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Level4 2015-09-29
Anyeonghaseyo!오늘 날씨가좋아!It’s such a beautiful day!Having been in operation for nearly 2 years now, San Nae Deul BBQ Bistro has been greeting the palates of the Klang Valley folks with enticing and scrumptious BBQ buffet set, especially those in the vicinity of Damansara Perdana. It’s the first outlet to introduce such concept of Korean ala buffet BBQ at a truly irresistible price!Currently, the Korean BBQ restaurant is maneuvered by two affable chaps, Sun and Sam, who both share a mirthful of palsy-walsy camaraderie over sumptuous food in particular. Indeed two great pals with unfeigned chemistry.  You might be wondering who are these two gentlemen seemingly enjoying their meaty feast al fresco way while relishing in each other’s chumminess. They are none other than the aforementioned gleeful souls of San Nae Deul, who are reveling in their delish array of repast of their hardwork while enjoying the beautiful day with Mother Nature. The lads with a cordial disposition are seen really enjoying the companion of each other.Priced at only MYR 39++ for lunch and MYR 45++ for dinner, this is indeed a steal! Diners could choose from the relatively large menu options of various Korean traditional dishes as well as assorted meat cuts of different marinades. I particularly love their gochujang and special house sauce, simply executed with inhouse recipe but taste stellar! Recommended ways to enjoy the barbeque meat as suggested by SAN NAE DEUL:Heat control is very important during the process of grilling the meat. Reduce the heat when both sides of meat are cooked in order to maintain its juicinessRelish in the All-You-Can- Eat Korean ala carte BBQ buffet from ……………LA GALBI (LA BEEF RIB)SAMGYEOPSAL (GRILLED SLICED PORK)DAEPAE SAMGYEOPSA (BAMBOO GRILLED SLICED PORK)GOCHUJANG SAMGYEOPSAL (GRILLED SLICED PORK IN KOREAN SPICY SAUCE)DWAEJI GALBI (PORK SPARE RIBS MARINATED IN HOUSE SAUCE)BUSUT SAMGYEOPSAL (GRILLED SLICED PORK WITH MUSHROOM)Our friend here is doing a pretty good job, isn't it? (=DWAEJI JUMULEOK (SEASONED PORK)……… toO-SAM BULGOGI (SQUID & PORK BULGOGI)Further tantalize your taste bud with Korean snack and other side dishes.MODEUM CHICKEN (ASSORTED CHICKEN OF FRIED CHICKEN AND SEASONED SPICY CHICKEN- YANGMYEOM CHICKEN)PAJEON (GREEN ONION PANCAKE)One of the best and fuss-free nosh of the day, tastily flavourful and a hit among the foodies. The pairing dipping was very appetizingly tart that goes well in enhancing the subtle savory of the pancake.TTEOKBOKKI (SPICY STIR-FRIED RICE CAKE)In case you’re up for some hot challenges, take up this Mafia way for the extra hot version, hehe (Of course we requested ours one to be toned down version, keke)JAPCHAE (NOODLES WITH SAUTÉED VEGETABLES)DOLSOT BIBIMBAP (MIXED RICE WITH VARIOUS VEGGIES IN STONE POT)KIMCHI JIGAE HAEMUL SUNDUBU (SOFT TOFU WITH SEAFOOD)Comes with loads of fresh myriad of seafood that help sweetened up the soup nutritiously. Recommended one! Yum yum! Not forgetting to top up a minimal amount for the chilling drinks too.BOKBOONJA JUICE (MYR 5)DEMISODA APPLE/ ORANGE (MYR 5 each)Or some smoothies perhaps? ^^PINA COLADA (MYR 13)Pineapple and coconut smoothieOverall, it was another notable Korean feast where meat dishes are of concerned. All poultry was thoroughly marinated and thoughtfully deboned for some cases, and the authenticity of a Hangul eumshik flavor ought have, was gladly preserved, hence satisfyingly toothsome. It’s a great place for meat lovers to enjoy and fix their carnivorous craving at such a bargain, with freshness and qualities are reassured. Drop by one of these days and don’t forget to try out the uber awesome Haemul Sundubu, jinnja masshisoyo! Loving it to the last sip, slurps……..Cheers for now and Carpe Diem! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤** Please do not waste food as wastage would be charged MYR 15 per table** After 2 hours, MYR 10 would be charged for every 30minsLocation: G16-17, Empire Damansara, No.2, Jalan PJU 8/8a, Damansara Perdana PJU 8, 47820 Petaling JayaContact: +603 7611 0615Opening Hours: Mon – Sat (4pm – 2am)Website: https://www.facebook.com/SNDbbqbistro continue reading
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Saw a friend share her post in Facebook about this Korean restaurant, San Nae Deul Korean BBQ. Thus, I bought along my sister and jumuis, Cecilia and Hui Kee. We are meat lovers! San Nae Deul currently doing promotion where you paid lesser than before to enjoy their Korean Buffet. Each of us paid RM 45++ for our dinner excluded drinks. You can enjoy eat all you can for 2 hours. Additional charge will be charge if you didn’t finish your foods. The interior is spacious and full of BBQ fragrance. It is encourage to make reservation especially during the weekends. They also provide private rooms if you want extra privacy. San Nae Deul buffet is a bit different from other buffet where you take your own foods. San Nae Deul buffet is where you ordered your foods through their menu. Sadly that day they had sold out their beef selection >< Arghhh.... And here is our fest! Of course, you need to cook the meat yourself~ - Assorted Chicken, It is crispy and the sauce was nice! - Seasoned Beef (The only beef we can get><). It tasty as well but I prefer BBQ! - Kimchi Soup, consisting TauFu, Pork, Mushrooms and Kimchi. It taste a bit spicy for my friends. It taste delicious as well. - Seafood Kimchi Soup, consisting Crabs, Clams, Taufu, Kimchi and Mushroom. This is tastier than the previous soup. Because you can taste the sweetness and seafood inside the soup. - Grilled Slice Pork and Grilled Sliced Pork with Mushroom. The pork is actually the same part. It this more fat and less flavour. I’m not very in love with this part. We like to cooked the pork into caramelized brown. Because it will give a bit crust and burn smell that enhance the pork’s flavour! ( Note: You can ask the waiters to change the dirty paper away)- Grilled Slice Pork in Korean Spicy Sauce. This pork is different part from previous pork. Thus, it taste nicer than others and the sauce it just nice! - Bamboo Grilled Pork. This is my favourite pork! It is easier to cook and less fat. It this more delicious than previous pork. I think we had 7 plates of these XP - Tteokbooki. Ordered by my friends. I’m not tteokboki fans but the sauce was really delicious. As for drinks, we ordered Rice Tea. It is refillable. (Sorry for the poor image)Overall, we were satisfied with the food. Although it this not very very delicious but it worth lo~ The meat marinated well, good quality and fresh. Not bad! And we walked out of San Nae Deul with a hair full of smoke and a bloated stomach to boost. HaHa XD I think we won’t eat meat up to few months >< Ambiance: 6/10Price: 6.5/10Food: 7/10Verdict: Worth Korean BBQ ever! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)