilled to perfection, not too dry and not too raw, while you are chewing them you can still feel that the juices keep oozing out. It has strong flavor and mild spiciness, super piquant.You can choose to wrap them with raw lettuce, where the fresh and crunchy lettuce gives you a different sensation, it helps you to balance out the oily level of squid and bulgogi at the same time. Or you can choose to eat with a bowl of steamed white rice, I’m sure that you will clear your rice real quick.Their Tofu seafood jjigae stole everyone’s heart at the dining table. The stew soup comes with tofu, seafood such as clams, sea crab, mussel, prawns and squids, top with enoki mushroom, spring onion and an onsen egg. It’s served with a bowl of white steamed rice.The soup has rich texture and it gives you an umami taste. The fiery red color might scare you but fret not; the jjigae is not as spicy as you thought, even a person like me who don’t like spicy food, I can easily sipping down a few spoonful of the soup, it goes super well with white steamed rice too! We almost finished “drinking” the whole bowl in the end.Their spring onion pan cake tastes average. I expected it to be crispy outside and moist inside, but it turned out too moist and too much starch. You might want to skip this as they serve pan cake as one of their side dishes as well, which you can refill unlimitedly.We had squid and bulgogi set, spring onion pan cake, tofu seafood jjigae and kimchi fried rice, it costs us Rm30 per pax, we find it pretty reasonable as the taste is decent and the portion is big enough to make you stuffed. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-08-08
Located in Solaris Dutamas itself, this restaurant already has quite a bit of reputation, given they are the only Korean BBQ restaurant here. The BBQ dishes are relatively similar to most that is offered anywhere else, and the prices are also fairly ranged. When eating Korean BBQ, I look forward to the choices of the variety of side dishes. Usually serving four and above in most Korean restaurants, the side dishes normally rotates on a daily basis.Here in San Nae Deul Korean BBQ Restaurant, they serve 8 side dishes including the kimchi. The kimchi is really bad when we had it. It was so young and under ferment. I can still taste the flavour of the raw cabbage itself. They probably ran out of kimchi or would have wrongly estimated their timing.The meats and mushrooms are fantastic. We had the버섯삼겹살 (grilled sliced pork with mushroom) at RM 30. The mushroom was really fresh when I had it. The meats were sliced to the right thickness and every bite was juicily chunky at the same time. The staffs were not very attentive, probably shorthanded but then again it wasn’t really packed when we had our meal there. The meat was brought to our table and BBQ-ed for us. While they are busy, we had to remind them constantly. The raw leafs are good the first serving, but the second serving was horrible. It is almost like they have forgotten to wash them. They were probably rushing to close so they might not have prepared the refill for us thinking that we might not ask for more. I did not make any complains mainly because they were rushing to close. Okay they are probably tired after a long day, but that doesn’t justify soil on the lettuce. Next is the 김치찌게(kimchi soup) for RM 15 with white rice. the kimchi was horribly new, so I didn’t really get to taste the house kimchi. But judging from their kimchi soup, it should be not too bad. The soup clearly has a thick brine in it and taste slightly skewed to a lot more of sour flavour so one can find this addictively appetizing. The place is not very well ventilated, but decently comfortable for a meal. It wasn’t the worst that I have visited but just don’t go after a nice long bath. Chances are really high you’ll have to do that again after the meal.Love, Sycookies continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)